Best VPN for WireGuard in 2023

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The WireGuard VPN revolution has begun. Why are so many people switching to WireGuard-compatible VPN services? The answer is straightforward: WireGuard has numerous advantages over legacy protocols such as OpenVPN.

We’ve covered everything you need to know about the WireGuard VPN protocol in this article. We’ve also provided quick overviews of the best WireGuard VPN services on the market today. Finally, we’ve included some frequently asked questions about the WireGuard protocol, as well as some performance optimization tips and tricks.

How to Configure a VPN for WireGuard

WireGuard is simple to set up and integrate with one of your VPN services. It won’t take long, and you’ll be ready to go in a matter of minutes. The procedure is as follows:

  • For added security, connect to your VPN and switch locations.
  • Open the WireGuard configuration generator in your device’s browser or go to their website.
  • Visit the website and sign in.
  • Select “Generate Key.”
  • Choose your preferred exit point.
  • Download and save the software to your device.
  • On your device, launch the WireGuard app.
  • Select the “Add” option.
  • Open the downloaded file. The location server will appear in the app.
  • Toggle the toggle button next to the location you want to use.
  • Once you’ve connected to the location, you’re ready to go.

If you’re using WireGuard and a VPN on multiple devices, you’ll need to generate a separate key for each one.


NordVPN employs NordLynx, a customized version of WireGuard. Although WireGuard is secure, the way it automatically assigns IP addresses to users would necessitate NordVPN storing some identifying user data on its servers. That would contradict Nord’s strict zero-logs policy.

NordLynx overcomes this limitation by employing what Nord refers to as a “dual NAT” system. It’s a little technical, but NordLynx lets you use WireGuard without NordVPN storing any identifiable user data on its servers.

NordVPN has consistently come out on top in all of our VPN speed tests since adding NordLynx. And by a significant margin. NordVPN can access a wide range of region-locked content, including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu, in addition to providing fast speeds and keeping no logs. Strong encryption, leak protection, and a programmable kill switch ensure complete security. Servers are available in approximately 60 countries, and support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is simple to use WireGuard with NordVPN. Simply enter the settings and choose WireGuard from the list of protocols. NordVPN’s Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android apps now include Wireguard.


ExpressVPN is a British company that provides a VPN solution that allows users to securely and anonymously browse the web and access blocked global content from anywhere. The company currently hosts over 3,000 VPN servers, with 160 server locations in 94 countries around the world, and users can switch between servers at any time. Users can hide their IP addresses from potentially malicious actors, allowing them to enjoy anonymous web browsing, unlocked regional content, and unrestricted data speeds.


WireGuard is now available in Surfshark’s Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS apps. It, like NordVPN, employs a double NAT system to assign users a different IP address each time they connect, significantly improving user privacy. WireGuard should improve Surfshark’s already fast performance.

Surfshark is reasonably priced and supports an unlimited number of connections on a single account. As a result, it’s an excellent choice for a family or a group of housemates looking to protect all of their devices. Surfshark has access to a variety of streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer. This enables you to maintain contact with your home libraries while traveling abroad.

Surfshark employs WireGuard’s robust built-in security, as well as leak detection, a kill switch, and a zero-logs policy. It is effective in China. Live chat support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


StrongVPN recently added WireGuard to its applications. As a result, its performance has significantly improved. This WireGuard VPN uses less memory and CPU than IPsec and performs better.

StrongVPN prioritizes privacy and security. It includes a kill switch as well as strong encryption. This WireGuard VPN service provider unblocks Netflix US, Hulu, and Disney+, and it is one of the best VPNs for BBC iPlayer. Although this is not always possible, it can unblock Amazon Prime Video.

StrongVPN apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android include WireGuard. If you prefer to configure your connection manually, the website includes a handy generator for creating a custom WireGuard configuration.


