Best VPN to Watch Logo TV in 2024

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You must be wondering, “How can I watch Logo TV in the UK?” following the Ru Paul’s Drag Race premiere. Unfortunately, a premium VPN like NordVPN is required to stream Logo TV shows in the UK.

Logo TV, also known as Logo, was first broadcast in 2005 and aimed primarily at LGBTQIA+ viewers. It has, however, expanded to include more programming related to culture and lifestyle. The channel is still available for free access for users without cable provider login information.

However, due to licensing and copyright issues, Logo TV is not available in the UK. The best VPN for Logo TV services, NordVPN – New York Server, can be used to resolve this issue by connecting to a US server.

NordVPN alters your online geolocation by connecting to a US server, giving the impression that you are visiting US-based content. As a result, Logo TV makes it simple to watch Alone, The Curse of Oak Island Pawn Stars and The Unexplained.

Continue reading to quickly discover how to watch Logo TV in the UK.

How a VPN Aids in US-Based Logo TV Watching

By concealing your IP address, a VPN enables you to stream Logo TV content from outside the US. Because it provides information about your location and occasionally even your identity, your Internet Protocol address is regarded as your form of identity online. You can change your real IP address and swap it out for a virtual one depending on the server you’re connected to by logging in to your VPN. In this instance, one must connect to a server located in the US in order to watch LogoTV abroad.

  • Sign up with a VPN service provider, like NordVPN, first.
  • The VPN application should then be downloaded and set up on your streaming device.
  • Launch the VPN app, then log in with your VPN account.
  • On your screen, a list of services will be displayed.
  • Find and connect to an American VPN server right away.
  • Use a VPN to access LogoTV from anywhere in the world outside of the US.

Online security is also increased by VPNs. They frequently encrypt a user’s data, making it harder for others to access it. This makes it much more difficult for outside parties to determine a user’s activities. When you use a public connection for your Internet, you are protected from hackers and con artists. Additionally, a VPN enables you to stay away from any throttling options offered by your ISP. These include reducing browsing speeds or limiting your bandwidth.


For particular uses, such as streaming video, ultra-secure connections and P2P filesharing, NordVPN provides servers. With hundreds of options on the US mainland, it runs over 5,000 servers spread out across the globe. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and other services can all be unblocked by NordVPN. It won’t be difficult to unblock Logo TV.

AES encryption that is 256 bits strong, perfect forward secrecy, an internet kill switch and DNS leak protection are all used to secure user traffic. Your digital footprint will be protected thanks to these excellent protocols.

As it doesn’t store any user data on its servers, NordVPN is an example of a “no-logs” provider. It has been in the VPN industry for a while and has built up an active community of devoted users.

Six devices can connect at once with one account, and customer support is available around-the-clock. All significant platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and MacOS, have apps available.


Since ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers across 94 countries, including more than 20 servers in the US, it is our recommendation for watching Logo TV outside of the United States.

In addition to Logo TV, other services and websites that can be unblocked with ExpressVPN include Rauten Viki, DirecTV and USTV Go.

ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast speed (86 Mbps out of 100) lessens buffering problems and improves your streaming experience.

You can get a 30-day money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer support with ExpressVPN, which costs $6.67 per month (3 Months free). Five devices can be connected simultaneously using a single ExpressVPN account.


The cost of the VPN Surfshark is reasonable. The cost of your monthly subscription is GB£1.87 per month (US$2.30), with a 2-year plan discount of 82%. In 65+ countries, it has more than 3200+ servers. The US is home to more than 600 of these servers.

It enables the simultaneous connection of an infinite number of devices. A straightforward and easy user experience is offered by Surfshark. The security and privacy of users are of the utmost importance to it.

The most practical features include CleanWeb, MultiHop and Camouflage Mode. Additionally, Surfshark provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What gadgets outside the USA are compatible with Logo TV?

The following devices can be used to watch Logo TV outside of the United States:

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices
  • Smart TV
  • Apple Tv
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Windows 10
  • Mac
  • Xbox One
  • Roku 
  • PlayStation

Does Logo TV have an iOS app?

Yes, Logo TV has an iOS app. Free gay content and content geared toward the LGBT+ community are available on the app.

The Logo TV app can be downloaded on an iOS device as follows:

  • Sign up for a reputable VPN provider like NordVPN.
  • On your iOS device, install the VPN app.
  • Connect to the server in the USA. The New York server is our recommendation.
  • Select your Apple ID from the App Store.
  • Switch to the United States.
  • Search the App Store for the Logo TV app now.
  • Download the app, then log in. Enjoy!

Does Logo TV have an Android app?

Yes, Android users can download the Logo app. By going to the Google Play Store on your device, you can download the Logo TV app for Android.

To download the Logo TV app for Android outside of the USA, just follow these simple steps:

  • Obtain a VPN service. NordVPN is our recommendation.
  • On your Android device, install the VPN app.
  • Pick and connect to the USA server.
  • Open a new Gmail account. Enter the USA in the location.
  • Visit the Google Play Store after logging in with your new account.
  • Install the Logo TV app after conducting a search.
  • Register now and have fun!

On Logo, what content can I stream?

The most well-known titles on Logo include:

  • Ru Paul’s Drag Race
  • Portrait of a Queen
  • Out of the Closet
  • Fire Island
  • Finding Prince Charming
  • Noah’s Arc

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Logo TV App available for download?

There isn’t a native application on the network, despite the fact that Logo TV is primarily targeted at the younger generation. You can still stream Logo content to your mobile device if you don’t have the Logo TV app, but you’ll need to rely on your cable provider. Therefore, if your cable TV service provider’s app or streaming service supports your particular device of choice, that is the only way to formally stream Logo TV.

What gadgets can I use the cord-cutting / streaming service on?

With the exception of a few gaming consoles, almost all modern devices:

  • Amazon Fire tablets and TVs
  • Smartphones and tablets running Android
  • Including Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Smart TV and Portal TV
  • Chromecast and Chromebook devices
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • SmartDNS is your best option if you want to unlock Logo TV for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and Smart TV from specific manufacturers.

Does Netflix, Hulu or Amazon offer Logo TV streaming?

On Netflix or Hulu, there are no Logo shows that are streaming. This might be due to the unconventional nature of a lot of network programming. However, when Logo TV started airing programs geared toward a larger audience, everything might change in the future. There aren’t many shows available for download on Amazon Prime, but there are some. Finding what you’re looking for will require some searching. However, HD quality is available for everything you will find.









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