Avast SecureLine VPN Review 2023

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With the pedigree of a leading antivirus company behind it, Avast SecureLine VPN offers basic VPN protection, good speed, and a surprisingly diverse selection of server locations.

But it lacks additional privacy tools and comes with a hefty price tag. The company collects a surprising amount of customer information. Avast is at the core of a good VPN service, but Avast needs fixing.


  • P2P support
  • Public hotspot security
  • Single shared IP address
  • DNS leak protection
  • Open source data protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption

Speed Test

For this Avast VPN review, I ran speed tests on a number of different servers in the US, Canada, and Europe. All tests were performed on a 100 Mbps (basic) connection using the Windows client and the OpenVPN protocol with AES-256 encryption.

Server Location Ping Download Speed Upload Speed


76.50 Mbps
10.30 Mbps

US(Los Angeles)


US(New York)

45.36 Mbps
10.22 Mbps


55.46 Mbps
10.30 Mbps


50.73 Mbps
10.10 Mbps

Avast SecureLine speed test results were about average, not great in the Pro category, but not bad in the Con category either. Not the fastest VPN we tested, but not the slowest either.

Pricing Plans

Avast SecureLine’s pricing structure is different from other VPN providers. Instead of a monthly pricing option, SecureLine only offers one-, two-, and three-year commitments with upfront payments.

In addition, the company offers plans for a single device or up to five devices at a time. Let’s take a look at how the pricing is distributed.

Term Length Number of Devices Monthly Cost Total Amount Billed

1 Year


2 Years


3 Years


One of the advantages of SecureLine pricing plan is that we can test it for seven days completely risk-free. So we don’t have to give them our payment information to try it out.

Payment Methods

Avast SecureLine accepts payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal or Discover. However, it does not accept anonymous payment methods like gift cards or Bitcoin.

Servers where torrenting is available

If you use a torrent tracker, Avast VPN can be your free VPN for torrenting for up to 60 days (the duration of the trial period).

  • High speed
  • Torrenting is officially allowed
  • Dedicated servers for torrenting

Apart from the free trial, it is also worth using the paid plan for your mobile device (if you are torrenting with it). It costs only $19.99 per year.

As for the plans published on the Avast VPN website that allow you to use any device, Windows or Mac, they are not as lucrative as the best VPNs for torrenting.

Here is a separate page for Avast SecureLine VPN that lists servers that allow P2P/torrenting. However, this does not mean that these servers can only be used for P2P. They are very fast and can be used for tasks other than video streaming.

Streaming Services

Avast SecureLine VPN has not focused on geographically restricted streaming services in the past, but has recently decided to allow users to access Netflix US outside of their country of origin. In other words: In our tests, we were able to access the US version of Netflix from Europe without any problems. We were able to stream Netflix Germany, but Canada, France and Japan gave us the familiar proxy error.

In addition to Netflix US and Germany, we also successfully used Crunchyroll, but Hulu detected our VPN traffic and denied us access to the content.

Browser Extensions

In the Avast SecureLine VPN settings, you’ll also find a shortcut to add a browser extension to Google Chrome or Avast Secure Browser. We installed the Google Chrome extension, but it’s not a standalone app. Instead, it is coupled with a desktop app that only allows you to control the VPN from your browser.

In the settings of the browser extension, you will find an option to enable “WebRTC blocking”. We recommend that you enable this feature. If you don’t, your actual location may be exposed when using Google Chrome, even if Avast SecureLine VPN is enabled.

Of course, Avast SecureLine VPN is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible. It automatically turns on DNS leak protection, blocks IPv6 requests, and prevents you from changing the protocol you use. It works right out of the box and requires little to no customization.

Security Policy

When you are online, you need to send your IP address to access something. This gives outsiders the ability to censor what you see, and even allows advertisers to charge you higher rates if they see fit.

There are many ways they can restrict what you see for their own benefit, which is obviously not in your best interest. With Avast Secureline VPN, you can get around issues like price discrimination by demographics. It’s not uncommon for companies to charge different prices in different locations.

If you use Avast, you can switch locations and book cheaper deals. In addition, Avast allows peer-to-peer P2P networks at some server locations. To make things easier for you, we have clearly labeled them.

User Experience

One of the things I like about this service is the simple setup process and intuitive user interface. This is the perfect service for anyone unfamiliar with VPNs, as the app is very easy to navigate. Beginners will appreciate that connecting to the server doesn’t require much effort and accessing a secure connection is as simple as clicking a switch.

If you want to customize the service to your needs, there is a “Settings” menu. Here you can change some settings of the VPN to initiate connections or enable their kill switch as soon as your device is turned on.

Avast SecureLine VPN is compatible with most popular devices and offers dedicated apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. You can use the service to protect up to five devices, ensuring that you are protected in every way.

Customer Support

Avast SecureLine offers customer support in three places: a support forum, a support ticket system, and a phone line. The support forum is a great place to ask questions that don’t necessarily need to be answered by Avast staff, as anyone can post and respond to issues. Support staff may also reply to threads posted here, but this is not guaranteed.

If you need faster help from Avast, fill out the support ticket form with a description of the problem and attachments (screenshots, log files). Avast claims that you can expect a response within two days, which is longer than most other VPN providers promise, but that’s understandable considering how many other products the company has to support.

Finally, if you need help urgently and don’t mind spending some money on it, you can call Avast’s premium support hotline. However, calls start at $79 per person, so this should only be a last resort for the most serious issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Avast offer a free VPN?

No, Avast SecureLine VPN does not offer a free VPN version. What you can get is a 7-day free trial, but beyond that you will have to pay for the service.

Can I use Avast SecureLine VPN without installing Avast Antivirus?

Absolutely! You don’t need to install Avast Free Antivirus or Avast Premium Security to use Avast SecureLine VPN.

Is Avast VPN good?

Not really. Not only is it known for not respecting users’ privacy, but it also lacks security features.

When you subscribe to Avast SecureLine VPN, you get military-grade encryption and a kill switch, and that’s all that matters. So if security is important to you, I highly recommend choosing another provider.

Bottom Line

  • Avast SecureLine VPN uses OpenVPN (UDP), IPSec, and IKEv2, depending on the operating system you’re using.
  • Avast’s logging policy is problematic: it logs some IPs along with other information.
  • The VPN does not log the user’s browsing activity or DNS requests.
  • In the past, browsing data from Avast Free users has been sold to other parties.
  • Avast SecureLine has a built-in kill switch.
  • To create an Avast SecureLine account, you must provide your email address and username.

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