Best VPN for Malta in 2024

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If you travel a lot, you’ll be aware of geographic blocking. This is when services change their content based on your location (or block you altogether), which often happens when you try to use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and the BBC while you’re on vacation. In severe cases, such location-based restrictions can even mean nationwide censorship (but fortunately not in Malta).

There is a quick and easy way to get around these restrictions: Simply use a best VPN. Once connected, your real IP address will be masked and replaced with the address of the server of your choice. This will spoof your location, allowing you to access your regular services from anywhere. Even better, since the VPN encrypts your traffic, you can hide your activities from snoopers like Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and hackers.


ExpressVPN is one of the few VPN providers that consistently wins awards for excellent service. The provider is not a US company, which means that the data submitted by its customers is not shared with data regulators, and is based in the British Virgin Islands. The service has a network of around 2,000 servers, all of which are fast enough to guarantee no buffering if you want to stream in HD, and a zero-logging policy where all browsing information is not shared with anyone. The provider also has a very attractive customer loyalty program that gives existing users and their new referrals a free month when a newbie signs up. ExpressVPN promotes the use of OpenVPN as the preferred VPN protocol, although the service still offers PPTP, IPSec and L2TP protocols for customers to choose from. They also have a special collection of stealth servers that make it difficult for users to figure out that they are using a VPN service. Their VPN app is also pretty good and user-friendly, with versions that can run on iOS, Windows, Linux Mac OS or Android. With a 30-day refund period, anyone considering subscribing to the service has plenty of time to try it out first.


PrivateVPN proves that in the VPN world, small can be beautiful. The provider has created a streamlined network optimized for each connection that offers impressively high speeds with only about 100 servers worldwide.

These servers are located in 60 countries, including Qormi’s chosen Maltese IP addresses. New users will appreciate the unique Team Viewer feature, which allows you to work directly with your technical team to install and configure VPN applications.

Thanks to reliable geo-blocking and unlimited bandwidth, you’ll have no problems transmitting high-quality content with this simple VPN. Your internet traffic is protected by 2048-bit encryption, there’s a kill switch and an anti-logging policy that ensures your activity can never be traced back to you.

You can connect up to 6 devices under one account, the most generous allowance of any VPN on this list. Arrange a free trial with support or simply buy a very affordable subscription package with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you don’t have to worry.


HideMyAss was born in 2005 when Jack Cator, a 16-year-old student in the UK, decided to create a service that would help people avoid censorship. Specifically, Jack couldn’t access social networks and online games because they were blocked on his school network. HMA grew to hundreds of thousands of users within the first month and has since become one of the largest VPN services in the world with over 350 server locations. Privax, the parent company of HMA Pro VPN, joined the AVG team in 2015.

For those looking for a VPN provider with the most server locationsHideMyAss is the best choice. Just keep in mind that HMA logs user activity, which is a concern for some VPN users. HMA operates a number of VPN servers in Malta, specifically in B’Kara. If you want to connect to a server there, you’ll need to select “Location Mode” and choose the “Change Location” option to get started. Then click on the “City” tab and search for B’Kara. For testing purposes, we connected to the server there and found a speed of 113 Mbps.

In 2016, HMA and several other leading VPN vendors pioneered the simplification of custom client software. The result is a complete suite of custom applications that make it easy for any user to connect to the HMA network and encrypt their connection. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. You can also connect to HMA through your router. HMA offers unlimited VPN access for just $4.99 per month and a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee for all new users.


Out of the hundreds of VPN providers on the market, IPVanish managed to grab our first spot a couple of years ago and has held it until today. This VPN is simply excellent and aims to appeal to a wide range of users. It offers them over 1,000 high-quality servers in 60 countries, although Malta is not on this list. Still, thanks to some of the best speeds in the industry, great encryption levels, and a wide range of VPN protocols, you can enjoy the best unblocking, streaming, and torrenting experience. There is no free trial, but with the seven-day money-back guarantee, you can test for a week risk-free.

Choose a VPN Server in Malta and Surf Anonymously

You’ve probably heard of a VPN, but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. What exactly is it, and why does it sound so ominous when tech geeks talk about it?

When you go online without any protection, you expose yourself to all sorts of threats. Anyone can easily look up their location in Malta and find out what city they are in, as well as their Internet service provider. Even worse, they can hack into your computer and see what websites you’ve visited, what files you’ve downloaded and who you’re talking to on messaging apps. Isn’t that scary and frightening?

free VPN Malta creates an encrypted virtual tunnel between your computer and the Internet. This acts as a protective barrier that prevents anyone from getting in and viewing or stealing your data while you’re online. It also hides your IP address and assigns it a temporary IP address. All you have to do is log in, connect to a server location that is not in your country, and you’re good to go. No one will see your real IP address.


All VPNs in this guide have been carefully selected and are perfect for Malta. Moreover, the most important considerations for Maltese people when choosing a VPN are Maltese digital privacy laws, censorship, surveillance, and the possibility of unblocking foreign websites and services.

All providers offer full privacy protection with servers located around the world, including Malta. They also offer excellent and easy-to-use software for all devices and operating systems. They are also the most popular and reliable VPN among Maltese and people around the world.


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