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Ladies and gents, gather ’round, for I have a tale to tell about the mystical beast that is iFollow, the official streaming service of the English Football League (EFL). This enchanting digital creature not only breathes life into your screens with live EFL matches, but it also whispers sweet audio commentaries into your earholes, takes you backstage for some cheeky behind-the-scenes action, and splashes your retinas with match highlights and assorted football shenanigans.

But, lo and behold, fair citizens of the United Kingdom and Ireland, the iFollow beast is a fickle creature, and it plays tricks upon the very lands it calls home. You see, it demands a heftier tribute within the borders of the U.K. than it does abroad. That pesky Video Match Pass you’re lusting after? It’ll cost you a cool £10, while our friends across the pond are getting away with just $7.

And that’s not all, footy fanatics! The elusive Video Season Pass, that glorious all-access ticket to football heaven, is but a mirage for those within the U.K. It lurks in the shadows, taunting you with its unattainability, only to be snatched up by those fortunate souls beyond the kingdom’s borders. So, go forth, my fellow football enthusiasts, and navigate the treacherous waters of the iFollow beast, but beware its fickle nature and tricky ways.

Unshackle Your iFollow Access: A Hysterical Guide to VPN Magic

With its enchanted encryption, this mystical tool shall grant you passage through the forbidden realms of iFollow, whether you’re in the office or dozing off in a dull lecture hall. But wait, there’s more! This magical VPN spell can transform your IP address, allowing you to masquerade as a foreigner and regain access to your precious iFollow account whilst gallivanting on holiday.

Behold, the arcane steps to harness the VPN magic and vanquish the iFollow beast:

  • Seek out a worthy VPN champion (we sing the praises of the mighty NordVPN).
  • Procure the enchanted app, taking heed to acquire the correct version for your mystical operating system.
  • Summon a server from your VPN’s repertoire in a land far, far away (many VPN wizards favor the US, so you may find swifter speeds with an American server).
  • With your newfound power, pledge your allegiance to iFollow, log in, and attempt to view a video. Should it not appear, fear not! Merely cast away your cookies and refresh the page to banish the curse.

Now, go forth, and let the VPN magic guide you to iFollow nirvana!


NordVPN, the champion of VPN sorcery, our top pick for conquering the iFollow beast! With a majestic legion of over 5,000 servers scattered across 60 enchanted lands, NordVPN caters to digital wanderers from every corner of the realm. This powerful potion delivers lightning-fast speeds and steadfast connections to Netflix, beIN Sports, and FuboTV, making it the ultimate weapon for streaming seekers.

With the might of six simultaneous connections, you can indulge in the splendor of live EFL soccer, whether you’re perched on your throne at home or traversing the treacherous wilds.

NordVPN dons a shining armor of security, forged from 256-bit encryption, a customizable kill switch, ad-blocking enchantments, and malware-scanning incantations. The service brandishes its dual VPN and Tor over VPN capabilities like a battle-axe, protecting you from the sinister forces of WebRTC, IPv6, DNS, and port-forwarding leaks. Fear not, for NordVPN swears a solemn oath to uphold a strict no-logs policy, safeguarding your privacy with unwavering loyalty.

Should you require assistance on your NordVPN quest, a legion of customer support knights stands ready, 24/7, eager to aid you via live chat. Conjure the NordVPN app on devices like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Summon the power of Chrome and Firefox browser extensions or wield it on your home router with a manual incantation.


Enter Surfshark VPN, the valiant budget-friendly hero, here to whisk away iFollow viewers who desire a taste of opulence without depleting their coin purses. This provider, my fellow football fanatics, is a beacon of hope, offering a sumptuous feast of iFollow access along with an array of other streaming delights, including Amazon Prime Video (U.S. version), HBO Go, BBC iPlayer, and more.

With an army of over 3,200 servers in 100+ mystical lands, Surfshark’s global reach is nigh unparalleled. Unleash the full might of streaming, gaming, and file-sharing, unburdened by the shackles of bandwidth limitations or data caps. Surfshark connections flow like the swiftest of rivers, carrying an abundance of bandwidth to fuel your digital exploits.

Banking-grade encryption, a kill switch, DNS/IP leak protection, and ad-blocking defenses fortify every Surfshark connection. For those seeking extra layers of protection, the provider’s “MultiHop” spell routes your internet connection through a duo of VPN servers, doubling your magical shield.

Rest assured, for Surfshark keeps no logs of your digital adventures and even accepts the elusive Bitcoin to cloak your payment trail in shadows.

Surfshark’s powerful incantations manifest on devices like Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, macOS (complete with native M1/M2 support), and Amazon Fire TV. Conjure the might of Firefox, Edge, and Chrome browser extensions or summon comprehensive router support for a truly immersive experience.

With Surfshark’s unlimited concurrent connections policy, you can share the VPN magic with your entire clan, connecting every device to Surfshark’s servers in a harmonious symphony of footy streaming.

