Anon VPN Review 2023

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If you want to protect your device and are looking for a secure VPN, AnonVPN is one of the providers you will find online. According to AnonVPN, it has a lot to offer its users, for one, it ensures that you can surf anonymously.

AnonVPN has a zero logging policy and they strive to comply with it fully by using a single payment system. They also make sure to offer excellent rates and make it as easy as possible to download and install apps on all compatible devices.

If you want to know how realistic AnonVPN’s offer is, whether it is available in multiple languages, the price of the complete package, whether they offer a free plan and how all the main features work, we invite you to take a look at our detailed analysis.

Key Data

Features Data




Zero Logging Policy

Locations and Server


Torrent and P2P Allowed


Speed and Usability


Supported Platform

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Payment Options

Pre-Paid Vouchers

Speed Test

A good VPN should always offer a good, reliable connection. No one likes slow internet speeds, and while VPNs tend to slow your connection down a bit, the best providers can minimise this variance.

Slow speeds can ruin the browsing experience and cause video buffering for high-definition streams. Therefore, it pays to look for a VPN that offers different configurations for different purposes.

Whether you’re streaming or downloading torrents, such a VPN will help you maintain good speeds.

Server Locations

AnonVPN’s server list is not very long. It has servers in only three countries, namely the United States, the Czech Republic (Prague) and Canada (Toronto).

No confusing servers are offered to help unblock websites in China. I know that the number of servers is too small for the fees charged by VPN providers.

Pricing Plans

AnonVPN is available with the following subscription packages.

1 Month 3 Months 1 Year Lifetime

Firstly, it is ridiculously expensive for a VPN with no features. Secondly, any VPN provider that offers a lifetime subscription should be carefully considered. The fact that no one seems to offer any checking, as we saw with customer support, makes it even more unreliable.

In addition, there is no free trial or money-back guarantee. The terms of use also state that there are no refunds for dissatisfied customers.

The only real advantage to AnonVPN’s pricing is that you don’t pay for the service through the website itself, but instead purchase a prepaid subscription card from a third-party site.

User Experience runs on 3 platforms – Windows, iOs and Android. You can download the Windows app from the website and configure it manually for iOS and Android.

Installation doesn’t take too long and the screenshots provided on the website can walk you through the process. While installation is easy, using a VPN can be frustrating due to frequent disconnections. And you won’t get a quick response from customer support.

As for the protocol, OpenVPN is not supported. On mobile platforms, you get PPTP, which is the weakest. If you are worried about your privacy, PPTP is not the best protocol for you.

Due to the unreliable connection and slow customer service, you can try to find another VPN service. Many of the top VPN providers offer better services for the same price, so it’s best to compare prices before choosing

Pros and Cons

  1. There is no sign-up policy
  2. Compatible with most popular platforms
  3. Preserves anonymity through pay-per-quota
  4. Anonymity is maintained
  5. Allows torrents to be created
  6. Affordable price
  1. Servers periodically shut down
  2. No refund policy

Bottom Line

This looks like a dead VPN or a scam, or both. If you manage to find a subscription card for AnonVPN anywhere, we do not recommend you proceed with your purchase.

Quite simply, this is a bad VPN provider that is severely hampered by a lack of available information. However, the information it does provide is very disappointing.









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