bVPN Review in 2023: Good Customer Service However Limited to Servers ?

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bVPN Launched in 2014, the Netherlands-based VPN provider bVPN is trying to establish itself as one of the best VPN in the industry. bVPN is mainly characterized by high-quality features, excellent customer service, and a strong protection policy.

There are some drawbacks to using bVPN as a VPN provider. It has a small network of servers, with only 32 VPN servers spread across 15 countries. It also has a short-lived refund policy of seven days. The price is slightly above the industry average at $9.99 per month for a monthly subscription.


  • Remote access
  • Policy management
  • DNS leak protection
  • Multi-protocol
  • Disable switch
  • Anonymous browsing
  • Multilingual
  • Network authentication
  • Peer-to-peer

Speed Test

We first tested the service on a server in France and the download speed was excellent – 35Mbps(On average) on a 50Mbps(On average) test connection. The next speed test was at a server in CaliforniaUSA, and resulted in 21Mbps(On average), which is very good considering the distance from our location. Our final test took place in a slightly more exotic location – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The app struggled a bit with only 3-4Mbps(On average), but to be fair, we were warned as the app itself listed all the pings from the server.

Installing and using the Windows app was a breeze. The only inconvenience is that changing servers isn’t quick – first you have to disconnect from the current server, then open the server list, select the new server and click “Connect”.

Pricing Plans

As for their packages and offers, BVPN is very simple and straightforward. They offer an all-inclusive package with 3 different subscription plans (monthly, semi-annual and annual).

  • 1-month subscription     → $9.99
  • 6 months subscription   → $50.00 ($8.33 / month)
  • 12 months subscription → $90.00 ($7.50 / month)

As you can see, the price plan is based on the length of the subscription. In addition, they often offer other attractive promotions and discounts of up to 70%. To learn more about their endless offers, just visit their website and chat with their highly professional customer service team to stay updated on the latest deals.

Payment Methods

BVPN accepts almost every payment method imaginable. This includes all the usual anonymous methods such as Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, WebMoney, Mint, OneCard, CASHU, iDeal, Fanapay, etc. We always recommend bVPN users to use anonymous methods as they are more secure than traditional payment methods.

Privacy and Security

In terms of security, bVPN offers attractive features. OpenVPN users can choose between normal and strong encryption, Blowfish 128-bit encryption and AES 256-bit encryption. Kill switches, IPv6 leak protection, openVPN over SSH and Smoke Tunnel combine to make a very reliable product.

On the one hand, the Netherlands isn’t exactly a privacy haven, being a member of the 14-Eyes Convention and conducting a fairly high level of intrusive surveillance. On a side note, VPN providers in the Netherlands are not required to keep logs.

bVPN does not keep usage logs, but does record connection details such as the IP address of the connection, time, duration, and bandwidth used.

BVPN for Window

The custom Windows client only uses OpenVPN. The potential problem with this is that only one VPN connection is allowed at a time. It may seem fairly undemanding, but it gets the job done. In the Advanced Settings menu, you can select the encryption level, OpenVPN over SH tunnel and Smoke tunnel. unfortunately, there is no kill switch included.

Custom OpenVPN apps are available for Mac OSX, iOS and Android (+4.0.3) operating systems. Manual L2TP/IPsec and/or OpenVPN setup guides are also available for these and some other platforms (e.g. L2TP for Linux and Windows Phone).

Android Apps

Android apps use OpenVPN. Just like desktop clients, I’ve seen better looking apps, but it works pretty well. You can also redirect OpenVPN connections through SSH tunnels. This is the only Android VPN app I know of that offers this feature.

Unfortunately, this feature is not supported in the iOS app. You can’t select a strong encryption level via the mobile app. But to be honest, for most users, the normal encryption (Blowfish-128 encryption with SHA-1 hash authentication) is sufficient. I haven’t encountered any DNS or WebRTC leaks while using the app.

Spreading the Great Firewall of China with DPI Firewall

China’s “Great Firewall” is updated from time to time, and the vast majority of VPN services sold in China became very unstable in late 2015 and early 2016, even when they could connect. The Chinese firewall has introduced a number of fallback technologies that allow VPN tunnels to be interrupted and disconnected even when they have been successfully established. Without exception, all OpenVPN, L2TP and even SSTP users suffered as a result.

Over time, OpenVPN’s performance and capabilities began to decline with each firewall update. The team at OpenVPN didn’t seem to be doing much, or in other words, they weren’t paying attention to the market. So we decided to change the game by making our VPN tunnels more and more customizable.

SMOKE masks itself when establishing an OpenVPN connection between a user’s machine and our VPN server, sending invisible packets to mask the OpenVPN TLS handshake. SMOKE also provides traffic obfuscation to make VPN traffic indistinguishable to DPI firewalls and can even protect VPN connections from data corruption techniques. SMOKE uses UDP, which is much faster than TCP, but controls the sending of packets in both directions, so until the data is sent correctly, SMOKE secures both sides of the data in case the server and client are not detected.

User Experience

From the beautifully designed website to the user-friendly apps that run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, bVPN offers a really great and pleasant experience for users. iOS and Android apps are easy and simple to use even for non-technical users. All bVPN apps are also easy to install and require little configuration other than logging in. Server selection when using bVPN is also seamless.

The 24/7 customer support of bVPN is also the icing on the cake for users. They can be contacted via email, tickets, phone, and live chat, so they can really be reached in case of any technical issues. Overall, using bVPN is a pleasant experience for VPN users.

Pros and Cons

  1. Strong encryption features
  2. 24/7 live chat support
  3. Unlimited traffic
  4. Multiplatform compatibility
  5. Power off switch
  6. No activity log
  7. 7 days money back guarantee
  1. Connection history
  2. Limited server network

Bottom Line

Small in size, but perfectly formed, reliable and efficient in its work. bVPN is one of the smaller providers in this field. Currently, they only offer servers in the US and France with OpenVPN or L2TP encryption (L2TP requires manual configuration). Although small, they are very efficient at penetrating barriers in countries like China and Iran. We recommend that if you travel to these countries and need a VPN service to access the Internet freely, this might be the right service for you. However, for casual users in countries where free Internet is already available, it’s probably best to look for a global, reliable VPN provider if they want to access streaming sites or want additional security.

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