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The Cuba and VPN have been closely linked for some time now, following severe restrictions on Internet freedom in Cuba. The Cuban government has banned a lot of content, but the blockade of the telecommunications company Cuballama seems to be the last straw for many who want to restore internet freedom.

The Cuban government has been working hard to build a cyber infrastructure to bring their country online, especially in the face of U.S. blockade restrictions. However, the high level of Cuban government involvement means that there is a lot of government-controlled and censored content.

They’re not just a good option for vacationers in Cuba who want to access Netflix, BBC iPlayer and other services as if they were at home or for travelers who want secure access to potentially hostile and data-stealing open Wi-Fi in hotels, airports and cafes. VPN for Cuba are also useful for locals who want access to unbiased news sources.

Cuba and The Internet

While most Cubans already have access to the Internet, the government restricts locals free access to all free world websites. While local mobile internet is still limited for residents and travelers in the country, there are more than 500 Wi-Fi locations throughout the country and thousands of landline connections.

Unlike most other countries, Cuba has a constitutional ban on independent private media. While a new generation of journalists and entertainers are trying to circumvent this ban, they face the constant threat of possible punishment. The Cuban government is so strict about what is shown to its citizens because they want as little political debate as possible, especially when it comes to criticism of Cuba. To that end, they don’t mind sacrificing residents’ freedom on the Internet in order to exert greater control over the media they consume. Websites are blocked, data is recorded, and there is no real privacy in Cuba for anything you do online.

All of this means that using public Wi-Fi in Cuba can lead to some or all of your online activity being exposed. To maximize your online security and prevent your personal information from falling into the hands of the government, you can use a VPN to hide your location and encrypt your data. A high-quality service will ensure that all your data remains anonymous – and won’t store a record of what you do online. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of using a VPN and help you choose the best one for your needs.


Whether you’re vacationing in Cuba to enjoy the beautiful scenery and time-traveling vehicles, or you live here and want to avoid government restrictions and stay safe online, ExpressVPN is the best all-inclusive VPN on the market.

With few people able to use their personal Internet connections and instead relying on public Wi-Fi, Cuban Internet users are among the most vulnerable countries in the world to cyberattacks. Fortunately, with ExpressVPN’s strong 256-bit encryption and no-audit logging policy, you’re safe.

But it’s not just data on paper. Although it offers a lot of in-depth featuresExpressVPN is so easy to use that even the most inexperienced users can access blocked message sources and stay online privately in seconds.

ExpressVPN also offers some of the best VPN support in the industry. You can access many support articles (many of which are in Spanish), but live chat is the star of the showOperators can help you with any questions within minutes, which in turn makes it easy to protect yourself if you’re not a computer expert.

While this may not be a problem for vacationers, Cuban citizens looking for online security may find it hard to justify paying $6.67 per month when there are other, cheaper options. However, if you can save on the subscription price, it’s hard to find a downside to ExpressVPN.


Security is the most important aspect of using the Internet in Cuba. Therefore, PrivateVPN promises to protect your privacy and is a good choice in Cuba. The VPN offers 2048-bit encryption with AES-256 protection and includes all the important security features that users love, such as a no-logging policy, IPv6 leak protection, and an automatic choke switch.

One unique feature of PrivateVPN that can be useful in Cuba is the TeamViewer client support system. This service will help you remotely if you have problems installing the VPN. PrivateVPN also offers a 7-day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Even though PrivateVPN can’t compete with other big companies with its 150 servers, it does offer a server location in the city of Miami, which is a great option for those living in Cuba to bypass the government’s geo-blockade without having to sacrifice speed.


Surfshark in Cuba is a well-equipped VPN with security features. It’s also one of the most affordable VPNs in the entire industry at $2.49/month. Surfshark is an elegant choice for streamers, mainly because of its high speed and high-end encryption protocol.

Surfshark offers DNS leak protection, AES 256-bit encryption, multiple hops, an Internet kill switch, and even a malware blocker to ensure users are safe online.

Surfshark has over 3,200 servers and works especially well with popular streaming sites like BBC iPlayer US Netflix, Hulu, ESPN+, NBC Live and CBS Cuba.

