NordVPN vs PIA

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NordVPN and PrivateInternetAccess Are Both Big Names in the VPN industry – choosing between these providers can be a challenge.

A VPN guarantees secure and anonymous Internet access. However, there are many VPN services out there. How do you know which one is right for you?

Perhaps most importantly, customers need to know if their data is safe with a particular VPN. Is the provider likely to share the information it collects, or does it actually adhere to a strict “no logging” policy that promises users complete anonymity.

Security breaches, especially in recent years, have reached massive proportions. Companies like Target, Equifax, and even Sony have been compromised, resulting in hundreds of millions of people’s data being at risk. Our personal and financial information can be stolen simply by using hotspots.

To help you decide which is the best, I put both VPNs through a test and analysis for the NordVPN vs PIA comparison report and then posted. This guide is intended to be the most detailed review of NordVPN and PIA.

Each has its own pros and cons, but we’ll pit them against each other to see who wins in a head-to-head race. Before we dive into their features, let’s take a look at their server networks.

This Panama-based VPN really sticks to its no-logs policy. This makes it very popular, and speed tests show impressive results. Other valuable features include ad-blocking software24/7 live support via chat, servers that allow you to use TOR-over-VPN, and a dual-VPN configuration. Their 30-day money-back guarantee is also commendable.

Those looking for a simple, low-cost VPN will be satisfied with Private Internet Access.
It is based in the US, which many will see as a disadvantage since this country is part of the Five Eyes network. PIA’s refund policy is less generous than Nord’s and is only valid for seven days. In addition, PIA’s customer service seems to have deteriorated in recent months.


Both NordVPN and PIA are feature rich and offer impressive functionality that can make your browsing experience more secure, reliable and private.


This security feature matches the websites you visit against a blacklist of known malicious websites and automatically prevents websites from loading if there is a match. This feature also prevents your device from being used as part of a botnet. Finally, CyberSec blocks ads to avoid unwanted ad-blocking browser extensions.

Obfuscated servers

If you live in an overcensored country like China, you can connect to a special obfuscated server that allows you to bypass most restrictions and browse the Internet in an easy way.

Double VPN

If you are a paranoid type, you can use the Dual VPN feature to connect to one server and then to a second one before visiting any websites, which adds an extra layer of privacy to your connection.

Onion over VPN

Onion over VPN is another feature that allows you to add an extra layer of security to your connection by connecting to a NordVPN server and from there to an Onion router to hide everything about your IP, DNS, and location.

Private Internet Access 

Compared to NordVPN, PIA offers only a basic set of features found in both services, these include.

  • Various encryption settings
  • Basic leakage protection
  • PIA MACE, PIA’s own ad blocker

Nothing fancy to be sure, but enough for the average internet user

Winner for Features: NordVPN

Speed Test

In the speed test between NordVPN and PIA, I found that NordVPN was consistently fast at all tested locations.

Note: All speed tests between NordVPN and PIA were performed using the WireGuard VPN protocol and the official app. As we found in the speed tests between WireGuard and OpenVPN, WireGuard is generally significantly faster than OpenVPN. My base speed (without VPN) was about 500 Mbps (On average).

I first tested server locations in the US where both VPNs exist.

Here is the NordVPN server in Seattle with a download speed of 445 Mbps(On average).

This is an amazing speed test result for NordVPN. According to our VPN tests, any download speed above 200 Mbps(On average) is considered very good. With speeds over 400 Mbps(On average), NordVPN is one of the fastest VPNs we have tested. Let’s see if PIA can keep up with NordVPN’s impressive speeds.

We now turn our attention to PIA. Here’s the PIA speed test for Seattle, which gives a download speed of around 41Mbps(On average).

As we can see on the first page, NordVPN has a big lead, with speeds more than ten times faster than Private Internet Access.
Next up is the Los Angeles server.

Here is NordVPN’s Los Angeles server with a speed of 304 Mbps(On average)

Another great speed test result from NordVPN. Can PIA do even better?

Here is Private Internet Access’s server in Los Angeles with a speed of about 85 Mbps(On average).

Although this is faster than the previous page, we can see that NordVPN’s speeds are still significantly faster than PIA’s – at around 219 Mbps(On average).

Next, I tested the New York servers.

