Lantern VPN Review 2023

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Lantern VPN is a US government-sponsored open-source proxy service developed by Brave New Software in 2013 to provide unrestricted Internet access to Internet users living under repressive regimes.

It happened to be touted by major media outlets as a way for Chinese Internet users to bypass the Great Firewall when it was launched. As a result, it was very popular among Chinese users who were looking for an easy and free solution to the annoying censorship.

LanternVPN Specifications and Offers

Specification Value

VPN Name




Leak Test

Leak Detected

Log Policy



Inside 5 Countries

Number of Devices Connected


Kill Switch



Limited Torrenting and P2P Sharing

Anonymous Payment Methods


Free Trial 

Upto 500 MB




Customers who purchase a Lantern Pro account can enjoy the following additional features.

  • Increased protection – Reviewed by a 24-hour Lantern development team to quickly detect and respond to obstacles
  • Unlimited Data – Surf the web, stream videos, and download other content while getting a fast, unblocked connection
  • Lantern Pro – One account lets you use the service on three devices, so you can use it on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Ad-free – Update the service on demand

Speed and Performance

Lantern claims to be faster than a VPN, and it seems to be true. We tested their speeds using and the download and upload speeds were 99 Mbps and 98 Mbps, respectively.

Most free VPN and proxies don’t reach high double digits, so this is a very impressive result.

Expect some losses, we saw 30% losses, but we also saw minimal (20%) losses.

LanternVPN Pricing and Packages

Time Period Price

1 Year


2 Years

$48 for 2Years

Lantern is available for free as long as you don’t have any issues with the 500 MB monthly quota. There are also two paid subscriptions that you can only access through the desktop app. Known as Lantern Pro, the annual plan costs just $32, while the two-year plan costs $48. There are no monthly or quarterly plans – take it or leave it.

The Pro plan is faster, has unlimited bandwidth, up to 3 simultaneous connections, and no ads. It’s very cheap and you can pay with the paywall support option. Bitcoin is not supportedYou won’t get a refund, only a notification.

Nevertheless, Lantern advertises its free service with amazing persistence. By not offering monthly subscriptions and short paid trials, Lantern forces insecure users to test the “benefits” of its free proxies.

Privacy and Security

Lantern was developed by the U.S. non-profit organization Free Software Foundation, Inc. and, like Tor, is partially funded by the U.S. government, but all code is open source and can be independently reviewed to ensure nothing suspicious is going on.

The developers stress that Lantern is designed as an anti-censorship tool and does not provide protection against surveillance. Connections to proxy sites are protected with HTTPS (TLS), but connections to all other sites are unencrypted. For those seeking anonymity on the Internet, Tor is recommended.

Internal connections between Lantern “nodes” are protected with strong AES-256 CBC encryption, ECDHE (elliptic curve) RSA key handshake, and SHA hash authentication.

Users have the option to provide the Lantern team with “useful information and analysis to help us improve the Lantern program,” but this is completely optional.

Sign Up Procedure

Lantern’s free edition does not require registration. Simply said, users must download the Lantern program into their computers or mobile devices and immediately begin reaping its benefits. However, if customers wish to upgrade to the Pro Plans after installing the program, they must first register with the firm. Alternatively, customers who wish to utilize the Pro version before trying the free option must enter their email address, to which a download link is issued in order to activate the premium service.

Customer Support

If you have questions about their service, you can always link to their Facebook page or visit their user forum.

There is no live chat support or user generated pop-up messages, which is a negative for me. There are emails to help you with your questions, but they usually don’t respond within 24 hours.

Pros and Cons


  • It is free
  • The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are clearly stated for those with eyes to see


  • Leaks in DNS and WebRTC
  • Does not unblock streaming services headquartered in the United States, such as HBO, Hulu, or Netflix
  • Keeps track of use, hardware specifications, and surfing habits
  • Uses partner services to deploy extensive user profiling and use cross-referencing
  • It is possible that your use may be throttled and that advertising will be personalized for you

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lantern a nice character?

It’s a good stand-in. Lantern is a proxy rather than a VPN. So, while I received great download and upload speeds and cleared a few streaming sites, I couldn’t choose my own server. In addition, the proxy does not provide the same level of protection and security features as a full-fledged VPN.

If security is as essential to you as it is to me when picking a VPN, I would recommend ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN offers 3000 servers that are secured by military-grade encryption, a kill switch, perfect forward secrecy, and a real zero-logs policy that has been audited.

Is it possible for me to use Lantern for free?

You may, of course, download a free version of the Lantern app from the website without registering. The free plans have a monthly bandwidth restriction of 500 MB. When you hit your speed restriction, Lantern will slow you down, resulting in latency and buffering.

Free VPNs frequently have bandwidth and security limitations. If you want to try out other free VPNs, there are a few secure and dependable alternatives.

Is Lantern truly secure?

Yes. Mutual certificate validation is used by Lantern to create connections between peers, and AES-256 is used to encrypt data. The algorithm includes forward secrecy as part of its functioning. The firm assures that data transfer is private and secure by using this security precaution.

Bottom Line

Lantern VPN is a good VPN, especially Best VPN for beginners. Whether you choose the free or paid version, this app is very easy to use and very affordable. Lantern VPN is also very secure and private, so you never have to worry about scammers or online harassers.









SAVE 63%



SAVE 49%



SAVE 81%