If you are worried about being a target of cybercriminals or being spied on by Cuban authoritiesSurfshark is a complete package that offers the best privacy protection on the web. Last but not least, Surfshark offers simultaneous connectivity to an unlimited number of devices and is easy to configure on popular operating systems such as macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, and Linux.


NordVPN has a number of features that are hard to beat, starting with the number of servers. It has over 5,000 servers in 60 countries, which means you’ll never lose a connection.

One of the main features that NordVPN offers is a double VPN, which basically means that your Internet traffic is encrypted twice, making your connection twice as secure. Be careful though, as this has been known to make your connection quite slow, which is not something you want in Cuba, where internet speeds are terrible.

In this region, it’s especially important to stay safe. Nordic’s CyberSec feature helps with this, providing additional protection against malware as well as ad-blocking capabilities.

Advanced jamming settings can protect your VPN connection in countries with strict censorship laws and even bypass the Great Firewall of China. Custom DNS settings and two different kill switches keep you safe even if something goes wrong.

For beginners, this VPN has a simple interface, so it is suitable for all users. On the other hand, advanced users can take advantage of the advanced settings that include a kill switch, security protocol options, personal DNS authorization, and more.

“We do not store connection timestamps, session information, bandwidth used, traffic logs, IP addresses, or any other data. From the moment a user opens the software, their Internet data is encrypted. The online traffic of the user’s device is no longer visible to ISPs, foreign snoopers or cybercriminals.”.

If you want to pay for your NordVPN subscription with PayPal, you should choose another payment method or option for another service like ExpressVPN that works with PayPal, while NordVPN does not work with paypal.

Nord’s customer support was voted the best of 2018. They offer live chat or email help and have a detailed FAQ section in the help center


There are many popular VPN services in the US, but none is faster than IPVanish. We know from our own experience that IPVanish works well no matter what part of the country you are in. Their servers are fast, and the VPN service has more server locations in the US than most VPN providers.

Not only does IPVanish have a large presence in the US, but they also have servers on every continent except Antarctica. In our speed tests, their VPN network was the fastest in North America. There are also several server locations in countries like the US and the UK. You can choose a location or get more specific by selecting individual servers. IPVanish is great for gaming, but probably not for sharing popular streaming services.

IPVanish has 34 servers in Miami, and you can connect to any of them. We recommend that you choose a server name that starts with “a”. For example, In most cases, servers with the letter “a” are the fastest. We tested an IPVanish server in Miami,, with a speed of 110.76 Mbps.

When it comes to value, IPVanish is hard to beat. For $7.50 per month or $58.49 per year, they offer unlimited access to their VPN network and custom software for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Firestick and more. That’s just $4.87 per month for the annual plan. 7-day money back guarantee applies to all new members.

How do i get a VPN service in Cuba?

Getting a VPN service in Cuba is a relatively simple and straightforward process. Follow these six simple steps to sign up and install one of the best VPNs on your device.

  • Choose a VPN service from our list of the best VPNs for Cuba
  • Open the VPN page of your choice and click Sign Up
  • Choose your preferred rate plan and subscribe to it
  • Find the installation file on the VPN Cuba website and download it to your device
  • Open the software or app on your device and sign in with your credentials
  • You are ready to choose a server to be safe or protected while online in Cuba


A good Cuba VPN will certainly have servers in strategic locations around the world, which will allow you to browse available websites through them. Moreover, the strategic location of the servers will ensure that you can stream your favorite content from Netflix (USA) and other websites invisibly to third parties. The encryption offered by this VPN is also important because you don’t want to get arrested in Cuba for accessing YouTube because the VPN provider’s encryption is unreliable.

There are times when you want to surf the Internet but fear that hackers will access your data and use it maliciously, especially if you are surfing the Internet through a public Wi-Fi. It is important to find a good VPN that will protect all your online communications and ensure that you can browse the Internet without having to worry about these small issues.

This is why finding the best VPN for Cuba is so urgent. To help you choose and make a quicker decision, we have created the best VPNs for Cuba. Our Best VPN for Cuba review contains the latest information about the service, which can help you make your decision. We are glad that you have chosen our service and hope that we can help you with your task.


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