Here are NordVPN’s New York servers at around 280 Mbps(On average).

Those are still impressive speeds for NordVPN, well over 200 Mbps(On average). How does PIA compare?

Second, PIA’s New York servers are (again) about 23Mbps(On average) slower than NordVPN’s.

For the New York area, we see that PIA is significantly slower than NordVPN, with a speed of around 257Mbps(On average).

So we see that the servers are located in the US and NordVPN offers much faster download speeds than Private Internet Access.

Finally, I would check out the UK servers.

This is NordVPN’s server in the UK with a speed of 295Mbps(On average).

Despite the distance between me and the VPN server (and the resulting higher ping), NordVPN still delivered very impressive speed test results with speeds near 300Mbps(On average).

Here’s the PIA server in the UK, which is significantly slower with a download speed of 10Mbps(On average).

This is very slow, even slower than any of our tests with PIA servers in the US. The final server location is in the UK and we see that NordVPN is faster than PIA at around 285Mbps(On average).

Overall, we see that NordVPN is significantly faster than private internet access at all of the server locations we tested. This is important for anyone who needs a fast VPN for high-bandwidth activities.

Why is NordVPN so much faster than PIA?

NordVPN underwent a major server upgrade last year, which gives it an edge over most of its competitors.

  • All servers were modified to run in RAM disk mode.
  • Currently, dedicated (colocation) servers are being introduced at all sites.
  • Introduction of high bandwidth 10Gbps servers, the fastest we have seen to date.
  • Full WireGuard support in all applications (WireGuard is faster than other VPN protocols).

Winner for Speed Test: NordVPN


VPN Provider Server Location Server Countries IP Address



Private Internet Access


NordVPN and PIA both have a significant number of servers worldwidePIA currently has 3,302 servers in 25 countries, while NordVPN has over 4,400 servers in 60 countries. Neither VPN allows you to choose a specific server or city to connect to. Instead, you connect to the server that is best optimized for you. NordVPN’s biggest advantage over PIA is that it offers dedicated servers for downloading torrents and P2P files.

Winner for Server: NordVPN


When you are ready to go online, your VPN should be ready as well. Crucially, your VPN should also maintain a constant connection while you’re online, so that your activities aren’t visible to others. If your VPN goes down, it should have a reliable kill switch that can end your browsing session immediately.

NordVPN delivered the most reliable performance in our VPN strength tests. We were able to connect to various servers without much trouble. Occasionally, there were some glitches, but we were able to fix them by trying different servers.

In the case of PIA, we had more trouble getting a fast and easy connection. We even had trouble maintaining a good connection. Our download speeds were also less consistent.

Winner for Reliablity: NordVPN

Application-Related Issues

In this section, I’d like to discuss the drawbacks of the Private Internet Access Android app that I encountered during my testing.

This drawback can be very annoying if you are using a VPN while traveling and your device is alternately connected to different Wi-Fi networks and mobile Internet.

The problem is that you have to re-establish the VPN connection every time the real IP of your device changes. This happens every time you connect to another Wi-Fi network or mobile Internet.

I found not one, but two problems with the way PIA’s Android app reconnects to the VPN server.

  1. On one of the devices I tested, the VPN tunnel could not be restored after disconnecting/restoring the connection to the Wi-Fi network. If it could be restored manually, this would not be a problem.
  2. On another device (this one has a newer Android version, version 9) this is not a problem. However, the kill switch (which blocks all connections until the VPN reconnects) does not work on it. This can result in the real IP address being leaked when switching networks.

The NordVPN app for Android has no issues.

I have not found any such issues with PIA’s apps on other platforms. However, PIA allows up to 5 devices per subscription (NordVPN allows up to 6). So even if you plan to use VPN on one device, you should consider using it on other operating systems, including Android.

Another new feature with PIA is that the VPN does not work on Windows. I had to disable this new feature to connect to the server. The feature in question is DHCP network configuration support.

This option does not apply to all network types that allow internet access. If I didn’t know how the network I was using was organized, I wouldn’t have thought to turn off DHCP and I wouldn’t have been able to use the VPN.

I can’t call this feature of PIA a serious bug. However, since the app doesn’t tell you the cause of connection issues, the average user may not be able to figure out that you need to disable the feature and thus not be able to use the VPN.

