TuxlerVPN Review 2023

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Tuxler VPN is a simple, easy-to-use, free VPN/proxy service. It is one of the growing “freemium” competitors. With a few exceptions, there are very few worth using. Note that Tuxler is a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

That is, you are used as a host. If you have a paid connection, this can quickly become a problem. According to their website, Tuxler is trusted by over 300,000 users in 92 countries. They offer apps for Windows and Mac, as well as Chrome and Firefox extensions. They also claim to have Android and iOS apps coming soon. While they claim that 100% of their IP addresses are private IP addresses, note that there is a switch you need to turn on to take advantage of this feature.

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Speed Test

Tuxler is by far the worst VPN in terms of speed and performance that we have tested.

The results are absolutely embarrassing, especially considering the performance of the premium package.

We connected to Akron, USA – and the results were terrible.

Connection Ping Download Speed Upload Speed

Without VPN

2.54 Mbps
0.99 Mbps

With VPN

190.28 Mbps
10.84 Mbps

Tuxler completely ruined our download and upload speeds. Just for comparison, these are the normal speeds when not using a VPN.

As with any VPN, we expected some drops, but these results are frankly shocking.

Speed isn’t always the most important factor, but between terrible speeds and ridiculous pings, we recommend avoiding Tuxler if you need speed and stability (gamers, downloaders, streamers, Netflix fanatics, be warned).

Pricing Options

Tuxler offers two ways to use the service

  • Free – The free Tuxler client is slow, ad-supported, may not be very secure, promises a limited number of private IP addresses and nothing else.
  • Premium – The premium version costs $7.99/month, is supposedly four times faster, and offers unlimited website changes.

Also, there is no refund policy with Tuxler. This is another unforgivable shine in the VPN world – especially when you’re charging $7.99/month for an unproven and unappreciated service.

Privacy and Encryption

There is no information about what encryption or transfer protocols are used, just some general information about what transfer protocols are available. After a rather long wait, we learned from customer service that it uses RSA2048 AES-256 encryption and supports torrenting.

Tuxler’s privacy policy lists all the private data collected when using the website, but is silent about the data collected when using the apps and plugins. It logs source and destination IP addresses, as required by customer service.

User Experience

As a free service, Tuxler has one of the best offerings. You will not be limited in bandwidth because you are not using a paid account. However, using a free service still has its limitations, such as how many server changes you can make and how many are available.

Tuxler is fast enough to watch Netflix, and some of their servers in the US are connected. However, if you already have a slow ISP, you will still get a slow response. Also, they don’t maintain a bank of servers. Instead, it’s a proxy server on someone else’s system.

Customer Support

Although Tuxler has some social media presence, they obviously do not maintain their accounts. The only way to get in touch with the company is to send a message via the “Contact Us” email address. If you have a question, you can’t estimate how long it will take to get a response. Those who live in California are likely to get their questions answered faster if they go to the company’s headquarters in person. Otherwise, you may be able to find the answer you need through Google.


In the free version of Tuxler, you are vulnerable and at the mercy of other people’s actions. You will never know what other users are doing with your IP address, network and other resources. The speed isn’t very encouraging either, and it won’t let you do a decent stream or download.

We’d recommend the premium or paid version of Tuxler if the provider didn’t log and share personal user data – we’d even go so far as to call Tuxler a pure VPN, since we don’t know the encryption levels and VPN protocols. It does not even have basic VPN features like a kill switch and IP leak protection.

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