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NordVPN is one of the best VPN you can choose from. According to our independent tests and reviews, NordVPN is a better choice than PureVPN. Nord leads our comparison thanks to the highest security measures, excellent usability, and good mobile apps for iOS and Android.

PureVPN has the usual PureVPN deals and discounts that make it marginally cheaper than NordVPN, but NordVPN has one killer feature, which is that you can use NordVPN free trial. Either way, a VPN is a great way to make sure your browsing habits are private and your data is protected.

So far, we’ve tested more than two dozen VPNs, both free and paid software, so you’ll know a great VPN when you see one. NordVPN and PureVPN are feature-rich, which makes them powerful, but they’re also easy to use, which means they won’t intimidate new users.

Speed Test

As people spend more and more time streaming, browsing, and connecting with others online, it’s important that VPNs offer good performance. That’s why we thoroughly test VPN speeds in all of our VPN tests and comparisons.

We’ve seen great results in our previous NordVPN speed tests, but PureVPN may have something to say on the subject as well. According to PureVPN’s website.

Our proprietary VPN service and apps are optimized for the ever-evolving broadband connection. Our service runs seamlessly in the background and offers the fastest speeds in the world.

Now let’s take a look at some speed tests of PureVPN vs NordVPN. This should be good.

Note: All speed tests were conducted using a 500 Mbps connection in our US labs.

Providers Server Locations Ping Download Speed Upload Speed






295.55 Mbps

445.58 Mbps

8 Mbps

15 Mbps






19 Mbps

60 Mbps

6 Mbps

11 Mbps

Yes, you read that right. NordVPN has a maximum possible download speed of 500 Mbps and a download speed of over 445 Mbps.This is the highest speed we have seen in our VPN tests. Also note that NordVPN has a ping rate of 24 milliseconds. This makes NordVPN a promising VPN for gaming when low latency is important.

So even though PureVPN performs better, NordVPN is still more than 7 times faster than PureVPN.

Note: One of the reasons NordVPN is so much faster than PureVPN is that it uses the wireGuard VPN protocol. WireGuard promises much faster speeds than OpenVPN while offering updated security and the latest encryption technology.

Speed Test Winner: NordVPN

Pricing Plans and Discounts

Plans NordVPN PureVPN

Subscription Periods

One Month

One Year

Two Years

One Month

Three Months

One Year

Special Offers

75% offer for 3-Years plan
73% Discount on Annual plan

Highest Price Per Month


Lowest Price Per Month


One-Year Price


Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days
31 Days

Most NordVPN packages can last more than a year. Monthly subscriptions are also available, but the pricing structure of this service is clearly designed to attract users for long-term subscriptions. In comparison, PureVPN offers two packages for less than a year, but with a hefty discount for those who opt for the annual package.

The services are priced pretty evenly, with only a dollar difference in monthly plans between them. Between one and two years, however, PureVPN has a significant edge; NordVPN simply can’t match PureVPN mid-term discounts. However, those looking for long-term coverage will find that the price difference narrows again after two years, as NordVPN charges $89 and PureVPN charges $99.90.

Both VPNs offer long-term money-back guarantees. PureVPN’s is one day longer than NordVPN’s, but the value of this guarantee is debatable, as you should be clear about whether you want to continue using the service after 30 days.

Pricing and Discount Winner: PureVPN

Global Server Coverage

If you like to stream movies and music or constantly battle in online gaming arenas, you’ll appreciate VPN’s ability to unlock content that isn’t normally available in your region.

PureVPN has over 2,000 servers in over 140 countries.

NordVPN has more than 5,700 servers spread across 60 countries.

Global Server Coverage Winner: NordVPN

Unblocking Strength

Service NordVPN PureVPN


US, UK, Australia, Canada, Japan, Netherlands
US, UK, Canada, Japan, and More


US, Japan
US, Japan

Sky Go


Prime Video


BBC iPlayer




Both NordVPN and PureVPN have strong unblocking capabilities as they can unblock various geo-restricted streaming services. NordVPN can even unblock streaming services like BBC iPlayer under a strong firewall. It can also work with various Netflix libraries, including US and UK ones.

