AVG Secure VPN Review 2024

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AVGSecureVPN protects your internet traffic from snoopers who want to exploit (or steal) your information. It has a surprisingly wide range of server locations, covers areas often overlooked by competitors, and has strong speed test results. All of this comes with a high initial cost, few additional privacy tools compared to the best VPN, and privacy practices that need improvement.

Key Data

Speed Test

AVGSecure is a very fast VPN. When we tested AVG Secure, we were surprised as the results far exceeded our expectations. To test AVG Secure, we used a 100Mbps connection and measured the speed on several servers, the results of which are summarized in the table below.

As you can see, AVGSecureVPN is quite fast and is at the higher end of average.

Pricing Plans

While our AVG VPN pricing goes into more detail about subscription options.

As you can see, AVG isn’t a completely free VPN, but it is one that comes with a one-week free trial, which counts for something.

And in addition to the free trial, AVGVPN price is pretty good, although it’s certainly not the cheapest VPN we’ve seen. To get the lowest price, you’ll need to sign up for a two- or three-year contract, all of which cost $3.99 per month, oddly enough. Of course, AVG Antivirus is also available in bundles. You can find a more detailed selection on our AVG Antivirus pricing page.

Now, as far as what’s actually included in a custom AVG VPN subscription, we were able to use five tools at once and in total. That’s a little disappointing, since we have a lot more than five devices and the average American household has a little more than 10 IoT devices.

Privacy and Security

Most secure VPN, do not collect user data or have a strict no-logging policy. AVGSecure VPN also stores usage records in accordance with their privacy policy. However, they do store VPN service data, and they claim to only store a minimum of information for 30 days.

However, they also say that “these retention periods may be longer if necessary for us to comply with legal obligations or instructions, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements, including legal proceedings.” Here’s the retained performance data.

  • The timestamps of your contacts
  • The subnet of your starting IP address
  • The IP address of the VPN server you are using
  • The amount of data transferred

Even though the privacy policy gives reasons for retaining certain types of data, it is still a large amount of information. Therefore, their privacy policy may arouse suspicion in people who use this VPN.

They also say that, personal data is not stored outside the Czech Republic, and they also say that in some cases it may be necessary to transfer it abroad. Also in their “Disclosure of Information” section, they state that this personal information is not shared with other commercial parties, with the exception of parties and processes such as the AVAST Group, service providers and legal matters.

This information may be shared with members of the AVAST Group for various purposes, including direct marketing purposes. Therefore, by using a VPN, there is a risk that the personal information collected may be shared with third parties.

Streaming Netflix

Netflix has banned the use of VPN. The reason for this move is that Netflix has to enforce geographical restrictions imposed by content creators and publishers due to licensing agreements. To be sure, this was an extreme reaction. But it does solve Netflix’s problem.

However, Netflix seems to have relaxed its VPN policy a little. According to TorrentFreak, Netflix may allow VPN users to access geo-unrestricted content. And that means pretty much all shows produced by Netflix. So to test if VPNs really work for Netflix, we need to search for geo-restricted content and see if the entire Netflix library is available. If only a subset of the Netflix library is available, then you and your VPN connection may be in. 

AVG Secure VPN does not mention streaming services in its marketing. However, the app does have a category for streaming servers. There are five dedicated streaming servers, and I tested them all. These are.

  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • Wonderland, United Kingdom
  • Miami, USA
  • Gotham City, USA
  • New York, USA

All of the above locations have been successfully unlocked, with the exception of the UK servers.

However, I couldn’t access Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, BBC iPlayer or All4. ITVHub did work though. So streaming is a mixed bag for AVG. It’s great for Netflix, but not so much for other streaming services.

User Experience

AVG is one of the simplest VPN, but it’s efficient, useful and gets the job done most of the time. Installation is relatively quick, and setup and configuration is intuitive. One of the biggest drawbacks is the limited torrent capability, which is a major drawback for many VPN users.

We found the 24/7 customer support useful, but not great value for money overall. After using the 30-day free trial, you might option for a better VPN where you get more bang for your buck and better security encryption – not to mention the all-important kill switch that AVG lacks.

Pros and Cons

  1. User-friendly VPN app on popular platforms
  2. Optimised VPN servers for torrenting
  3. Unblocking of Netflix and BBC iPlayer
  4. Powerful encryption functions
  5. VPN blocking and network blocking
  6. 30-day money-back guarantee
  1. Limited server network (36 countries)
  2. Limited customer support
  3. Questionable logging policy
  4. No payment options for cryptocurrencies

Frequently Asked Questions

Does AVG offer a free VPN?

No, AVG does not have a free VPN. You can purchase your VPN separately for around $60 per year or as part of your AVG Ultimate subscription. If you are only interested in a VPN, you can download a free seven-day trial without providing your credit card information.

Does AVG VPN store logs?

Yes, AVG VPN does store some log files. The service does store connection logs, including timestamps and bandwidth usage, but it does not log the websites you visit, the IP addresses you arrive at, or the data you transfer. In January 2020, an investigation by PCMag and Motherboard revealed that AVG’s parent company, Avast, sells users’ browsing data and other information. Avast has since shut down the subsidiary through which it sold this data.

Does AVG VPN slow down your internet speed?

Yes, AVG VPN will slow down your internet speed. Unless your ISP limits your speed, you will always have a slower connection when you connect to a VPN.

Does AVG include a VPN?

AVG includes a VPN service as part of AVG Ultimate. The free antivirus service and AVG Internet Security do not include a VPN.


AVG Security VPN is a decent product in many ways. It seems designed for newcomers who just want to turn it on and use the internet. For basic use, it’s probably fine. It’s easy to install, easy to use.

However, VPNs run slowly on small server networks. At best, it seems marginal if you want to stream content or download torrents. Once we got past the initial discount, the price was quite high and the user connection history made us wonder. So, in the end, the parent company’s poor track record (selling user data) is a big blow to trust.









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