SaferVPN Review 2023

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SaferVPN is one of the best VPN brands that you would normally associate with it. It was developed in 2013 by a company called Safer Social Ltd. Despite some small initiatives to help bloggers in some countries bypass censorship, it hasn’t done much so far.

In 2019, it was acquired by J2 Global, the company that also owns IPVanish and For now, all three VPN brands remain independent. Despite its strong background, J2’s VPNs are somewhat suspect due to its US headquarters.

About The Company

  • Company – J2 Global Inc
  • Year Established – 2013
  • Country – United States

Key Data

Features Data

Data Cap



76 Mbps

Data Leaks



US (Five-Eye Member)


52 Countries, 1300+ servers

US Netflix



24/7 Live Chat

Cheapest Price



SaferVPN offers the following additional features.

  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Live chat support
  • Enable peer-to-peer (P2P) torrenting (Dutch servers only)
  • WiFi protection
  • Browser extensions

Servers are located all over the world, with some rather unusual locations like South Africa, Brazil, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Speed Test

After finally getting the service up and running, I ran a series of speed tests, see below – all tests performed at non-peak times using, the app, test server was Phoenix NAP AZ Data Center for all trials. The connection is UDP with Blowfish-128 encryption (default).

Speed Test – SaferVPN – Desktop

Location Trial Latency Download Speed Upload Speed


Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3




97.01 Mbps

96.42 Mbps

96.72 Mbps

12.86 Mbps

12.86 Mbps

12.94 Mbps

US West

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






92.03 Mbps

88.05 Mbps

91.07 Mbps

90.38 Mbps

11.85 Mbps

11.89 Mbps

11.76 Mbps

11.83 Mbps


Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






8.39 Mbps

7.03 Mbps

8.88 Mbps

8.10 Mbps

1.52 Mbps

1.49 Mbps

1.27 Mbps

1.43 Mbps


Trial 1

Trial 2

 Trial 3






11.47 Mbps

10.35 Mbps

12.89 Mbps

11.57 Mbps

5.25 Mbps

4.81 Mbps

5.19 Mbps

5.08 Mbps

Hong Kong

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






11.58 Mbps

10.78 Mbps

11.77 Mbps

11.38 Mbps

6.66 Mbps

5.85 Mbps

7.57 Mbps

6.69 Mbps

Speed Test – SaferVPN – Mobile

Location Trial Latency Download Speed Upload Speed


Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3




74.33 Mbps

74.26 Mbps

75.09 Mbps

14.44 Mbps

14.48 Mbps

14.23 Mbps

US West

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






21.37 Mbps

21.97 Mbps

20.52 Mbps

21.29 Mbps

13.89 Mbps

13.90 Mbps

13.85 Mbps

13.88 Mbps


Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






1.97 Mbps

7.52 Mbps

2.42 Mbps

3.97 Mbps

3.69 Mbps

6.48 Mbps

3.68 Mbps

4.62 Mbps


Trial 1

Trial 2

 Trial 3






1.67 Mbps

3.56 Mbps

1.61 Mbps

2.28 Mbps

5.37 Mbps

5.09 Mbps

3.61 Mbps

4.69 Mbps

Hong Kong

Trial 1

Trial 2

Trial 3






3.04 Mbps

3.34 Mbps

2.08 Mbps

2.82 Mbps

3.02 Mbps

3.20 Mbps

1.71 Mbps

2.64 Mbps

The Western U.S. servers held up pretty well on the desktop, but the international servers I tested were slow. Of course, some slowdown is to be expected due to proximity, but any downloads or streams on these servers would be pretty painful, I think.

Pricing Plans

SaferVPN offers a single tier service, with significant discounts if you sign up for a longer term.

  • Monthly: $12.95/month
  • One year and 12 months: $5.49 per month
  • Three years: $2.50 per month

All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
SaferVPN accepts credit cards, PayPal, and two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and Tron. However, if you pay with cryptocurrency, there is no guarantee.

Server Locations

SaferVPN has 400 VPN servers in 30 countries for users to connect to. Keep in mind that you can move between server locations at any moment.