Similarly, PureVPN has strong blocking capabilities and is able to unblock various platforms and bypass firewalls. It works with a variety of streaming platforms, including various Netflix libraries and regional content.

Unblocking Strength Winner: Tie

Streaming Services

Many users opt for a VPN to access geo-restricted content from streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Disney+, Hulu, HBO, and more. If you’re a streaming fan, you need to know if the VPN provider of your choice will give you access to all your favorite services.

NordVPN has excellent streaming performance and takes steps to ensure access to a variety of geo-restricted TV shows and movies. NordVPN successfully accesses Netflix and effortlessly overcomes VPN blocking on many servers. This is impressive considering that many VPNs have trouble accessing the service.

Accessing YouTube is generally easy, and NordVPN had no issues here. Despite using robust VPN detection technology, the provider easily gained access to geo-restricted Disney+ content on multiple servers in Australia, the UK, and the US.

NordVPN had some difficulty with BBC iPlayer, arguably the most difficult streaming service to access via a VPN. We were unable to access it using NordVPN’s desktop app. However, as suggested in the BBC iPlayer troubleshooting article on the NordVPN website, we tried again with a browser extension that allowed access.

Even though accessing BBC iPlayer requires multiple attempts on multiple servers, NordVPN is still one of the best providers when it comes to accessing content from the many streaming services around the world that are subject to many geographical restrictions.

PureVPN is not a bad choice for streaming enthusiasts; however, it does not provide access to as wide a range of services as NordVPN. PureVPN has no issues accessing Netflix, which is even more impressive. It also managed to unlock another service that is more difficult to access – Disney+.

Fans of BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video will be disappointed, however, as PureVPN’s servers have trouble accessing both services. If you are content with watching Netflix and Disney+, PureVPN is a good option. However, if you are looking for a more reliable streaming VPN, NordVPN is clearly the better option.

Streaming Services Winner: NordVPN

Customer Support

Both PureVPN and NordVPN have similar customer support options. If you have at least a little bit of technical knowledge, you can check out the extensive support library (including FAQs, installation guides, troubleshooting, and more).

When it comes to advanced support options, NordVPN does not disappoint. It offers a chatbot, 24/7 live chat, and email support. What’s especially useful is that you can use the live chat without having to sign up.

Well, PureVPN’s support options are similar: you can use their 24/7 live chat or send email tickets.

Customer Support Winner: NordVPN

Pros and Cons for NordVPN

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Support for two VPN protocols
  3. Six operating systems, two browser applications/extensions
  4. P2P support
  5. Direct onion network support
  6. Dual VPN
  1. Can only connect up to six people at once
  2. Does not list the number of shared IP addresses

Pros and Cons for PureVPN

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Supports six VPN protocols
  3. Applications/extensions for eight operating systems, two browsers, and
  4. DD-WRT routers
  5. P2P support
  1. Only up to five simultaneous connections
  2. No dual VPN

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordVPN worth the money?

Yes, NordVPN is not only cheap (starting at $3.71 per month), but well worth the price, offering great speeds and a wide range of features.

Does PureVPN work well?

Yes, PureVPN has no problem unlocking the US Netflix library.

Is NordVPN trackable?

NordVPN uses military-grade encryption and the NordLynx secure tunneling protocol. Moreover, it has a no-logging policy that has been audited twice. Thus, no one can see your real IP address. It’s also worth noting that NordVPN only uses RAM servers, which are physically incapable of storing information for long periods of time.

Is PureVPN fast?

PureVPN can offer decent speeds when using the IKEv2 protocol. However, if you have trouble connecting at all, it’s better to use NordVPN due to its speed-friendly NordLynx protocol.


PureVPN has a lot going for it, but I can’t recommend it. It comes very close to NordVPN in terms of privacy and security.

But the slow download speeds, inability to reliably connect to Netflix, and inconsistent user interface make it look bad.

I recommend NordVPN. For a slightly more expensive subscription, you get the best Netflix connection of any VPN I’ve tested, faster servers, and additional security options.









SAVE 63%



SAVE 49%



SAVE 81%