And if that wasn’t enough, Surfshark boasts an arsenal of privacy and security features, including private search, antivirus protection, and data breach alerts. Should you require assistance, a valiant customer support brigade awaits, armed with 24/7 live chat, a searchable troubleshooting library, an FAQ section, and a trusty contact form.

Private Internet Access

In the hallowed halls of VPN sorcery, Private Internet Access stands tall, a seasoned veteran wielding the power to enchant users across the spectrum of VPN mastery. From fledgling apprentices to seasoned wizards, this wondrous service beckons with a user-friendly interface, a gateway to the arcane arts of data encryption, like the formidable AES-128 (GCM/CBC) and the mighty AES-256 (GCM/CBC).

Fear not, for your journey with Private Internet Access is laden with security treasures, including a kill switch and the provider’s very own “MACE” – a formidable incantation to banish the dark forces of ads, trackers, and malware to the nether realms. Traverse the VPN cosmos with confidence as Private Internet Access’ 32-country network maintains stable connection speeds, guiding you like a steadfast celestial compass.

Although Private Internet Access shrouds its secrets from trial or free versions, intrepid explorers can embark on a seven-day risk-free quest to unlock the full potential of this magical VPN. Join the ranks of Private Internet Access adepts and journey forth into the mystic realms of secure and boundless online exploration!

The Grand Quest for the Mightiest iFollow VPNs: A Methodological Tale

In the treacherous realms of iFollow, where VPN traffic detection runs rampant, reclaiming your homeland’s version of the site whilst in the UK proves to be a Herculean feat. But fear not, brave explorer, for we have honed our focus on a set of critical criteria, forging a path to the most valiant VPNs suited for streaming iFollow:

Performance: In the world of live sports, slow speeds and lag are the nemeses of enjoyment. Our chosen VPN heroes are champions of our most recent speed trials, their unwavering consistency ensuring your streaming escapades remain unencumbered.

Server Choice: To reclaim your iFollow domain, you must wield a VPN with a vast network of servers in your homeland. We have prioritized these grand alliances, with sprawling networks that span the digital realm.

Security & Privacy: Our top contenders don a powerful armor of 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and leak protection, ensuring your streaming ventures remain secure. Fear not, for they also vow a no-logs policy and some even accept the enigmatic Bitcoin for payment.

Streaming Versatility: The most valiant VPNs boast prowess beyond iFollow, triumphing over platforms like DAZN, Netflix, and Disney Plus. Our chosen champions excel in torrenting, gaming, and video calling, their versatility unmatched.

Ease of Use: We favor VPNs that extend a guiding hand to newcomers, offering streaming-optimized servers, vigilant support around the clock, and freedom from connection or bandwidth constraints.

Value for Money: There are many VPNs that demand a king’s ransom yet falter in the face of our rigorous criteria. We have unearthed the true champions that offer unmatched value for your coin. Their money-back guarantees ensure a risk-free trial and our VPN discount coupons bestow even greater savings upon you.

The Magnificent World of VPNs: Your Key to the Ultimate Internet Adventure!

While our epic tale has primarily focused on the heroic deeds of VPNs in the realm of football streaming, these gallant warriors possess many more tricks up their digital sleeves.

Embark on a thrilling journey across the digital seas with VPNs as they grant passage to forbidden content from distant lands, revealing the treasures of movies, television shows, games, and other mystical services.

Vanquish the tyranny of Internet Service Providers who dare to throttle your internet connection as you engage in the dark arts of streaming or torrenting. With a VPN by your side, your ISP’s sinister plans shall crumble like dust in the wind.

Beware, intrepid traveler, for without a VPN, your ISP can track, record, and trade your online activities to the highest bidder, nefarious companies, or even the shadowy government. But with a VPN’s enchanted encryption, your online odyssey remains concealed within a protective tunnel.

As you venture into the treacherous realm of unprotected WiFi hotspots (found lurking in the corners of your local coffee shop), the mighty VPN wards off the evil gaze of hackers (also skulking in said coffee shops). Safeguard your financial forays, online shopping sprees, and bill payments with the unwavering shield of a VPN, a true champion of online freedom!


As our epic saga draws to a close, football fanatics across the United Kingdom and the far reaches of the digital realm have discovered the awe-inspiring power of Virtual Private Networks – the enchanted key to unlocking unbridled football action and excitement, regardless of their earthly location.

By harnessing the arcane might of a VPN – such as the illustrious NordVPN, our top pick – you too can shatter the chains of geo-blocked sporting events, movies, and other wondrous content. Behold the VPN’s ability to cloak your online activities from prying eyes, thwarting the nefarious schemes of ISPs attempting to throttle your connections.

With a VPN by your side, the digital universe becomes your playground, and the football action – your never-ending feast!









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