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Pandora is the most popular Internet radio service in the world. While most streaming radio services recommend music based on similarities with other users who like the same music, Pandora uses the Music Genome Project to recommend music based on hundreds of characteristics. With nearly a million songs in its library, it’s a great way to discover new music.

To listen to Pandora online outside the U.S., you’ll need a VPN.


For those who want to unblock platforms like Pandora without compromising their online privacy, Surfshark is another recommended method.

It is a reliable VPN with additional features that go far beyond what the average VPN provider offers.

Surfshark includes all the necessary security and privacy features that anyone would want. It blocks ads and trackers for a completely private online experience. It even employs protocols to block phishing attempts and malware.

Like the other two services we’ve already discussed, this service has apps for all major devices. One thing that puts Surfshark behind even the best VPNs like ExpressVPN and NordVPN is that it generously allows unlimited simultaneous connections.

There are special browser extensions for Chrome or Firefox. The provider even has an app for the Amazon Firestick, so no user is left behind and you can use it anywhere. In short, SurfShark lets you stream to Pandora on any device.

One of the biggest advantages is the “whitelisting” feature, which lets you whitelist apps and websites.

If you need to access a website that requires your real location, such as a bank, you can whitelist it so that its traffic doesn’t tunnel through the VPN. You can do this without turning off Surfshark, which will help you save time by not having to manually disconnect/reconnect every time.


ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast speeds are essential for me to listen to music online. I tested each of the ten US servers and was impressed with each one. Despite being thousands of miles away from the servers I was connected to, my average download speed never dropped below 55 Mbps. That means you can listen to Pandora without buffering.

ExpressVPN large server network makes it easy to unblock Pandora. I connected to servers in Chicago and Los Angeles for testing, and both bypassed geo-restrictions with ease. With so many servers to choose from, you can always find a reliable server to listen to Pandora from anywhere in the world.

MediaStreamer lets you connect any WiFi-enabled device to the VPN, even if it doesn’t normally support it. It only took me 5 minutes to set it up on my router and I was able to access Pandora.

The only downside to ExpressVPN is the price, but you can take advantage of a generous 49% discount to save some money on your subscription.

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is an established VPN provider that works well for Pandora. While it’s not the fastest VPN, it’s certainly very fast and ideal for streaming Pandora content. It provides access to Pandora from its servers in the US. It is a great option if you are on a tight budget but want a highly secure VPN that is extremely versatile.

Moreover, Private Internet Access is an often recommended service because of its zero logging policy and MACE feature that removes ads and malware from browsing sessions.

It offers great customer support with a huge knowledge base that provides information and instructions for users. You can test the service on up to 10 devices at once and there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s a great all-rounder with lots of great advanced features.


PrivateVPN made it into this roundup despite its narrow and thin global server network. The provider’s US servers offer reliable access to Pandora and other US streaming services.

The provider has just over 150 servers spread across 60 countries, but these servers do a good job of unblocking content from Pandora and other countries.

PrivateVPN offers above-average connection speeds that meet the needs of Pandora or other streaming services. Providers never restrict your listening pleasure with data caps.

In addition, the provider covers the privacy issue well with its serverless logging policy and willingness to accept Bitcoin in exchange for its services.

The provider’s app support is limited to the most popular devices available today. Its apps are available for macOS, iOS, Windows, Amazon Fire and Android device platforms.


PureVPN is a fantastic service with an impeccable TrustScore of 9.5/10. Not only that, PureVPN’s 6,500 geographically dispersed servers in over 140 countries are perfect for unlocking Pandora from anywhere in the world.

Speaking of speed, PureVPN manages to deliver excellent speeds, perfect for streaming your favorite music. PureVPN also offers the PPTP protocol, which is one of the fastest protocols available.


IPVanish takes care of it. Although the company is based in the US, it has a no-logs policy. This means that no logs or records of activity history are kept. This means that they have no data to share if they receive a request for such information. If you believe that the Internet should be open and free from censorship or government snooping, then you can’t go wrong by choosing IPVanish as your VPN provider.

Sports fans around the world often like to support their hometown teams. However, if you live in some of these cities, you may have limited online viewing. Those who want to watch their team online may not be able to do so due to licensing restrictions. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. When you connect to an IPVanish VPN, all you have to do is connect to a server in another city. This will cause the blocking software to treat you as an “off-market” player, so you can see your team on your preferred device.

Accessing Pandora Radio Outside the U.S.

There are actually a couple of ways to access Pandora Radio outside of the United States

  • The first is to use a Pandora proxy: The first method is to use a Pandora Radio proxy. The Pandora proxy will replace your IP address with a US IP address. Using Pandora Radio Proxy may seem easy and safe, but it is not. In fact, proxies are not suitable for smartphones and on desktop computers you often have to change them, which is very time-consuming.
  • The second one is Pandora’s VPN: This is a great way to set up not only your anonymity, but also your security and privacy. The VPN is very easy to install on any device, and its stability and security is much higher than a proxy. The virtual move allows you to listen to Pandora from anywhere abroad. Moreover, your privacy is protected by excellent security methods and a reliable VPN protocol. That is why it is better to use a VPN for Pandora radio.

How to Setup a VPN for Pandora

This is a basic guide on how to set up a VPN for Pandora

Sign up for a VPN service
Choose a VPN based on your budget and the key features you need. It’s worth looking for providers that offer a money-back guarantee. This way, you can use their service and get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

Install a VPN on your device
Most of the providers discussed here have apps that are compatible with the most popular types of devices. Download the app from your device’s app store. Follow the instructions to install it. The installation process is quite simple.

Log in
Enter your details in the provided field and log in to your account.

Select a server
Select a server that is located in the United States. To do this, click on the “Country” icon and select the United States. Then connect to a server from now on. Some VPN automatically connect to the fastest server in any country you select.

Once you are connected to a server, you can enjoy seamless streaming as long as you stay connected.


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