VPN server locations include Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Customer Support

SaferVPN offers 24/7 live chat support, but sometimes we get frustrated. While the live chat is extremely responsive, the customer support staff often struggled to answer even the most basic questions.

When we asked about the time SaferVPN stores contact records, the employee refused to provide any concrete information. We sent an email to customer support and luckily received a response in less than 10 minutes that actually answered our question.

SaferVPN’s online knowledge base covers the basics of installation and troubleshooting, but there are a few areas where we would have liked more depth and detail.

Streaming Performance

SaferVPN got us onto Netflix without any issues. To maximize speed, we used a nearby server and streamed the video without buffering or latency. Amazon Prime Video works the same way.

We were also able to access BBC iPlayer through a U.K. streaming server, though attempts to do so from the U.S. over WiFi resulted in slow speeds to watch unblocked shows.

Hulu, which is becoming the toughest streaming nut, grabbed the VPN when we tried to download a show. Still, with a faster cable connection, SaferVPN can keep up with Netflix’s best VPN and BBC iPlayer’s best VPN in our guide.

Multiplatform devices

Like most VPN services, SaferVPN is not limited to Windows and Mac. You can also use it on your smartphone or tablet, as there are clients specifically designed for iOS and Android. However, keep in mind that the speed with the Android client will be slower than with the Windows client. Still, the performance is good enough to browse a bit on YouTube and even watch an episode or two of your favorite show on Netflix, which is more than enough for most users. SaferVPN also supports Linux, various routers and Chromebooks.


SaferVPN’s website clearly states the company’s no-logging policy: “We never log or monitor VPN network traffic. What you do online is your business, and we work hard to keep it that way!”

The “No Logs” page goes on to say that SaferVPN does not log “your source IP address, DNS lookups, VPN IP address, personal information, browsing history, metadata.

While this sounds good, it is not as specific or clearly defined as we would like (what does it mean in terms of “personal information“, “metadata“, what is logged?) and the granular descriptions of the other elements are very different.

For example, the “unlawful activity” clause in the Terms of Service says that if you violate SaferVPN’s rules, the company may disclose “personal information about you, email addresses, usage history, published material, IP addresses, and traffic data.” Presumably that won’t happen if you don’t violate the rules, but it looks like SaferVPN is at least capable of logging a lot of data.


SaferVPN is based in Tel Aviv, Israel, so the location alone might make it seem like they’re losing before they even get on the field.

After all, Israel has become an increasingly volatile and politically charged region, so many VPN buyers are unsure whether to trust their data to a company that is at the center of the unrest.

However, after doing some research, I found out that Israel might actually be one of the best countries for VPNs, as the privacy laws severely limit the government’s (legal) ability to track and monitor ordinary citizens.

While it’s not ideal for a VPN provider to be based in a country deeply entrenched in the Five-Eyes information sharing partnership, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that the law and SaferVPN’s privacy policy (more on that later) are on your side.

User Experience

We had a great experience with the SaferVPN client on Windows and Android. The user interface is smooth and easy to navigate, with a number of tabs to help users, including favorites and most recommended servers.

SaferVPN has apps that support all platforms. So if you want to use OpenVPN on your iPhone, for example, you won’t have to resort to third-party apps and copy/paste.

Speaking of protocols, this VPN has its own “automatic site selection algorithm” – in short, a diagnostic tool that chooses the “best” protocol for you based on your system. This is optional and may not be needed by experienced users, but is very helpful for beginners.

Security and Privacy

SaferVPN does a great job of protecting user data by offering military-grade encryption on the connection.

The provider claims that it does not collect or log browsing activityopen data, or the IP address of the connection. It also does not log your real IP address, VPN IP address, DNS requests or other metadata.

SaferVPN uses 256-bit military-grade encryption to protect your online behavior from the prying eyes of interested third parties, such as the government or even the hooded guy at the next table at Starbucks.

The desktop app has 3 protocol options – IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP over IPSec.

