TigerVPN Review 2023

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TigerVPN is a simple, easy-to-use Slovak-based application. The client has some interesting features, but it is arguably too simplistic and lacks the capability and functionality to compete with the best VPNs on the marketThe provider offers access to over 300 torrent-optimized servers in 62 locations in 43 countries around the world.

However, there is room for improvement when it comes to streaming performance. In testing, TigerVPN had trouble accessing Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, as well as some social media sites.


  • 63 server locations in 43 countries
  • 5 simultaneous connections – for annual users (or two connections if you pay a monthly fee)
  • No usage history
  • Apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
  • OpenVPN, IPSec L2TP and PPTP encryption options
  • Shimo VPN Manager software (free with annual subscription)
  • Sticky Passwords subscription (free with annual plan only)
  • Unlimited traffic and speed
  • 500 Mb free trial
  • Ticket-based support

Speed Test

TigerVPN’s download and upload speeds are mostly great. Upload speeds barely fluctuate no matter which server location you choose, making it a great VPN for watching videos. On the other hand, it loses some points for minor inconsistencies and general latency records.

Location Ping Download Speed Upload Speed

Without VPN

15.46 Mbps
22.10 Mbps


12.05 Mbps
2.23 Mbps

New York

7.92 Mbps
2.23 Mbps


2.94 Mbps
2.35 Mbps



7.26 Mbps

2.27 Mbps


6.16 Mbps
2.19 Mbps

When we do speed tests of VPNs, we don’t aim for perfection. There’s no VPN that won’t overload your system, and even the fastest VPN services will slow down your connection a bit.

Instead, we look for consistency. TigerVPN’s download and upload speeds were mostly good enough to compete with the best VPNs for torrenting. The only minor issue was that the London server slowed down significantly, but the other servers didn’t show similar results, so this could be the result of a one-time traffic spike.

Latency is a bigger problem. The ping time alone from our unprotected Portland site to the Seattle server more than doubled, and it got higher the further we got. With latency like that, TigerVPN can’t compete with the best gaming VPN.

Pricing Plans

TigerVPN offers the following pricing plans.

  • 1-Month plan; €6.99 – allows up to 2 simultaneous connections
  • 1-Year plan; €3.99 per month – includes up to 3 simultaneous connections
  • 3-year plan; €2.75 per month – includes StickyPassword Premium, Shimo VPN Manager and up to 5 simultaneous connections

We noticed that there are two different price lists on the official website, and we couldn’t get a prompt response from customer service regarding their current relevance. Available payment options include credit card, PayPal, paywall, license code, and Bitcoin, which we particularly appreciate.

TigerVPN also offers a free trial that allows you to test the service to see if it meets your needs. You can consume up to 500 MB, after which the service will be blocked and you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid plan. The company claims that it never sells trial accounts. So, if you are offered a trial account, you should not buy it.

Connection Time Analysis

Tigers are known to have very fast reflexes and their speed makes them a very dangerous predator. But the tiger we were dealing with didn’t seem to have such good reflexes.

We did a contact time analysis for our client and the results were not very encouraging. An average time of 14.8 seconds would not qualify the client for the list of fastest VPN services.

We have seen services with an average connection time of less than 3 seconds. However, a service doesn’t have to be that atrocious, but there is room for improvement.

Providers need to improve the client so that users can consistently achieve short connection times.


When downloading files shared on P2P networks, I don’t recommend using the provider’s application for protection.

The main reason is that there is no kill switch. This is a serious risk and in some cases can (and does) lead to ISPs detecting illegal activity.

For example, many users are advised to use a VPN with a kill switch for torrenting.

TigerVPN also does not offer a proxy service. A proxy registered directly with the BitTorrent client may be more suitable for protecting P2P activities.

Privacy, Security and Logging

All OpenVPN connections through the TigerVPN app have 256-bit encryption, which is enough to keep all but the most determined hackers and government agencies from monitoring user activity.

The company is based in Bratislava, Slovakia, an EU member state. The VPN service is not directly bound by user privacy laws.

A NAT firewall is built into the application to block unwanted incoming traffic. This is beneficial in most cases, but may cause some P2P applications to not function properly.

Looking at TigerVPN’s feature list, the stance on user monitoring seems pretty clear.” Protecting our customers is our top priority. That’s why TigerVPN doesn’t store any activity logs anywhere – period.

You can find the full list of privacy policies here.

  • VPN protocols and versions
  • Operating system
  • Application version
  • Traffic statistics
  • Random country statistics
  • Connection sessions (server location)
  • Preferred servers
  • Debugging information

TigerVPN notes that none of this information associates you individually with specific Internet operations, so its relevance is limited.

