Best VPN for Japan in 2023

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Japan is considered by many to be the home of technological progress, which makes it the ideal place to use one of the most useful and latest technological innovations of the Internet.

When you use a VPN in Japan, you can change your IP address to another city or even a completely different country. There are many reasons why you might want to use a VPN – for example, if you are connected to an open Wi-Fi connection at a hotel, store or restaurant and want the added security that a VPN in Japan can provide. Or maybe you’re traveling outside the Japanese archipelago and want to watch your local TV online – if you can set your laptop or phone as if you were in Japan, you won’t have to miss a thing.

This makes a Japan VPN the ideal tool for maintaining privacy and accessing other geo-restricted content. Whatever your needs are, we are sure that there is a perfect VPN for you. That’s why we’ve narrowed down the best VPNs to choose. Read on to find out which is the best Japan VPN for you.

Here are the Factors I used to rank these TOP VPN for Japan in 2022

  • Reliability and high speeds
  • Netflix and other streaming services
  • Apps for all operating systems
  • No logging policy
  • Extensive money back guarantee


NordVPN has a true zero-logging policy, as it does not store any data about user sessions, traffic, or timestamps. Authorities have tried to crack down in the past by repeatedly requesting information, but the policy has made it impossible to comply. In one case, Nordisk’s servers were also seized, but no criminal data was stored.

The company operates more than 5,400 servers in 59 countries, making it a stable choice for a range of cyber activities. Seven of them are located in Japan alone. Therefore, finding the right connection should not be a problem.

There are also servers optimized for DDoS resistance, video streaming networks, dual VPNs, Tor over VPN, and dedicated IPs – ideal for video streaming, strong encryption, and strict data protection. It also easily bypass Netflix’s VPN blocking and unblocks Hulu and BBC iPlayer content.

NordVPN Server uses 256-bit AES encryption for Internet traffic and 2048-bit SSL keys by defaultDNS leak protection is enabled. A single subscription can access six devices, supporting Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.


If you’re looking for a full-featured and affordable VPN for Japan, Surfshark might be the right choice for you.

While it doesn’t go as in-depth as ExpressVPN, it has very few weaknesses for the price. The provider’s website claims to offer TV Tokyo, Fuji TV, Wowow TV, HBO, Prime Video, Netflix, and Showtime, among others. Some providers are more cautious with their claims, but this suggests that Surfshark is quite confident in its capabilities.

Another benefit for some is how easy it is to use Surfshark – while you get protocol switching, kill switches and more under the surface, the apps are designed to get anyone with experience up and running in seconds.

However, for those who are familiar with VPN and want to configure a large number of settings, this can be a drag. In reality, however, everything works right off the bat. The biggest selling point, however, is Surfshark’s price: just $2.49 per month. That’s less than half the price of more expensive competitors, making it the best low-cost VPN on the market.


Although it’s free, Tunnelbear has a paid option. While the free version is decent enough, it comes with the usual limitations that anyone with a free VPN would predict. With the recent acquisition by McAfee, Tunnelbear’s position as a major player in the market will only grow.

Tunnelbear has showed not to log, which can be read in its website’s privacy policy. Tunnelbear has never been rightfully accused of betraying the privacy of its customers, and the IP addresses used by its customers do not reflect this. This is necessary to provide Tunnelbear’s customer base with the assurance that they can move freely.

Tunnelbear, like others, has a monthly data cap for its free VPN. 500 MB of data volume per month is the set limit. If you want to exceed this limit, you’ll have to subscribe to the paid version. 500MB is usually considered negligible, but of course it depends on how you use it.

The other side of the coin is that Tunnelbear is notoriously user-friendly. The interface is quite popular and all you have to do is tap on the screen to select your country. The entire process only takes a few seconds, and nothing fancy is required to use the program.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) is owned by Trust Media in the US. They pulled out of Russia last year after new laws there meant they could no longer guarantee their customers privacy. Now the company is watching the UK closely and is almost ready to pull out because of the Charter Act. Despite this, US data retention and Five-Eye surveillance laws remain in place.

All subscriptions come with a 7-day money-back guarantee, and the price drops if you choose a long-term package. For example, a monthly subscription costs $6.95, a six-month subscription costs $36.95, and an annual subscription costs $39.95, which is a great deal. You can also pay anonymously with gift cards from major brands – Walmart, Best Buy, Starbucks – which makes life easier if you don’t want to be in the spotlight.


Although IPVanish is based in the US, the company takes online privacy very seriously and has a very strict no-documentation policy. This gives a very clear picture of how things work in Japan. IPVanish is equally committed to online security and freedom, and proves it with its state-of-the-art features and capabilities. For example, IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption to protect its entire global server network, including six servers in Japan and several others in East Asia. This encryption is achieved through multiple security protocols, including OpenVPN with TCP/UDP, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP and IKEv2.


Online privacy is as important in Japan as anywhere else in the world. The same online threats exist no matter where you are, so using a VPN in Japan is essential. In addition, accessing content that is only available in Japan, such as Netflix in Japan, is something that many people would like to do but are often prevented from doing. Whether you’re a Japanese traveler, or a fan of Japanese culture and content, without a good VPN service you’ll have a hard time. All the services we’ve mentioned have servers in Japan, so you’ll be safe, maintain your privacy and access content from that country.


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