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Goose VPN is operated by Goose B.V. and is located in the European country of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is one of the easy-to-use new VPN services aimed at home users who want to access limited foreign content and are not serious privacy lovers. It is also a popular choice for VPN users in France and Germany as it offers unlimited simultaneous connections at a low price. Let’s go into detail and see how easy it is to use Goose VPN as we further explore its other features and options.

1 Minute Overview

Goose VPN starts at a pretty hefty $12.99 per month on a rolling one-month plan, but if you sign up for a longer term, you can save quite a bit. If you sign up for three years, you’ll only pay $2.75 per month. But remember, that figure stays the same no matter what currency you use – so UK residents pay £2.75 per month, which is significantly more. Unfortunately, the only way to switch locations is to travel or use another VPN.

Goose VPN has good privacy policies, extensive protocol support, an effective kill switch, and a good no-logging policy. However, we’d like to see this confirmed by an independent audit, and we had some issues reconnecting after turning off the kill switch.

Most servers support torrenting, and while we were able to access US Netflix during our test, other services like Disney+, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime were unfortunately unavailable.

The desktop apps are simple and efficient, but if we’re honest, they don’t offer much more than connectivity and protocol switching. That’s enough for some people, but advanced users may need more options. The mobile apps are even more stripped down, but at least they work efficiently.

Overall, Goose VPN is a good VPN that covers the basics without any drastic drawbacks. However, we would like to see better streaming support and a few more configurable features wouldn’t be bad either.


Features Data


Easy to Use


only on special streaming servers

Number of Servers


VPN Protocols


Leak Protection

No IPV6 or DNS leak

Minimum Cost


Trial Period

Yes(30-Day Free Trial)

Speed Test

We tested the fastest servers in each country, as Goose VPN decided to do. All tests used the IKEv2 protocol, which is theoretically faster than the other protocols. As you can see, the download and upload speeds are mixed and a bit too erratic to put Goose VPN on the list of fastest VPNs. However, with a little more consistency, it could easily fall in there.

Location Ping Download Speed Upload Speed

Without VPN

10.30 Mbps
2.39 Mbps


4.46 Mbps
2.06 Mbps


5.22 Mbps
2.24 Mbps


3.49 Mbps
1.90 Mbps


1.43 Mbps
2.20 Mbps


1.77 Mbps
2.03 Mbps



3.27 Mbps

2.09 Mbps

The Canadian server is just as far from our location as the US server, but it gives us the best speeds of the servers we tested.

Then there’s Hungary and India: we didn’t expect India – which is 2,000 miles farther away than Hungary – to have faster download speeds.

We ran the tests in each country several times to make sure there were no problem, and each time we got roughly the same data. We noticed that some servers were heavily loaded, which is not surprising since there weren’t many of them.

Apart from that, the local servers were down about 50% of the time, which is not bad. The UK servers are almost as fast as the US servers, which is also good.

Latency jumps too much for us to recommend Goose VPN for gaming. However, for browsing, streaming or torrenting, connections start faster and it’s a low-impact service with good speeds.

Pricing Plans

Time Period Price

1 Year


2 Year


3 Year


If you just want to test it, you can try all the packages for free, but keep in mind that you only get 500 MB of data.

You can also buy GooseVPN with a regular credit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express), but you can also option for PayPal, Giro, and iDeal instead.

GooseVPN employees did confirm to us that accounts with more than 100 MB of data usage will be reviewed by management, but cancellation of the service is possible. They also told us that users who experience prolonged technical issues with the VPN will usually receive a refund – the point here is that each request is handled individually by customer support, so the first step is to contact them.

Privacy and Logging

Goose boasts about its “No Logging Policy” at the top VPN website, but if you’ve ever bought a VPN before, you’ll know that all providers do this, even if it’s not entirely true. So upon closer inspection, you can always find the truth in it.

According to its privacy policyGoose does not record users online activities such as websites visited, DNS search results, emails sent and received, usernames or passwords entered, etc.

Reading through the fine print, we noticed an interesting fair use policy. Instead of vaguely warning against “excessive use,” Goose defines exactly where customers cross the line: when “a user uses more than 1% of the total bandwidth on the Goose network.”

If a user uses that much bandwidth, one would expect problems, but even then the company is fair, saying only that “Goose will contact the user to reduce usage or pay a higher fee.”

Overall, Goose describes its processes well and in detail – but still falls short. We’d like to see Goose follow the lead of TunnelBear, NordVPN, ExpressVPN and others and conduct privacy audits of their systems to verify no-logging performance.

The overall security level of the service application is rated as “above average“. I compared the privacy features, the encryption standards used, and the options for fine-tuning the connection with the best VPNs in 2022 and came to the clear conclusion that the service meets all modern requirements for the level of protection of users Internet activities.

GOOSE VPN supports a wide range of VPN protocols, including.

  • PPTP: which works on almost all devices, but is not very secure.
  • L2TP/IPSec: which is supported by many devices and guarantees average security and average connection speeds.
  • IKEv2: which is compatible with all new devices and provides high connection security and maximum speed.
  • OpenVPN: the most flexible and secure protocol, can reduce connection speeds.

Manufacturers do not support the new, more efficient WireGuard protocol. This protocol is supposed to increase data transfer speed and reduce CPU load. This is especially valuable for smartphones that use VPNs.

Goose does not cache, collect, store, aggregate, or use records of Users’ Internet activity (such as websites visited, DNS search results, emails sent and received, usernames or passwords entered, etc.) through Goose’s VPN web servers.