Winner for Application Related Issues: NordVPN

Android TV and DD-WRT Support

PIA and NordVPN offer software for all major platforms: Apps for Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux, as well as browser extensions.

However, if you have an Android TV or want to install a VPN on a modern router, NordVPN is better suited for your needs. It offers apps for Android TV Play Market and DD-WRT enabled routers.

It’s also possible to use PIA on these devices, but you’ll need to set it up manually or use third-party software.

Winner for Android TV & DD-WRT Support: NordVPN

Streaming Support

Providers # of U.S. Streaming Services VPN Unblocks # of International Services VPN Unblocks



Private Internet Access


If so, you may have experienced that Netflix, Amazon Prime and others don’t offer the same content in all countries. And you may have also noticed that other services like BBC iPlayer and Hulu are only available in one or two countries.

These restrictions exist because streaming services have content agreements with TV and movie producers. These agreements restrict which countries can offer certain content. This is where VPNs come into play.

NordVPN has unlocked many streaming services in the US and internationally. Unlocked services include Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and more.

Unfortunately, Private Internet Access does not reliably unlock any streaming service and does not claim to do so. The provider’s servers do provide access to Netflix at random times, but it’s not reliable. Other U.S. streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Hulu were also affected. International services like BBC iPlayer were also unavailable.

Winner for Streaming Support: NordVPN

VPN for Gaming

The benefits that VPNs bring to gaming are access to games that may be geo-restricted and games in countries that are not accessible in your own country.

How do PIA and NordVPN perform for gaming?

NordVPN advertises fast speeds and streaming capabilities through its SmartPlay service. They also have a pretty good reputation when it comes to gaming. Coming in second in gaming, gamers using NordVPN can experience fast connection speeds, the right bandwidth for gaming, and compatibility with multiple platforms.

PIA, like many of its features, does not serve to promote the gaming community. However, as with NordVPN, users find that PIA offers a good selection of server locations and speeds. For gamers, PIA can be a good choice.

Winner for VPN Gaming: PIA

Pricing Plans

Time Period NordVPN PIA

1 Month


1 Year


2 Year


NordVPN – offers three subscription plans, including 2-year, 1-year, and 1-month plans. The cheapest plan is $3.71/month, however, PIA’s VPN plan is still cheaper than NordVPN.

PIA – PIA’s subscription plans include monthly, annual, and 2-year plans. While the table above lists the prices for each plan, it’s worth noting that PIA VPN is quite a bit cheaper than NordVPN, and PIA clearly wins this round.

Winner for Pricing Plans: PIA

Payment Options and Refund Policy

While both providers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, PIA offers more payment options than NordVPN.

Payment Methods and Refunds NordVPN Private Internet Access

Credit Card










30-day Money-back Guarantee


NordVPN – Can be purchased via credit card or cryptocurrency. That’s it. Like PIA VPN, NordVPN’s subscription packages are refundable for 30 days.

PIA VPN – Offers a 30-day refund policy, but also accepts more payment options than NordVPN. PIA VPN not only accepts credit cards and cryptocurrencies, but also payments via PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Mint.

Winner for Payment Option and Refund Policy: PIA



NordVPN is a Panama-based VPN provider that has been offering online security solutions to millions of users worldwide since 2012. NordVPN is popular among users and has become one of the leading providers in the VPN industry. This is mainly due to their high security and privacy standards, especially their strict no-logging policy. Unlike other popular VPNs, NordVPN has never been caught sharing data with authorities or compromising user data.

When the consumer VPN market emerged, it was driven in large part by “hiders.” These are people who don’t want to use a service that stores their data or traffic history. They were so concerned about potential compromises that they didn’t even want to use companies under the jurisdiction of countries that could legally subpoena their traffic records.
Out of such “VPN theater” NordVPN was born in 2012. NordVPN’s operators have long advertised that their jurisdiction is Panama. This was especially attractive to “hiders” because Panama has no mandatory data retention laws. It is also not a party to a data sharing agreement between countries that allows signals intelligence. It is not a party to the Quadrilateral Treaty (better known as the “Five Eyes” or “UKUSA“) or the SIGINT Seniors Europe (or SSEUR, better known as the “Fourteen Eyes”) agreements.

