CloudVPN Review in 2023 : Things To Keep In Mind…

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Cloud VPN securely extends your local network to the Google network through an IPsec VPN tunnel. Traffic is encrypted and transmitted over the public Internet between the two networks. Cloud VPN is useful for low traffic data connections.


  1. Unlimited VPN access
  2. It has large server locations in France, Canada, USA and UK etc
  3. 100% secure use of VPN for US paypal accounts
  4. After connecting, you can unlock any website, apps in restricted areas like Netflix and some other apps. You can watch Youtube videos that are blocked for most regions and much more
  5. One click connection

Speed Test

CloudVPN claims to offer high-speed connections. We tested this claim by starting with a base download speed of 70Mbps before connecting to the VPN.

Closer servers usually result in faster speeds, so we started our speed tests by connecting to a nearby server in the eastern US. Unfortunately, we immediately noticed a significant drop in speed, from 70 Mbps(On average) to 23 Mbps(On average).

Server Locations Ping Download Speed Upload Speed


23.49 Mbps
0.32 Mbps


12.89 Mbps
0.10 Mbps


5,64 Mbps
0.23 Mbps


21.38 Mbps
0.10 Mbps

However, our download speeds were still fast enough to be perfectly competent, if not ideal for streaming content.

When we connected to CloudVPN’s UK servers, we weren’t particularly impressed with the download speeds of 12 Mbps(On average) to 15 Mbps(On average).

To our disappointment, we found that the Canadian server performed even worse, dropping to almost 5 Mbps(On average), despite being physically much closer than the UK server.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the Australian servers had connection speeds of over 20 Mbps(On average). That’s much better than the average VPN speeds we typically get when connecting on the other side of the world.

While there was some inconsistency in speeds between servers, the biggest positive was that connection speeds remained consistent over time. We didn’t experience any major speed drops on any of the servers during our testing.

Pricing Plans

Pricing starts at $9.99/month for the monthly option, followed by a “semi-annual” subscription for $5.99/month ($35.90 every 6 months), and finally an annual plan for $4.16/month ($49.90 every 12 months). With a CloudVPN account, you can run the VPN on up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Numerous payment options are accepted, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bitcoin, UnionPay, Alipay, WebMoney, Qiwi, Paymentwall, and Yandex, depending on your preferred currency.

If you want to try this VPN before paying for it, you can sign up for a 24-hour free trial. Just leave your email address and you will immediately receive an activation code for the trial version, which you can paste into the downloaded client. Make sure you try the service to the maximum as there is no money-back guarantee.

User Experience

Cloud VPN is only available on Android. Although it was free before, now there is only a paid version, and it is really easy to install and use. You can download it directly from the Play Store.

Payment will be requested after installation. You can pay through your Google Play Store wallet. After the payment, you can connect to one of the 6 servers and browse the internet.

If you have problems connecting, or report it directly through the app.

The speed is quite fast and the connection is stable. However, they are a bit high considering that several top VPN providers offer the same price but with better quality of service.

How difficult has data security become with cloud VPN?

Cloud VPNs allow users to establish secure Internet connections over public networks using encryption technology. Users can connect to 92 servers spread across 34 countries. Users can log into the global network using different IP addresses, logging in from the country where the server is locatedThis effectively hides the user’s IP address.

This way, the service can even act as a secure proxy server. With this VPN, users don’t have to worry about public wifi access points. The cloud VPN creates its own protected channel that cannot be monitored due to its tight security. All data is transmitted exclusively through this VPN.

Stream Netflix

The main advantage of Cloud VPN is its Android features and ease of use – not its ability to bypass the network’s most advanced geoblocking system. So don’t expect to be able to watch Netflix with this VPN.

Accessing the service in your area is fine, and streaming speeds are pretty good compared to other smartphone VPNs, but we had absolutely no luck trying to access Netflix US and some other foreign Netflix libraries. So this isn’t really a VPN for fans of TV shows.

On the other hand, it does bypass some geographical restrictions, so you don’t have to go without it entirely.


  • Connects your local network to the GCP VPC
  • Connects over an IPsec VPN connection
  • Works with private Google access Private Google access is used for internal hosting
  • Use multiple tunnels to design highly available VPN configurations
  • Supports one-to-one NAT with UDP-encapsulated NAT traversal (NAT-T)


Cloud VPN has to be one of the strangest VPNs out there. It offers almost no information about the service it offers, no free trials, and no security details, yet you’re expected to sign up for a subscription. In what universe is that a deal? However, they do offer a basic VPN service which is nothing to get excited about as we can and have seen better VPNs. Honestly, I wouldn’t recommend this VPN, especially since it warns you that it’s not free before telling you about the benefits it brings.

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