HolaVPN Review 2023

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HolaVPN offers several forms of VPN services. Perhaps the most popular of them is the free one. However, this does not change the fact that it is the premium VPN services that are the most valuable. This makes it attractive in the competitive market. 

The service seems to be especially popular among younger users, but this is also due to the free option. For more mature users, HolaVPN is also good in every way, which is why it is important to highlight the different aspects of this service. This way, you can determine exactly what to expect when you choose this VPN.

Speed Test

VPNs tend to affect your internet speed, so finding the fastest VPN can be a challenge. After our test, we are happy to say that HOLA has climbed to the top of our list.

Server Location Ping Download Speed Upload Speed


45 Mbps
9 Mbps


96 Mbps
9 Mbps


93 Mbps
9 Mbps


88 Mbps
9 Mbps

As you can see, HOLA performs very well. Not only do download speeds stay extremely close to our benchmarks, they even improve slightly when using the German site. The Australian connection is the only exception in this exemplary set, as our download speeds are split in two. But given the distances between Australia and major cities in Europe and North America, this loss of speed is inevitable. Perhaps more surprisingly, upload numbers were almost completely unaffected by virtual continent hopping.

Pricing Plans

Hola VPN’s premium service is reasonably priced for users. There are three different plans to choose from, and you can select the one that suits you best. With Hola VPN coupon codes, you can save up to 80% on long-term plansHola VPN plans are:-

  • 1-Month Plan– Hola VPN’s 1-month plan costs $14.99/month* with no discount code
  • 12-Month Plan- Hola VPN’s 12-month plan is the best plan for short-term use. You can have this software for $7.69/month* and save up to 50%
  • 3-Year Plan-Hola VPN 2-year plan is the best option for all customers. Because you can have this software for $2.99/month* and save up to 80%

40+ Countries, 1500+Servers

Now let’s move on to the more basic features? Like other VPNs, Hola VPN also has a “country list”. I actually counted them. There are over 40 countries. You can connect to all major (and minor) countries. Although it is P2P, the VPN is not without its own servers. It has an arsenal of over 1500 servers. In fact, the VPN uses P2P IPs only when the data center IPs are bad or can’t be connected properly. So virtual relocation is not a problem for HOLA, period.

Browser Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge

The browser extensions provide a full list of servers in nearly 200 countries. They have the same design and look more sophisticated than desktop or mobile apps. You can even say that these browser extensions are Hola VPN’s main product. Firefox stands out from the crowd of extension makers by requiring them to display a privacy policy that you must accept before you can dive into the Hola universe.

The free version places a countdown timer in the corner of the browser window, even in full-screen mode. After an hour, you have to wait a day. This is bad news not only for streaming fans, but also for anyone who wants to use Hola VPN without interruption.

If you buy Hola VPN Premium, you can get rid of the timer and add optional encryption. You can choose to protect one website, your entire browser, or your entire connection.

Streaming Services

If you’re looking for a VPN for streaming purposes, you probably won’t be too surprised to learn that I don’t recommend hola! VPN not to recommend it. I can’t access Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix services with hola. You can choose to pay for the PLUS service. If you do, you will be able to access streaming sites. With this package, you have the ability to add up to 10 devices at any given time. This costs $11.95 per month, or $6.99 if you commit to paying monthly. That’s the same price as many other VPNs on the market, so in my opinion you’re better off choosing one of these instead. If you sign up for an annual plan, you can even get a cheaper premium VPN.

Privacy and Logging

Most VPNs route traffic through their own servers, which at least gives you the ability to log what you’re doing. Hola’s model of routing data through users may seem like a better way to protect your data, but it’s not that simple.

“Hola VPN regularly monitors consumer networks for signs of abuse or security breaches. In addition, architectural changes allow Hola VPN to see the source of each request. So if cybercriminals use Hola VPN’s networkthe cybercriminals’ information can be shared with authorities. This makes Hola VPNs unattractive to abusers. Some VPN networks don’t see both ends of the connection, making them more attractive to such vulnerabilities.”

Personal information Hollows “may collect and retain includes your IP address, name and email address, screen name, payment and billing information, and other information we may request from time to time that is necessary to complete the registration process and provide the Services.”

It also collects “information about the applications installed on the user’s device,” which you might not expect. As always, when you sign up for a social network account, HOLA may receive data “such as your full name, address, email address, date of birth, profile picture, friends list, personal description, and any other information you post to that account or have agreed to share with us.”

So there’s a lot of logging going on, and given the lack of detail in other important areas of the service – how is your traffic encrypted and protected? We don’t know – and that’s definitely a problem. If anonymity is your top priority and you want to reduce the likelihood of being monitored, Hola is definitely not for you.


HOLA’s website is well designed and offers little information. The links are simple and easy to follow, and there are no walls to click on when looking for information.

If you want to use a VPN on your phone, they offer a VPN app for Android and iOS devices. The VPN app for Android and iPhone can be found in the App Store and is very easy to use. They also offer computer VPN support for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The Mac VPN client is similar to the Windows version. They do not offer a full Linux VPN client, but users can use it as a browser plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

Hola VPN for Netflix

Hola VPN is not for those looking for a way to unblock Netflix for free. I read about it in the T&Cs on the official website and was convinced when I tested the app. Theoretically, you can only watch Netflix with the paid app.

Customer Support

Apart from privacy and security issues, Hola VPN’s customer support is not very good. There are a number of FAQs on their website, but they are more like disclaimers than real help. Hola VPN came under criticism when it previously failed to disclose the connection between its free user data and Luminati’s corporate services, but this has since been corrected on its FAQ page. You’ll learn how the VPN service works (using your personal data and profile), how it makes money (ditto), and some very basic troubleshooting tips. However, there are no detailed installation instructions or user manuals. There is also no live chat support. Hola VPN offers a support email address, and all of our issues have been ignored in the past. However, in our recent testing, we were relieved to finally get some answers. The answers we got were not very helpful at first – they just referred us to the FAQ. However, after some persistence, we managed to get the help we needed.

Pros and Cons

  1. Free version
  2. No ads
  3. Good platform coverage
  4. Fair encryption package for premium users
  5. IKEv2/IPSec available for premium users
  6. Up to 10 paid users can connect simultaneously
  7. Unblocks various blocked sites
  1. Connection and activity logs
  2. IP and DNS leaks
  3. Contactless switch
  4. Non-intuitive Windows client
  5. No torrents allowed
  6. No lifting of the ban on major streaming platforms
  7. No live chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hola VPN secure?

The free version does not encrypt data, only the premium version does. Therefore, the free version of Hola VPN is not the most secure option.

Does Hola VPN use a geolocation blocker?

Hola VPN uses your personal data to provide some of its services, and the free version does not have a geolocation blocker. This is an option in the paid version.

How do I use Hola VPN?

All you need to do is download the service from the website, install it and start using it.

Is Hola VPN good to use?

The free version of Hola VPN does not allow you to stream Netflix.


In our Hola VPN review, we found that this app is a nasty app that profits from free users. What makes this app worse than other VPN services is that it masquerades as a VPN.

Hola VPN aggressively markets itself as a good candidate to keep your online activities private and secure, but it does not offer any features that would allow you to do so. The service is like a deliberate scam disguised as a VPN.

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