Best VPN to Watch NCAA College Basketball Online in 2023

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The NCAA March Madness tournament chooses which college basketball team will win the national title. It covers 68 of the NCAA’s finest teams. These include conference champions, teams that the NCAA selection committee believes performed very well throughout the regular season, and First Four winners. Each team is assigned to one of four brackets depending on their overall ranking. Throughout the month of March, the seeded teams will compete until only one remains.

March Madness is a popular sport among fans. It’s a thrilling competition full of surprises and thrills. Individuals create their own brackets and wager on each match. The tournament includes over a hundred basketball games that may be seen on CBS, TBS, TNT, truTV and NCAA March Madness. Fans who expect to watch every game may be let down. Some may be inaccessible in your location due to blackout limitations in in-market gaming. Meanwhile, geo-restrictions make it difficult for overseas viewers to watch the tournament. Please join us as we demonstrate how to use a VPN to watch March Madness games.

Where Can I Watch NCAA March Madness 2022 Live?

The 83rd of March Madness championship will be televised live on the following channels:

  • March Madness NCAA Website
  • The CBS Sports Network
  • TNT
  • TBS
  • TruTV
  • Sling Media

The issue here is the geo-restrictions placed on these channels. They are not available outside of the United States and international spectators will not be able to watch the matches in any way.

However, if you use a VPN, you can get past this. All you have to do is connect to a server in the United States. You will then be assigned an American IP address. As a result, you’ll be able to watch March Madness 2022 from anywhere. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Sign up for a VPN service.
  2. On your streaming device, download and install the VPN program.
  3. Sign in with your VPN credentials and connect to a server in the United States.
  4. Open your chosen channel.
  5. Watch March Madness 2022 in real time from anywhere in the world.


NordVPN is well-known for its strong security, but it does much more than just keep you secure online. It also allows you to bypass limitations and have access to the greatest material from across the world. Because of the incredible selection of servers in the United States, you can watch NCAA basketball live. NordVPN does not retain any logs, so your privacy is always protected. This supplier also provides user-friendly software and outstanding customer service.


ExpressVPN is commonly regarded as one of the best VPN services available. This one has a global network of about 2000 servers and supports up to 200,000 IP addresses.

Furthermore, when it comes to security, the VPN at hand provides high-level military-grade encryptions, allowing users to browse the internet with total anonymity and protection. The service also lets users to connect up to three times at once and select among PPTP, SSTP, L2TP/IPSec or OpenVPN as VPN protocols. The split tunneling option is also available. This enables you to encrypt a portion of your traffic that you believe requires more security.

ExpressVPN offers a support crew accessible around the clock to assist you. Simply contact them by email, social media or live chat messages on their website.


Surfshark is a VPN service provider with fast connections great for streaming. They also provide enough servers in the United States to ensure a good connection while watching March Madness. This reliable VPN service provides excellent encryption and allows you to access the internet anonymously.

They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can determine if their services are right for you.

Why should you use a VPN to watch college football?

Because you are not in the United States, you should not miss out on all of the college football excitement.

Streams from people outside the United States are frequently blocked by broadcasting corporations. In reality, you can watch college football from anywhere in the globe if you use a reputable VPN service provider.

This is because, regardless of where you are in the globe, a VPN service provider routes network traffic through a US server. Additionally, when you use a reputable VPN service to watch college football, you will enjoy the following advantages:

Anonymous browsing: VPNs provide you with online anonymity. It does this by routing traffic via encrypted VPN servers and assigning you an IP address that is not associated with your geographical location.

Online security: In addition to providing anonymity, VPNs also provide online security throughout your online activity. As a result, whether you purchase online, use social media platforms, or read articles online, your user data will not be retained or shared with third parties.

Content unlocking: Many nations block websites, services, and social media networks. Furthermore, owing to streaming rights, the content you wish to watch may be banned. A VPN is the greatest solution to circumvent these limitations and ensure that you may watch everything you want from wherever in the globe.

Streaming Services for a Fee

With a VPN, you may connect to any TV streaming channel in the globe and watch your favorite shows from wherever you choose even in a space rocket, for that matter. Whether you’re on the battlefield or abroad, a VPN and one or more of these channels can provide you with some March Madness peace:

Fubo Television

Keep an eye on the NCAA players and conference tournaments leading up to March Madness. Fubo TV provides 45 different sporting channels without cable, including popular networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN.


Fubo Family: 64.99/month – 95 channels, 500 hours of DVR and 3 simultaneous screens.

Fubo Elite: $79.99/month for 153 channels, 1000 hours of cloud-based DVR and up to 5 concurrent watching streams.

Sling Media

Sling TV starts at $35 and includes a plethora of channels as well as two lanes:

  • Fox and NBC Sling TV Blue
  • ESPN and Disney use Sling Orange

What’s the catch? Despite its low pricing – CNET calls it the greatest cheap live TV streaming service – you must carry your own antenna if you want to get all of its stations.

Hulu TV Premium

Plans start at $5.99 per month for Hulu and $64.99 per month for Hulu + Live TV. A Hulu Plus membership allows you to watch NCAA basketball on CBS, ESPN, TBS, TruTV and TNT all year long. Install the Hulu app on your smartphone to watch March Madness live. With a Hulu Plus Live TV subscription, you may watch multiple games on up to two screens at the same time.

YouTube Television

YouTube offers unlimited cloud DVR storage with 85+ major channels including entertainment, news, live sports, and more. NFL, NBA and MLB networks are available, with 3 streams and 6 accounts per household. There is a monthly charge of $64.99; there are no hidden fees or installation costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is March Madness?

March Madness refers to the basketball tournaments sponsored by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) during the months of March and April.

How much does it cost to watch March Madness live?

Generally, the cost of watching NCAA March Madness increases the more you live from the United States. For everyone who has a VPN, the Sling Blue subscription with CBS All Access for $5.99 costs just $20.

In March Madness, how many teams are there?

Previously, the NCAA tournament had 64 participants, but they added four additional spaces so that more teams could compete for the prize.

When does the March Madness tournament begin?

The 82nd annual event will commence on March 17, 2020.

When does March Madness come to an end?

The NCAA March Madness tournament will end on April 6th with the championship game at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

Who won the 2019 March Madness?

Last year’s victors were the Virginia Cavaliers, who defeated the Texas Tech Red Raiders 85-77 in Minnesota’s Bank Stadium.

Is it possible to watch March Madness for free?

Some dubious websites re-stream CBS, TBS, and TNT feeds. They do, however, contain ad overlays with clickable links that might infect your device with malware. The streams themselves are of low quality and may fail at any time. Don’t jeopardize your image quality or safety by using Sling TV with CBS All Access.

What is the best way to watch March Madness on Hulu?

To watch NCAA March Madness on Hulu, you must first connect to a VPN and choose a US server location. Pay for your membership at, and everything works as it should. Remember that a Hulu membership costs $55 per month.

Will the March Madness tournament be canceled?

In light of recent developments, the NCAA suspended all remaining winter and spring basketball contests. After a Utah Jazz player tested positive for coronavirus, the NBA took the same choice.


Your aspirations have come true, and you have been given the master key to the internet streaming world. With this key in your hands, you have limitless access to not just watch NCAA basketball live online, but to all the world has to offer via the internet, regardless of your location.

All that remains is to download or purchase the NordVPN, install and activate it, and then enjoy all of the action and highlights while you watch NCAA outside of the United States.









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