Banana VPN Review 2024

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Banana VPN is simply a VPN provider. Banana VPN has been in operation since 2007 and has not really evolved in its 14 years of existence. It doesn’t offer the best features, and its server network consists of only 15 VPN servers in seven countries. Banana VPN has live chat support, but when we tried to use it, it was offline. The customer protection policy could also be improved, especially the seven-day refund policy.

BananaVPN did not strike us as a provider. We recommend you look for other, more suitable VPN providers. Read our reviews of the best VPN providers and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Key Data

Main Features

Banana VPN servers support PPTP, SSTP and OpenVPN. No additional software is required to use Banana VPN’s services, as Banana VPN uses the default VPN software installed on your operating system. Banana VPN can be used in any country in the world and allows access to any website, including Skype, YouTube, Google and Yahoo.

The only countries where Banana VPN is not available are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Nigeria and Vietnam; access is not sold at all to customers in these countries. In none of these countries does Banana VPN support peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent.

Pricing Plans

Banana VPN offers a variety of subscription services. You can get unlimited internet access for as little as $14.99 per month. The service accepts credit card payments, and once you pay, your VPN account is automatically created with the service.

Server Locations

With only 15 servers in 7 different countries, Banana VPN may not be the best choice for people looking for different virtual locations around the world. Banana VPN’s current server locations include the following, with the possibility of expansion in the future, of course.

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • United States
  • Switzerland

Data backup and Encryption

To ensure online data protection, providers use “tunnels with at least 256-bit encryption”. There is no encryption, so the provider can know that you are using a VPN, but not which websites you are visiting and what you are doing online. Supported protocols include OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP and SSTP. P2P traffic and torrenting are strictly prohibited.

The privacy policy doesn’t say much, except that “Banana VPN does not log user activity (pages visited, DNS requests, emails, etc.). We only log access attempts to our servers (for security and troubleshooting purposes), session times and bandwidth used. These can be kept for up to 2 weeks.” In other words, some log files are collected, but these are not kept for long periods of time.

User Experience

  • Despite the lack of a dedicated client, we found Banana VPN easy to set up and configure. This is largely due to the useful, detailed guides available for all supported platforms.
  • However, the lack of a dedicated interface made switching servers a tedious task.
  • We also tried out customer support to get a better understanding of Banana VPN’s response times. We sent a couple of questions via the contact form – one about billing and another about a technical issue – and received a detailed response within a few hours.
  • While we’d love to see a live chat option in the future, it’s safe to say that Banana VPN does its best to support users in need.

How to Use BananaVPN

BananaVPN is set up manually. In Windows 7, all you need to do is log in to the Control Panel, connect to the network and create a VPN network using the settings provided by Banana.

Other configuration requirements depend on the type of protocol used. For detailed instructions on setting up VoIP services.


If you think that’s all this VPN service has to offer, think again. Unlike other VPN products, BananaVPN does not encourage its users to engage in illegal online activities.

It ensures legality by blocking customers who violate its terms and agreements. For this reason, P2P file sharing is not allowed and all file sharing access is blocked.

This BananaVPN review recommends you to buy this product. It is definitely a safe and legal way to enjoy the internet and all it has to offer.

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