TORVPN Review 2023

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TorVPN is a UK-based VPN provider that offers its services through more than 10 servers worldwide. It has a free plan, but doesn’t have the huge server distribution of ExpressVPN or PureVPN.

It does not offer US Netflix streaming. As a result, I don’t recommend the service because it stores user logs and complies with data retention laws.

Read the TorVPN editorial review, which reveals the basic truth about the provider in detail.


TorVPN does not have a native client. Instead, you need to install the open-source OpenVPN client and configure Tor VPN through it. I’ve gone through many OpenVPN setups, but TorVPN trumps them in terms of unnecessary complexity.

If you’re like me and think you can pick a server for a free trial, you’re wrong. I was supposed to test their US or UK server, but unilaterally got a server in France called Mars. It didn’t go so well in the beginning.

The user dashboard is anything but intuitive. The user interface is archaic and doesn’t allow for optimism. You have to download the server configuration files (UDP, TCP) and then download a separate configuration file that you have to copy and paste into the OpenVPN configuration directory that has administrator privileges. I don’t know why my VPN username and standalone password were there, since OpenVPN never asked me – the configuration file had my credentials.

The client dashboard even showed my active session – logged in with my real IP – but nothing actually happened. My IP test shows my real IP, my real DNS, WebRTC and all that stuff. So, the OpenVPN client and my client dashboard confirm that I’m connected, but I’m not actually connected.

The problem remains, TorVPN’s live chat support is nowhere to be found, even though the feature is heavily advertised. I have sent them two tickets, but have not received a response.

TorVPN supports OpenVPN, PPTP and SSH. There is no native client, while the OpenVPN solution doesn’t offer a significant switch of its own.

You can enable transparent Tor proxies from the dashboard and OpenVPN redirection gateway, but that’s about it. There is no kill switch, DNS leak protection or firewall.

Speed Test

TorVPN’s server network is limited. While this can affect the speed you get when using the service, our tests have shown that the VPN servers offer decent speeds on average. Some servers, such as the London servers, performed quite well, but there were other areas where the servers performed poorly.

Regardless of the speeds, as a user you should know that TorVPN does not support streaming; “We provide a VPN service, not a video streaming service.” A statement from the company said. So, if your reason for using a VPN is to access video streaming sites in your country from other geographical locations, you should look for other VPN options. However, they do mention that they support P2P and torrenting.

Servers and Countries

In this section, you will learn why TorVPN is not one of the top VPN providers. As for servers and countries, TorVPN offers only 11 servers in 8 countries. You can find VPN servers in some places, such as.

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Hungary
  • Australia
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • China
  • Russia

TorVPN has about 100 users, which is mediocre for its user base. TorVPN’s most popular and fastest VPN server is located in Budapest, Hungary, with a server speed of 100,000 KB/s. This server also has the highest number of users – there are currently 54 VPN users.

User Experience

Since torVPN doesn’t have its own client software, the setup is a bit more complicated than VPN providers that have their own client software. After completing the usual registration process, you need to download a third-party application, such as OpenVPN GUI, and use it to connect to the TorVPN servers. While using this application is not difficult, it requires more time and more steps to be able to establish a VPN connection. However, TorVPN provides detailed instructions on how to connect to the server using the app, as well as links to download the app and links to download the configuration files. Some users don’t mind a little extra effort as long as the service itself is reliable. Other users prefer the simpler, easier route and look for a VPN provider that has its own client app. If you don’t mind the extra configuration steps, this VPN is worth a try.

Privacy and Security

TorVPN is a UK-based provider that logs connections. Connection logs are a concern in the UK as they can be used for time-based attacks. Therefore, we do not recommend this VPN for privacy or torrenting purposes.

TorVPN does not have its own app. Instead, you need to download a third-party OpenVPN client. PPTP is available, but it is not secure and needs to be configured manually, so we recommend staying away from it.

OpenVPN uses strong AES-256 encryption. It handles data authorization with the secure HMAC SHA1 protocol, and the handshake is secure with RSA-4096. This VPN also provides perfect forward secrecy via DHE-4096, and the weakest part of the protocol is SHA1 authentication, but it is still considered secure, which means this VPN is great for privacy protection.

There’s also good news: the third-party OpenVPN app now includes a kill switch and DNS leak protection, so you’ll be safe if you use this app to connect.

The company is based in the UK and is therefore subject to the 14 Eyes Intelligence Sharing Agreement. Along with the privacy policy, this is not a VPN provider we would recommend for activities we even suspect are illegal.

Pricing Plan

While there is no money-back guarantee, there is a “free VPN” offer that is valid for 7 days and limited to 2 GB of traffic (no SSH tunnel, one server only). Whether you consider this a free version or a free trial may be subjective.

The six pricing options are as follows.

  • Free VPN: As described above (may have time limits and non-guaranteed connections).
  • Cheap VPN: $0.65/month. This is basically the same as the free VPN, except SSH tunnels are enabled and there is no time limit.
  • Pro VPN: $2.52/month, which is the same as above except there are two servers and two simultaneous connections.
  • Silver VPN: $2.37/month for 3 months, now with 3 concurrent sessions, all 11 servers and 100GB of traffic.
  • Gold VPN: $2.20/month for a full year, same as the previous tier, unlimited traffic and access to 4 servers.
  • Custom VPN: Price depends on what you choose (1-12 months, 10-1000GB traffic, 1-3 or all servers, 2-20 simultaneous connections, while other plans only offer up to four).

You can pay via PayPal (credit/debit card or privately via PayPal account) or Bitcoin – a good option.

However, their refund policy is disappointing as they basically say you can’t get one and they are not required to offer one, which is completely up to them.

In the end, it is one of the cheapest VPNs on the market, and even the top tier VPN that removes all traffic restrictions, or the custom plan that lets you get more for a cheaper overall price.

Customer Support

TorVPN is located in Wallasey, UK. Their website is available in English and Hungarian, which is probably a reference to the country where their most popular server, Earth, is located. The website is very informative about the setup process of their service and VPN options. You’ll find a detailed FAQ section, and each tool has its own tutorial. There are two ways to contact customer support. They offer live chat support and this feature can be accessed from the homepage. However, sometimes this is not possible, in which case you will have to resort to good old online ticketing. TorVPN does not have a Facebook presence, but you can contact them via their Twitter page.

Pros and Cons

  1. No logging of traffic data
  2. No traffic logging; OpenVPN support
  3. No support for P2P/Torrent traffic
  4. Supports a reasonable number of simultaneous connections (4 connections)
  5. The price is very reasonable ($2.37/year)
  6. Free trial version included
  7. Accepted payments in cryptocurrencies
  1. Logs client IP addresses
  2. Logs connection timestamps
  3. Logs bandwidth data
  4. Does not have its own DNS server
  5. Does not support an ‘off switch
  6. Does not allow SMTP connections
  7. Not many countries to choose from (7 countries)
  8. Not too many servers (7 servers)


TorVPN offers many powerful benefits such as reliable support and wide system compatibility. You can also take note of the encryption that makes browsing secure and private. However, there are no refunds or trials, which makes users think twice before subscribing to TorVPN.

On the other hand, the fees are competitive and quite low, which could be a big advantage for some users. All in all, there are better options than TorVPN, but if you just want a secure connection, it can be a good VPN partner.

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