Cargo VPN Review 2023

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Cargo VPN is a great privacy tool for the websites you visit, your IP address, geolocation and personal communications. With Cargo VPN for Mac and its built-in DNS firewall, you don’t have to worry about malware, tracking, logs and other potential threats.

Security and Privacy

It’s Mac (and iOS) only, you can expect some limitations, like the fact that it doesn’t currently support OpenVPN. Otherwise, the security front is strong.

  • DNS firewall
  • 256-bit encryption
  • IPSec protocol
  • KeepSolid Wise UDP

Of course, many of our readers will notice the lack of a kill switch. In this day and age, with the current state of the VPN market, it is not good to not have a kill switch in your application. This can help malicious snoopers and trackers who want to uncover your true identity.

The lack of DNA leaks is encouraging. Many VPNs are misconfigured or improperly set up, so your IP address can easily be spied on by anyone up to something.

Pricing Details

Let’s look at how much you need to use Cargo VPN. The app is free on the Mac App Store (there’s also a version for iOS devices) with a 24-hour trial and testing period, and then you can choose one of the subscriptions on offer.

  • One Month – $9.99
  • 1 Year – $49.99 ($4.17/month)
  • 3 Years – $99.99 ($2.78/month)

Subscriptions allow you to connect up to 5 Macs to one account. In-app purchases include a personal static IP just for you, a personal server for faster speeds and protection, and slots for additional devices.

User Experience

One major drawback is that this VPN, only available to Mac/iOS users. Installation is average, but download speeds are above average. Paying via iTunes is also a big drawback as it does not guarantee anonymity. They also don’t accept bitcoin for subscription payments. The mobile app is okay, but not feature-rich. The ability to access entertainment services like Netflix depends on certain servers that are not always operational. We found the customer service to be inexperienced. It was slow and when they did respond, they only addressed a couple of our issues and ignored others.

Pros and Cons

  1. Up to five simultaneous connections
  2. Intuitive app
  3. OpenVPN, 256-bit encryption
  4. P2P allowed, torrents-optimized servers
  5. Unblock Netflix USA and BBC iPlayer
  1. Mac/iOS only
  2. Free trial announced but not available
  3. Slow, unresponsive customer support
  4. Slow speeds on long connections
  5. Based in the USA
  6. Unclear privacy policy and ToS
  7. Does not accept bitcoin
  8. Appears to be a KeepSolid merchant, but limited support for the platform and zero merchant transparency

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Cargo Collective cost?

The basic level of Cargo Collective is free and the standard site costs $99/year or $13/month.

How do I enable eCommerce on my website?

Adding commerce functionality to enable sales on your website costs an additional $66/year or $9. Unlike Cargo Collective’s alternatives, there is no per- transaction fee.


Cargo VPN specializes in providing a convenient and efficient solution for Apple users who want to enjoy online security and flexibility on their devices. The apps are easy to use, and while they lack features such as a kill switch, they provide the core functionality needed to manage encryption levels and other settings you want to use. Cargo VPN can be a good option for beginners who want to add an extra layer of protection to their browsing and streaming activities. The downside is that they keep some logs and you can’t pay anonymously.

While Cargo VPN is not the solution for those looking for the ultimate in online privacy, if your main goal is to bypass Geo blocking and protect traffic on the public network, its simplicity and the fact that it provides a dedicated server for Netflix make it an attractive option without any hassles.

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