CyberGhost VPN configured WireGuard in such a way that the VPN server does not log user data. On most servers, CyberGhost VPN’s WireGuard speeds are excellent. However, minor slowdowns may occur when connecting to extremely distant servers, as our Romanian tester experienced when using servers in Japan.

CyberGhost VPN has user-friendly and intuitive apps as well as a large network of over 7,600 servers. Its dedicated streaming servers unblock most streaming sites. They frequently refresh their IPs to avoid detection on streaming platforms such as Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Split-tunneling is also available in CyberGhost VPN, but only for websites and only with OpenVPN. This VPN also has a large number of dedicated P2P servers.

You get top-notch security with CyberGhost VPN. It employs strong encryption, RAM-only servers, and an on-demand kill switch. It also has good leak protection, but to be completely safe, you must disable IPv6 manually. CyberGhost VPN does not store logs and includes an ad blocker.

CyberGhost VPN is a low-cost WireGuard VPN provider with 24/7 live chat and a 45-day money-back guarantee if you purchase a long-term plan.

How Does the Wireguard Protocol Work?

WireGuard’s cutting-edge cryptography includes the following protocols and cryptographic primitives.

  • ChaCha20 for symmetric encryption, with Poly1305 authentication
  • ECDH Curve25519
  • SipHash24 is used for hashtable keys
  • Hashing and keyed hashing with BLAKE2s
  • HKDF for key elaboration

The use of high-speed cryptographic primitives, as well as the fact that WireGuard is embedded within the Linux kernel, can make networking both secure and fast. Because of its high performance, WireGuard is suitable for both small devices such as smartphones and loaded backbone routers.

Another unique feature of the WireGuard VPN protocol is that connection handshakes occur every few minutes to provide rotating keys for perfect forward secrecy. They are performed based on time rather than data packet contents.

There is a built-in mechanism that ensures the most recent keys and handshakes are up to date and renegotiated as needed. It employs a separate packet queue for each host, minimizing packet loss during handshakes while providing clients with uninterrupted performance.

Simply put, you turn on your device and everything takes care of itself. There is no need to disconnect, reconnect, or reinitialize the VPN connection; simply enjoy the smooth VPN connection!

Tips for Choosing the Best WireGuard VPN

My team and I evaluated hundreds of VPNs to find the best ones that work with WireGuard or offer superior alternatives. I recommend that you look for the following features when selecting the best VPN for WireGuard:

Secure WireGuard installation: To implement WireGuard in a way that adheres to no-logs policies, each VPN service must put in place a system that allows WG to be used safely. You should ensure that the VPN already has a strong privacy policy in place and that it goes above and beyond to mitigate WireGuard’s privacy flaws. Even better if these measures are available on the company’s website.

Reliable network and fast speeds: WireGuard is extremely fast, so you don’t want a VPN with an outdated, slow server infrastructure interfering with WG’s capabilities. The VPNs on this list all have fast servers, allowing you to get the most out of WireGuard. They’re also all extremely dependable when it comes to accessing popular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu and others while using WireGuard.

Strong security features: Ones that do not jeopardize WireGuard’s enhanced encryption. By default, the Wireguard protocol has excellent security features. However, make sure your VPN supports other secure protocols, such as OpenVPN, in case you need to switch.

Simple-to-use app: Check that connecting to the VPN app with the WireGuard protocol is as simple as selecting it and clicking “Connect.” Nothing is worse than an ugly, confusing user interface or having to hunt for the features you require.

Outstanding customer service: Make sure you can easily contact them via live chat or email, with 24/7 live chat being the best option.

When will WireGuard be ready for enterprise use?

WireGuard was already being used in production before it reached a stable version. Some commercial VPN service providers provide WireGuard servers, and efforts are ongoing to develop mesh networking tools around it. It is not yet “enterprise ready,” and it is unclear if it ever will be, because its developers are hesitant to add new features that will only be useful to a subset of users or cover edge cases because that is how other projects became overly complex.

