Best VPN for Indonesia in 2024

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Most people don’t know it, but the Indonesian government has banned independent news portals, sports broadcasts, dating apps, and any websites that criticize government actions.

Indonesia’s population of 270 million (2019) is eight times larger than Malaysia’s 31.95 million (2019). It has an internet penetration rate of 53.7%, but still restricts social media sites, limiting online freedom.

The only safe way to access restricted sites is through a virtual private network. In this guide, I’ve compiled a list of the best VPNs in Indonesia that best suit your needs.


ExpressVPN promises to deliver the fastest speeds in the VPN industry, and our tests confirm that they deliver on that promise.

ExpressVPN 3,000 servers, including one in Indonesia, use military-grade encryption to prevent data breaches. This provider also adheres to strict privacy policies, including a ban on logging. This is reassuring in a country where surveillance and retaliation against Internet activity is a real threat.

ExpressVPN has already proven several times that it can bypass not only geoblocking, but also VPN blocking protocols. Unsurprisingly, users all over the world love this VPN despite its relatively high subscription price. With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try it out risk-free and see for yourself.


Surfshark has shown impressive performance and staying power so far. It is one of the best performing VPN newcomer and its place on the list reflects how well it has done so far, despite still being “young”.

They offer a complete VPN package with a focus on privacy and security, complemented by strong selling points like P2P support and easy bypassing of zone locks. This works especially well for those who want to access content from different regions on providers like Netflix or Hulu.

They also have a very minimalist interface that isn’t cluttered with features you don’t want or need. This makes them very focused and works well for those who just don’t want the extra junk.

Since many VPN providers ignore the Asia-Pacific region in favor of Europe and North America, Surfshark not only offers servers in Indonesia, but also serves users at a usable rate.

Unfortunately, they’re not the best, so I’d recommend connecting to nearby Singapore unless you absolutely must use a local server.


NordVPN is one of the oldest VPN providers and has been in the industry for over a decade. This experience has helped build a large user base, and the company is constantly developing its offering.

The company also refuses to store any information about its users – that is no data about browsing habits, server selection or connection times. In some cases, the company has received formal requests to hand over customer data, but this policy means it simply cannot do so. Privacy advocates will be pleased.

NordVPN operates more than 5,000 servers in 60 countries – with connection options for specific needs such as DDoS protection, video streaming, dual VPN and Tor over VPN. Two servers are located in Indonesia, so this could be a handy option for locals to unblock content when traveling abroad.

It can overcome Netflix’s VPN blocking and works with Hulu and BBC iPlayer. NordVPN encryption standard is the best in the industry – it uses the 256-bit AES protocol encryption standard by default, as well as a 2048-bit SSL key. DNS leak protection is enabled.


This service offers the same strong privacy and security protections, while its server network covers slightly fewer countries (89), with nearly twice as many servers as ExpressVPNabout 6,800 in total.

One area where CyberGhost outperforms almost all of its competitors is its extra-long money-back guarantee, which lasts 45 days, compared to the industry standard, which is much shorter at 30 days.

In other words, CyberGhost believes in the quality of its service and is willing to make a bet that you can use it 50% of the time and remain a subscriber afterwards.

CyberGhost has many servers in the Asia-Pacific region, including India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. Plus many other neighboring countries, so this service has equally good speeds.


VyprVPN, you can enjoy 5 simultaneous connections on both desktop and mobile devices, including Android and IOS support. Their unique “Kill Switch” tool blocks all internet access when the VPN is not connected, ensuring 100% internet protection at all times. Public Wi-Fi protection also means you can surf an open network and get the same level of protection. VyprVPN is a no-logging service, so it leaves no traces.

If you’re looking for a VPN for Indonesia that’s specifically designed for streaming, VyprVPN is the one for you. Its powerful servers and high speeds make it the perfect choice for accessing all kinds of content. With over 300,000 IP addresses available on the VyprVPN network, you won’t run out of options either.

VyprVPN offers a 36-month subscription for just $1.66 per month. This is the best value for money in Indonesia. You can also get 12 months of service for $3.75 per month, making it one of the cheapest VPNs out there. The 30-day money back guarantee gives you a month to try out the app, and if you’re not 100% satisfied, you can request a refund.

How to use your VPN in Indonesia

To use a VPN to protect your online activities in Indonesia, follow these steps.

  • Sign up for the VPN that best suits your needs (I recommend ExpressVPN)
  • Install the VPN service app on all devices that are connected to the internet
  • Log in to the VPN service
  • Choose a VPN server and connect to it
  • Enjoy your newfound online anonymity


Given the government’s penchant for banning and restricting content, it’s no surprise that so many Indonesian citizens are already using VPNs. More are likely to follow suit. So if you live in the area and want a more comprehensive online experience, there are a few extra layers of security.

  • ExpressVPN – The best VPN for Indonesia. a fast, reliable VPN with state-of-the-art security features to keep you safe in Indonesia and servers.
  • CyberGhost VPN – An easy-to-use VPN that is perfect for Indonesia because of its commitment to user privacy. VPN servers in Jakarta.
  • NordVPN – The best choice for Indonesia due to its lightning fast speeds, innovative security features, and Indonesian IP addresses.
  • Surfshark – A low-cost, high-performance VPN that works well in Indonesia. It is popular with second-hand users and has VPN servers in Indonesia.
  • VyprVPN – A solid choice for use in Indonesia. This is a great all-rounder with its own network of servers.


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