It’s unusual for a VPN to store your favorites centrally, but there’s a good reason for it, as it allows you to sync your favorites across all your devices (set the location on your iPhone, for example, and it’s instantly on your computer). This is a great feature that we’d like to see more often.

However, the privacy policy goes to great lengths to provide real details about how the service works and what it means for you, and seems much more reliable than the 50-word “we’re absolutely sure, 100% sure we’ll never record anything about you” policy that many of our competitors promulgate.

Encryption and Protocols

Like all advanced VPNs, TigerVPN primarily uses strong AES 256-bit encryption to protect server connections. Supported protocols include L2TP, IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN UDP/TCP.

TigerVPN’s Windows, Mac, and Android apps run OpenVPN UDP by default. If your network happens to block ports, you can easily switch to OpenVPN TCP in the settings.

TigerVPN also has a NAT firewall to ensure that you are protected from other users when connecting to a VPN server. On the other hand, the lack of a network kill switch can leave you vulnerable to attack if the connection is interrupted.

User Experience

There are no tricks with this VPN. Installing tigerVPN is a seamless experience. It only takes a few minutes to download and even less to install on your system. The user interface is not only intuitive but also as quirky as the website, except for the orange color and the white with the tiger logo. You can easily navigate it, connect to the server and get notifications in the taskbar when you connect, disconnect or make changes. Besides, a good F.A.Q. is comprehensive, and TigerVPN lives up to this statement. There is an efficient and informative F.A.Q. section on the website where you can get help with any service issues.


The advantage of VPN plugins is that you get VPN protection wherever you log into your browser, be it at home, at work, or on a friend’s computer.

The downside is that the VPN browser plugin only encrypts browser traffic. It does not encrypt and redirect all other data from your computer on its way to the Internet. However, some people appreciate this because VPNs don’t slow down your other applications.

Customer Support

After taking a look at their website and trying to submit a kill switch for a basic customer query, our review of tigerVPN had to conclude that live support is not their strongest suit.

They have a decent library of self-help resources, and they also run an active social media account. However, in a world where even some second-rate VPNs offer 24/7 personal support via live chat, tigerVPN falls short.

After noticing that customer support responds much faster if you are a premium customer, we opened the chat, which told us that you can wait up to 20 minutes for a response.

After we finally managed to connect with the third agent, his avatar was initially invisible and we had to wait another 20 minutes to get a second response.

Pros and Cons

  1. Good encryption technology
  2. Not subject to data retention laws
  3. Support and setup instructions for all major platforms
  4. OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP
  5. Torrents are allowed on all servers
  6. Own DNS servers
  7. Efficient support staff
  8. Reasonable pricing
  9. Free trial
  1. No shutdown switch
  2. No perfect positive secrecy
  3. Automatic updates without notice

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix work with TigerVPN?

Yes, but not on all servers. Currently, Netflix only works in Madrid, Milan, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. However, TigerVPN is working hard to improve the success of Netflix streaming.

Is TigerVPN torrent-friendly?

Yes, TigerVPN claims to be “safe for torrenting.” You can use the following locations for torrents: Amsterdam, Bucharest, Montreal, as these ISPs are torrent-friendly.

Does TigerVPN offer apps?

Yes, TigerVPN has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Does TigerVPN offer a free trial?

TigerVPN does not offer a free trial, but it does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. During this period you can try the service and continue if you are satisfied, otherwise you can request a refund.

Is TigerVPN secure?

Yes, it is secure. TIgerVPN offers military-grade AES-256 encryption and supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and “stealth technology” protocols. It offers a NAT firewall and DNS leak protection. It also accepts anonymous payment methods to preserve user anonymity.


So, if you were to ask me if I would recommend TigerVPN, the answer could be yes or no. If you are looking for a VPN that is basically available and offers a lot of encryption, TigerVPN is an incredible choice. What’s more, 2% of the organization’s profits go to unfortunate creatures. So, you can be sure that you are giving them cash. With this help, it is also possible to build a cottage. What I like about TigerVPN is that it is so simple to put in and utilize via any device.

You’ll like that it runs in the taskbar and not in another window, since you can access the help from any program. You’ll also appreciate TigerVPN’s customer support, which I mentioned in the TigerVPN review. There is more than one way to find the answer to your question. Evaluating help isn’t complicated either, considering the highlights you can access, and TigerVPN isn’t expensive. Netflix streaming works effectively on US servers, so TigerVPN does some workers for Netflix. The scariest thing about TigerVPN is that the login strategy is a bit more cumbersome than TigerVPN.

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