Private Internet Access

While Private Internet Access does well in some areas of privacy, one of its biggest drawbacks is jurisdiction.

PIA is based in the United States and is a member of the Five Eyes surveillance coalition. In addition to surveillance considerations, there are also legal drawbacks to running a VPN in the US. The biggest problem is that the U.S. government can legally force companies to record customer data and hand it over to authorities. In addition, authorities can issue gag orders prohibiting companies from warning customers about data breaches.

Winner for Jurisdictions: NordVPN


For NordVPN users, CyberSec has three key advantages.

  • More privacy – In today’s world, advertising is an advanced tracking tool that records your online activity and compares it to your data profile. This is how targeted advertising networks are created. For privacy reasons, blocking ads with CyberSec is essential.
  • Increased security – CyberSec is also critical for security. Online advertising is often served through third-party domains that can be malicious (see Malvertising). These malicious domains use the ads as attack vectors to infect your device – even if you don’t click on them. CyberSec protects you by blocking domains based on a real-time threat list.
  • Faster page loading – Ads take up a lot of bandwidth and can really slow down page loading, especially on mobile devices. Blocking ads can significantly improve performance and help save data.

PIA (Private Internet Access) relies on the super-secure OpenVPN protocol and many other security toolkits to protect your privacy on both desktop and mobile platforms. Not only does it support different encryption modes (AES-128, AES-256, CBC, GSM), but it also lets you decide which encryption mode to use or disable it altogether for speed reasons.
Users can also configure the data authentication and handshaking methods they want – RSA-2048 or RSA-4096, the connection type they want, and the local and remote ports they want. All of the vendor’s applications now include support for the WireGuard protocol.

PIA uses its own DNS to successfully prevent DNS leaks. And guess what? As usual, both desktop and mobile platforms include a kill switch as a security measure that shuts down the entire Internet access in case of VPN connection loss to prevent data leaks.

Winner for Bandwidth: NordVPN


Installing NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) is pretty straightforward. Both have automatic installation wizards and are available on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

On Linux platforms, NordVPN is easy to install with its simple command line installer, unlike PIA, which needs to be installed manually.The mobile version of PIA can be downloaded from the website and the Google Play Store.

However, the version that can be installed from the Play Store does not include an ad blocker or a malware scanner.

Although Linux is not considered one of the most important operating systems for desktop computers, millions of people use it. Therefore, this is an important factor when choosing an award in this category.

Winner for Installation: NordVPN

Customer Support

Support NordVPN Private Internet Access

Live Chat


Ticket Support


Email Support


Average Response Time

4 Hours
8 Hours

Phone Support


Knowledge Base


Video Guides


NordVPN offers users several ways to contact customer support in case of any issues. 24/7 live chat is the fastest way to get answers, which usually arrive within seconds. Email and ticket support is also available. PIA only offers ticket and email support, so you will usually have to wait longer for help. To use the support system, you must also sign up for an account (not necessarily a paid account), as unsolicited emails to the PIA support email address are ignored.

NordVPN’s is slightly better, as it includes video tutorials for specific tasks, such as troubleshooting connections. However, most NordVPN tutorials are illustrated with step-by-step screenshots rather than videos. PIA uses screenshots rather than videos in almost all of its tutorials, but there are 11 videos that cover basic aspects of using the service.

We asked each service’s customer support team three questions to measure how quickly they respond to customer inquiries. Since NordVPN offers a live chat feature and Private Internet Access does not, the following questions were asked via email to ensure a fair comparison. Two simple, general questions to which the company can provide pre-written answers. However, the third question is a bit more complex and requires a more detailed answer.

Winner for Customer Support: NordVPN


Is PIA secure? Well, by default it offers weaker AES-128 encryption on Windows, macOS and Android, while NordVPN has no such option – it’s AES-256 or nothing. Overall, both options are good, and we like the options offered by PIA.

NordVPN and PIA support the latest tunneling protocols for all major platforms. However, there are a few differences. For one, PIA only supports IKEv2 on iOS, while NordVPN is available on macOS. Finally, Private Internet Access offers WireGuard in preview mode, while NordVPN fully implements it as its own protocol under the name NordLynx.

One thing I don’t like is that the information on the PIA website about the tunneling protocol is outdated. There is nothing about WireGuard, and you will see L2TP/IPSec and even PPTP mentioned as options.