WireGuard, on the other hand, can be used as a building block upon which more complex solutions can be built. For example, enterprises must automate the deployment and configuration of new software on a large number of computers, but the distribution of public keys among peers and key management are not covered by the WireGuard project and must be implemented as a separate tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about VPNs and VPN providers that use WireGuard.

Why should you go with a VPN that supports the WireGuard VPN protocol?

WireGuard VPN protocol, we believe is superior to OpenVPN and other existing VPN protocols when properly integrated into a no-logs VPN. Despite being a new VPN protocol, it is faster and more secure than older protocols. It should use less battery power and mobile data than older protocols while switching between mobile networks so quickly that you won’t notice the difference.

Is WireGuard VPN secure?

WireGuard is highly secure. It employs modern encryption algorithms, and the code is less susceptible to attack than that of protocols such as OpenVPN. So, from that standpoint, WireGuard is unquestionably safe.

However, WireGuard is not a private protocol. So, if privacy is part of your definition of a “safe VPN,” WireGuard by itself is not safe. To be considered safe in this case, a VPN that uses WireGuard must address the privacy issue. All of the VPNs discussed in this article have taken the necessary steps to ensure the privacy of your WireGuard connection.

How does WireGuard function?

The WireGuard protocol operates in the same way that other VPN protocols do. It creates a secure encrypted tunnel through the internet by utilizing modern encryption and networking code. The tunnel connects your device to a VPN server when used in a VPN service. The VPN server then establishes a connection to the website you are visiting.

WireGuard’s design makes it extremely fast at both data transfer and switching wireless hotspots while moving around. It has a lot of potential for desktop and mobile use.

How quick is WireGuard?

It is difficult for us to provide an exact value for WireGuard’s speed. We only test VPNs that use the WireGuard protocol, not the protocol itself. This means that the WireGuard VPN providers we test and the VPN servers we connect to for each test have an impact on our test results.

There are two things I can say about WireGuard’s speed. First, we discovered that VPNs with WireGuard support download data faster than VPNs without WireGuard support. Second, we’ve discovered that each WireGuard VPN featured in this article is faster than non-WireGuard VPNs.

Is WireGuard superior to OpenVPN?

This is determined by your definition of better. WireGuard is faster at connecting, reconnecting, and transferring data. WireGuard appears to be more secure than OpenVPN and is less draining on mobile device batteries. OpenVPN, on the other hand, is more private than WireGuard.

To use WireGuard in a no-logs VPN, the VPN provider must address the privacy concern. To address WireGuard’s lack of privacy, our current top two picks for the best WireGuard VPN, NordVPN and Surfshark both use a double NAT system.

Is WireGuard supported by NordVPN?

It’s not surprising that you were unaware that NordVPN supports the WireGuard protocol. This is due to NordVPN’s integration of WireGuard into their NordLynx VPN protocol. NordLynx combines WireGuard with a double NAT system, resulting in a protocol with the speed and security of WireGuard as well as enough privacy to be used in a no-logs VPN like NordVPN.

Is WireGuard compatible with Android?

Yes, WireGuard is compatible with Android. It is a fantastic option for use on an Android device. WireGuard has far less code and requires far less data transfer than competing protocols, making it more energy efficient. It also reconnects much faster than OpenVPN when you switch from one mobile hotspot to another.

Is WireGuard TCP or UDP capable?

The WireGuard protocol only allows for UDP tunneling. This is due to the “classically terrible network performance of tunneling TCP-over-TCP,” according to the Known Limitations page on the WireGuard website. More information on how WireGuard handles TCP can be found on the WireGuard website.


WireGuard is a protocol with an innovative approach and any VPN that wishes to remain competitive in the future must integrate it.

We have listed all of the best VPNs that support WireGuard in this article.

So, all you have to do is choose the best Wireguard VPN and enjoy all of the restricted content, apps, and services you want.









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