Mobile apps use IKEv2, which makes sense because IKEv2 allows for faster connections, which is a valuable feature for mobile apps. Desktop apps provide the OpenVPN protocol. It’s secure and open source, and is quickly becoming the most popular protocol in the industry.

As mentioned earlier, the SaferVPN desktop app provides kill switch protection, while the mobile app only provides the option to automatically reconnect when a connection is lost.

DNS Leak Test

Okay, this part was very disappointing. A DNS leak is a dangerous thing, and when it happens, everything the user does is visible to their ISP and anyone monitoring their traffic.

In other words, a DNS leak shows that the VPN provider is not doing the job for which it exists. In SaferVPN’s case, it was clear from the first test that it was spying on our data.

We connected to a server in the US and ran the test. Our DNS server was clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen, highlighting our actual location.

Our IP address was clearly the IP address provided by the VPN, but it was the DNS server that was leaking. This is very bad, as we tried it on several other platforms with the same result.

Smart Wi-Fi Protection

This is a feature of SaferVPN that caught our attention. It protects the user’s device from unsecured wireless networks.

Once users download the SaferVPN app on their phone, it automatically turns on VPN protection when they connect to unsecured wireless networks, such as free Wi-Fi networks in restaurants and airports.

With this feature, users can ensure that their data is secure when using public Wi-Fi. With this feature, there is no need to manually connect to a VPN, it is automatically turned on when the device connects to a wireless network.

Installation and Usage

Installing SaferVPN is relatively easy, as there are apps for all major platforms. This VPN works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers. There are also extensions for the Chrome and Firefox browsers. While installation and configuration is simple, if you still need help, you can find detailed instructions on their website.

But if software or technology isn’t your thing, you can simply buy their VPN router and just plug in and go. Connect your devices to the router as usual, and all the devices in your house can be secured through it.

If you use the SaferVPN app, you’ll find that it’s very easy once you install it. All you need to do is select a location and click “Connect“. There are options in the app that allow you to choose a specific protocol if it’s important to you, and to choose your preferred location so that you can easily return to them.

SaferVPN offers a kill switch to protect you from IP address leaks. When your SaferVPN connection is interrupted, it immediately disconnects from the Internet so that your real IP address is not revealed.

And it’s pretty fast, whether you’re using the app or connected to a VPN router to stream movies or play games. And since it unlocks Netflix, it’s a great option for movie lovers.

Wifi Security

Do you want anything to identify unsecured wifi near you and prevent you from connecting to it in the future? You never know which public WiFi will compromise your cyber security. In this regard, SaferVPN is at your disposal.

Automatic wifi security is one of the interesting features integrated into the SaferVPN applications. When you connect to an unsecured wifi network using this function, SaferVPN will automatically identify that the network is unsecured and connect to the VPN. It’s a useful addition, especially if you’re lazy or forgetful about connecting to public wifi via the VPN app every time. The program must be running on the desktop, or at the very least in the system tray, for this functionality to function.

You may disable the functionality and manually add trustworthy networks to a whitelist.

Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are also available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and can be installed in a matter of seconds.

Although these browsers are part of a paid subscription, you can actually use them for free without having to sign up for a SaferVPN subscription.

A word of caution: the extensions are proxies. That is, they do not establish an encrypted VPN connection. They also do not have the advanced security features of SaferVPN’s desktop client. So, they cannot be used on their own. There is also a data limit of 500 MB per month, so keep that in mind!

Application Compatibility

SaferVPN is compatible with the following devices and operating systems.

  • Linux 
  • Windows
  • Mac 
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Router
  • Media streaming devices
  • Blackberry

SaferVPN offers VPN clients and apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and routers. It also comes with a free Chrome extension, which is a good option if you want to change your location to unblock websites.

Dedicated apps for Apple TV, Kindle Fire, PlayStation, and Xbox are not available. However, you can set up SaferVPN manually by following the detailed instructions in the “Support” section of the official website.

