Best VPN for Azerbaijan in 2022

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The government of Azerbaijan has the country’s Internet under its control. This means that it controls what we read and thus shapes our opinions. That alone is reason enough to use a VPN (since they allow you to bypass the country’s censorship). But that’s not the only advantage of these services: they encrypt traffic, making it unreadable.

VPN are encrypting data and transmitting it through a second server. This way, you can prevent snoopers from seeing what you do online, and at the same time, you can bypass content restrictions in your country. As an added bonus, the same technology means you can access geo-restricted services not normally available in Azerbaijan, which is great for travelers.


Whether you’re playing an online-based game or looking for the latest version of your favorite game, developers tend to release them at different times in different regions.

However, if you want early access, NordVPN has you covered. When you connect to a server in the right region, the source assumes that you are in that area. Depending on the location of the game developer, some of the most popular companies come from countries like South Korea, Japan, the United States, or other countries.

Although NordVPN is the oldest player in the best VPN world, it has certainly made a big leap in this field. They enjoy great popularity and the company’s name comes from the Nordic ideals of trust, confidence and innovation. Since its launch in 2012, you will see some form of advertising when you visit any media outlet. They mention that they have 12 million users worldwide. With that in mind, you’re in good hands when you choose NordVPN. They manage a large network that will help you achieve your goal of using a VPN.


ExpressVPN has 3,000 servers in 90 countries, including Azerbaijan. Advanced security protocols and a strict no-logging policy protect your data and privacy. ExpressVPN is a bit more expensive than other VPNs, but the speed is unbeatable. It’s a great option for streaming your favorite content.

Access both local and global content thanks to ExpressVPN shared tunneling feature, which also lets you customize which services are encrypted.

This VPN has a good reputation for overcoming geo-blocking and other VPN blocking protocols, so accessing restricted content in Azerbaijan won’t be a problem.


Surfshark is a popular VPN service that is often praised by both users and Reddit users. It is a secure, logbook-free VPN that has apps for all platforms. These apps have all the important features you need to get online privacy in Azerbaijan, and that includes the all-important kill switch and obfuscation features.

Considering the ridiculously low subscription price, the VPN has an extremely extensive feature set, servers in over 60 countries, and the ability to unlock highly sought-after international services. It’s also perfect for accessing censored content without being detected by your ISP, local network administrators, or the Azerbaijani government. We found this VPN to be very easy to use, which makes it a great option for beginners. Thanks to the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can test it risk-free. With the ability to unlock a large number of Netflix libraries, this is a great option for those who have a small budget but want to stream their favorite shows.


IPVanish is a highly reliable VPN provider with servers in over 60 countries. The provider helps to encrypt online traffic and bypass government censorship. What makes IPVanish special is that they own all the servers on their network.

Moreover, the provider does not keep logs and guarantees the highest security for its users. They also offer a 7-day money back guarantee for those who take the time to make a decision.


All VPNs in this guide have been carefully selected and are perfect VPN for Azerbaijan. In addition, the most important considerations when choosing a VPN for Azerbaijan are Azerbaijani digital privacy laws, censorship, monitoring, and the ability to unblock foreign websites and services.

All providers offer full data protection and servers around the world, including Azerbaijan. They also offer excellent and easy-to-use software for all devices and operating systems. They are also the most popular and reliable VPNs among Azerbaijanis and people around the world.


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