DroidVPN Review 2024

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When DroidVPN first appeared, it only supported the Android operating system. Now it has been extended to Windows and Mac. Of course, this means that there is also an Android app.

On the Google Play Store, users have already downloaded DroidVPN over 10 million times. It is a free product, which means there is both a limited free version and unlimited premium options. We are always suspicious of free versions of VPN services. This is because they usually come with “hidden costs”DroidVPN has a 3.9-star rating with over 78,000 reviews. In this DroidVPN review, we’ll see if it deserves the praise.

Speed Test

Our performance tests showed good results. The free service achieved an average speed of 10Mbps (when we were able to connect), which is more than adequate for simple tasks. The business service reached up to 30Mbps(On average) for connections from the UK to the UK, the US servers reached a usable 20-25Mbps(On average), and even the servers in Singapore were never slower than 12Mbps(On average).

DroidVPN showed some side-blocking capabilities: The service allowed us to access BBC iPlayer and Netflix in the US, but couldn’t get us into Amazon Prime or Disney+

The test ended on a more positive note, as our final privacy tests showed DroidVPN assigning IP addresses in the desired locations, correctly blocking DNS leaks, and protecting our online activity from potential snoopers.

Pricing Plans

  • 100 MB a day Free
  • Unlimited VPN – $4.99/Month

Server Location and Website Access

DroidVPN has installed VPN servers in 7 different countries, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Russia and Panama. The service allows you to access websites blocked from censored locations (China, Middle East, and Latin America) and unblock GEO-IP restricted websites from anywhere in the world in the 7 countries mentioned above.

Once you connect to the DroidVPN server, you can access Facebook, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Gmail, Pandora, YouTube, CTV, Amazon Prime, Twitter, NHL, USA Network, NBC, Skype Spotify, Deezer, Demand 5, Hulu, GTalk, RTL, AT5. FOX, Vevo, 4OD, City TV, Bravo, Das Erste, Film1, Vox, Sport1, Arte, ProSieben, CWTV, Spacecast, CBS , Sky Go, TNT, Xfinity, CBC, Lovefilm, UK TV, Eurosport, iTV, HBO Go, MTV, MLB and Vudu, wherever you are. The company even allows unlimited server switching within its network, so customers can access local content from seven different countries. However, free users can only access a limited number of servers in the United States and the Netherlands. Click here to know more information about OperaVPN

User Experience

There’s a big difference between DroidVPN Android and Windows apps. The mobile client is reliable and intuitive. The VPN does not suffer from DNS and WebRTC leaks, so the lack of features to fix this is understandable. However, a kill switch would be nice.

The Windows client, on the other hand, is a headache. It was introduced in early 2017, but has not improved since then and crashes constantly. Aside from this issue, it’s easy to navigate, but dangerous to use after a failure.

Customer support is also outdated – since live chat was not introduced, the only contact is an email, which takes quite a long time.

Pros and Cons

  1. Offers a free service
  2. Not too expensive for a paid service
  3. Works well on Android
  4. Good mobile speed
  1. No live support
  2. Does not accept anonymous payments
  3. Does not support live payments
  4. Can monitor and filter traffic
  5. No support for illegal torrenting
  6. PC client still under development
  7. Does not support cross-platform
  8. Does not allow simultaneous connections

Bottom Line

DroidVPN doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of a VPN, but for most Android users, it gets the job done. With over a million downloads, the Android-based DroidVPN service is certainly an attractive option. For Windows and iOS users, on the other hand, it is certainly not suitable at the moment. With some weaknesses in customer service and privacy, it still has a long way to go to become one of the best VPN companies in the world.

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