Encryption and Protocols

As an industry leader, SaferVPN includes the best encryption protocols. The gold standard, AES 256-bit, ensures that your device is always protected. You can also choose from a number of protocols, including OpenVPN (the most popular), PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, and IKEv2. Note that OpenVPN is not the default, which means you need to enable it manually.

Encryption is important for login/password data, sensitive data (e.g. if you run a business), and security on public Wi-Fi networks. It also makes it harder for ISPs to track your online activity and share it with third parties. IKEv2 is the latest and most advanced protocol available. It is available on all major platforms, but not on Linux.

Pros and Cons

  1. Fast speed at peak performance
    Simple and very easy to use application
  2. Cheaper than services like ExpressVPN
  3. Kill switch and Wi-Fi security are great additional features
  4. US and UK streaming servers work as expected
  5. Up to 5 people can connect at the same time
  6. 24-hour free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee
  1. Consistency issues
  2. Connection history
  3. Simplicity is good, but not as feature rich as other services
  4. P2P is only available in one location
  5. Not available in china

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SaferVPN the best option?

Calling SaferVPN the best option might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is a very good choice. It is a VPN service that offers more than just streaming and downloads for users around the world. It is also a company that deals with the activist side of VPNs. In this way, they hope to make more information available to people. This is especially important in places where totalitarian regimes are in power. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the average user in the Netherlands can also benefit greatly from it. The quality is simply very high. In terms of ease of use, security and speed, everything is simply taken care of. If you list all these things, SaferVPN is one of the better options in the industry and therefore an attractive service.

What are the advantages of SaferVPN?

One of the main advantages of SaferVPN is that it is very security-oriented. This means that you can be very safe online. The way the logging policy is managed is also a reason for this. This way, you can be sure of your anonymity. A completely different advantage is the speed. It’s nice to see that you hardly notice the speed when you use a VPN. It hardly lags at all. So, you can download and stream with ease. This also leads directly to the next advantage. You can actually access all kinds of foreign torrents and streaming services like Netflix in the US. This way, you can watch and listen to anything you want. These are the biggest advantages of SaferVPN.

Is SaferVPN secure?

SaferVPN certainly sets high standards. Therefore, it is a pity that the security situation varies from region to region. As far as the technical aspects of security are concerned, that’s fine. It’s great to be able to use only the right protocols. There is 256-bit encryption. This ensures that the information provided in the online session is really well encrypted and cannot be seen by others. So, in this respect, everything is fine. However, there are some drawbacks in terms of privacy and security. For example, SaferVPN is based in Israel, so you have to comply with certain laws of this country in this regard as well. It also stores certain logs about you. So, you always have something in front of you that is available to third parties.

Does SaferVPN work with Netflix?

Since SaferVPN has good servers in the US, you should have no problem accessing the US content of this streaming service as long as you have a bank in the Netherlands. One important point that makes this VPN service very usable is the speed that it offers. It is precisely these good connections that make it very tempting to watch this content. For example, it doesn’t suffer from buffering, which is great. This is not only true for Netflix, but also for other streaming services that you access through the VPN in your subscription. This way, you’ll always be able to watch exactly the content that is available anywhere in the world. And if something does go wrong, you can always choose another server from your provider’s network.

Does SaferVPN work with HBO?

If you have a SaferVPN subscription, you can work with HBO. Again, thanks to the powerful servers in the USA, you’ll be able to see content that would otherwise remain hidden. This is true for both HBO Go and HBO Now. While there are many similarities between the two services, there are also differences. That’s the reason why it’s so attractive. Thanks to the way SaferVPN works, you can easily access everything even if you are only in the Netherlands and not in the US. This is another reason why it is attractive to work with this service. You can enjoy original shows that you wouldn’t be able to watch otherwise, since HBO recently stopped operating in the Netherlands. The good speed of the servers is also an advantage when streaming.


SaferVPN is a good choice for those who just want a working VPN with a secure connection over public Wi-Fi or at home. Prices are lower than the last time we looked at it, but still slightly higher than the other services we reviewed. Overall, SaferVPN is a good service that makes it easy to get started with a VPN, but there are some subtleties for advanced users.

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