Streaming Services

Not all GOOSE VPN servers can be used to stream content, but most can. The servers that allow this are clearly marked in the list of servers in the GOOSE VPN Chrome extension as well as in the app.

You can easily use GOOSE VPN in the US, Canada, the UK, and the Netherlands to watch content from certain Netflix sites, Hulu’s service also works well. However, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer, both platforms that often stall VPNs, as well as Disney+ and NBC Peacock are not available. We didn’t notice any latency in our GOOSE VPN test of streaming trials.


Goose VPN can be a good choice for torrenting, as long as you use it after peak hours. Many of its servers – though not all, you should check – are P2P-friendly: good news for anyone who relies on torrenting for important files. The biggest advantage is Goose’s strict no-logging policy, which means that the company doesn’t store your logs, so you can download content without worrying about revealing your identity to third parties

User Experience

Using GooseVPN is a pleasure and requires minimal configuration by the user. The only exception is Linux, where almost everything has to be done manually, from installation to protocols.

The client is quite intuitive and displays all the important information and even brief descriptions of the different protocols – which is great for newbies!

It’s worth noting that VPN protocols differ from platform to platform. For example, macOS and iOS do not have PPTP, and OpenVPN is not supported on macOS X.

DNS Leak Test

Aside from speed, one thing that all VPNs should offer is leak protection. You can’t risk using a VPN that will expose your identity and online browsing habits. Luckily, Goose VPN has DNS leak protection built in.

To test whether Goose VPN is vulnerable to VPN leaks, I connected to a few server locations and ran some leak tests. Surprisingly, Goose VPN passed all my tests without any problems.

Since I was connecting to a US server, my original IP address was hidden in the Netherlands and nowhere to be found. My IPv6 address is not available and the DNS server I connect to is from the US and not the Netherlands.

This clearly shows that Goose VPN is indeed leak-proof.

Countries IP Address DNS Leak
Canada, P2P Server
Switzerland, P2P Server

I’ve also done leak tests at other server locations. Here is a nice little table with the results of the leak tests.

All in all, Goose VPN did not fail once in all my leak tests. The DNS leak protection solution is watertight and works as advertised.

Customer Support

GOOSE VPN’s customer service is excellent. Although the live chat feature has been disabled, the ticket-based customer support is fast and the staff is friendly and informative. There is a live chat widget in the bottom corner of the screen, but all messages left there are handled through the ticketing system.

Customer service representatives are reportedly available 24/7/365 to respond to tickets. While responses aren’t as quick as live chat, we’ve found them to be very fast. The website claims that agents do their best to respond within three hours, but in our experience, responses are usually faster than that. If you want an immediate answer to a question, you can always check the FAQ section of the website, which contains a wealth of useful information.

Overall, Goose’s customer support is very good and really goes the extra mile for users. We just wish the company would bring back the live chat feature.

Pros and Cons

  1. Almost free trial
  2. Cross-platform
  3. Easy to use
  4. No usage history
  5. Flexible payment system
  6. Fair security specifications
  7. Peer-to-peer
  1. Conditional, super-cheap refunds
  2. Deceptive 30-day free trial
  3. Based in the Netherlands
  4. Pop Ups
  5. No live chat – chat bubbles are misleading at best

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goose VPN?

Goose VPN is a virtual private network based in the Netherlands. For a fee, it provides an application that allows you to route your network traffic through one of its servers, giving you more privacy and freedom on the Internet.

Is GOOSE VPN the best choice?

GOOSE VPN is a good choice because it is a VPN provider in the Netherlands. Thus, it can give you a sense of security. It is great to work with a Dutch company. Other VPN providers are located in remote places. On the other hand, GOOSE is still a young company and in many ways not as advanced as many of its competitors. This means that if you subscribe here, you shouldn’t expect the highest quality. It’s true that you can use it for the VPN service you expect. However, it is important that you do not rely exclusively on this provider for your Dutch connection. There are many services on the market that do a better job and can therefore be a wiser choice.

Does GOOSE VPN work with Netflix?

With GOOSE VPN, you can access Netflix in other countries. For example, if you choose a US server, you can easily ensure that you can watch Netflix content from that country. This is what makes it so attractive to work with. Here’s a point worth mentioning. While it is definitely possible to access Netflix content from a certain country via a US server, it is also true that not all servers are equally fast. In some cases, there is too much buffering to see well. Therefore, it is important to check which server you can start with. If you choose the right one, you can easily watch anything you want with this streaming service.

Does GOOSE VPN work in China?

We received different answers to this question, but it seems that you are out of luck if you want to use GOOSE VPN in China. A live chat agent told us that it works, but then an internal employee told us that the service was blocked. Instead, GOOSE VPN is focused on allowing users to access the UAE and Egypt, where firewalls are also blocking attempts to use the VPN.

If you live in or travel to China, you may have to look elsewhere, but don’t worry, there are still VPNs that can bypass the “Great Firewall”.


GOOSE VPN is a user-friendly and easy VPN service for users, especially because of its intuitive interface that displays only the necessary information. It also offers fast servers for voice quality (and the ability to download torrents on some servers), which is even more evident when accessing the US version of Netflix

GOOSE VPN is ideal for those who are looking for a simple VPN service that offers ease of use and quality. The lack of a complicated interface and menus only makes this more complicated. Besides, the unlimited subscription is worth its price. The friendly Dutch customer support is great, they help quickly and efficiently and make sure that the VPN is available for everyone.

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