As for other security features, both services offer browser security tools. MACE from pia blocks domains used for ads, trackers, and malware, though it’s replaced by a Safari content blocker on iOS. nordVPN has CyberSec, which does the same thing, plus protects devices from getting caught up in DDoS attacks.

PIA and nordVPN offer free SOCKS5 proxies, but the former adds Shadowsocks and split tunneling – a feature nordVPN only has on Android. Both services use their own DNS servers. NordVPN differs from Private Internet Access with its dual VPN (multi-hop) and covert servers that help in case the government blocks VPN traffic. In addition, NordVPN integrates the Tor network with its Onion over VPN feature for maximum security.

PIA has a unique feature called Handshake Naming System, or HNS for short. This decentralizes the Domain Name System and helps prevent blocking at the DNS level. Although it sounds great, this feature is only useful for some users: if you can’t access Facebook, HNS won’t help you.

Winner for Security: NordVPN



  • App support: Android, Linux (CLI), Android TV, router (DD-WRT).
  • Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox
  • Open source: None
  • Preferred Operators
  • Server stats

NordVPN has above-average platform support. Apps are available for all major operating systems, and the command line interface is available for eight Linux distributions. The Android app is optimized for smooth use on Android televisions. There is also a full DD-WRT router applet if you don’t want to configure your router manually. Proxy browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are available.

These apps are not open source, but they are attractive and intuitive. Server selection can be done via the map or the traditional list interface. The favorites feature provides easy access to the most frequently used servers. You can also apply specific filters to view servers that support P2P, dual VPN, and other NordVPN features. Unfortunately, server statistics such as latency or load are not displayed.

Private Internet Access

  • Supports Windows, macOS, iOS, iOS, Android, Linux (GUI), routers (manually configured DD-WRT, Tomato, Merlin, AsusWRT, LEDE, pfSense, LibreCMC)
  • Browser plugins: Chrome, Firefox, Opera
  • Open source: Yes (desktop applications)
  • Preferred operators

PIA applications run on all four major operating systems. Although the Linux application only runs on four distributions, it has a full GUI and all the features of the other applications. Routers must be configured manually, but PIA provides instructions for many different brands and firmware. PIA’s proxy browser extension works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers.

The desktop application is open source, so feel free to look under the hood if you want. You can customize the app’s home screen with frequently used settings, useful statistics, and easily accessible features. You can select a server from a list where you can see the country, city, and ping times. In the “My Favorites” list, you can view only your favorite servers for a quick and easy selection.

Winner for Usability: PIA

Geo-blocking and Unblocking features

Geo Unblocking Capabilities NordVPN Private Internet Access


US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan & Netherlands
UK, US, Canada


USA, Japan
USA, Japan

BBC iPlayer




Sky Go


Prime Video








NordVPN is the clear winner here. It has significantly more options, including Amazon Prime, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. It also has more Netflix nationwide. This is one of the most common reasons regular users use VPNs. NordVPN is the big winner in this category.

Winner for Geoblocking and Un-blocking: NordVPN

Multiple Device Support

good VPN provider should offer platform support for different operating systems so that users can use VPN services on a variety of different platforms.

NordVPN offers support for a wide range of systems. There are clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux users, as well as dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can also use the VPN on iPads and Android televisions. There are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox, as well as the ability to configure the VPN for your router.

PIA offers platform support for a similar number of operating systems. There are iOS and Android apps, as well as Windows, Mac, and Linux support. Like NordVPN, browser extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Users can choose to purchase a FlashRouter with PIA VPN already configured or set up their own VPN connection.

Winner for Device Support: Tie

Logging Policy

NordVPN Logging Policy

“We don’t track, collect, or share your personal information. It’s none of our business.” Nord has adopted a strict no-logging policy with strong assurances, independently verified by 4 external auditors. NordVPN transparently informs users of the minimal data it collects, with only a “timestamp of last session state” and “automatic data deletion within 15 minutes of disconnection“.

We readily agree that NordVPN is a log-free VPN, and if any organization wants to ask users about their online activity history, we’re 100% sure that NordVPN doesn’t have to give out any data. You can also pay NordVPN in cryptocurrency if you want to hide your payment details (one of the few that allow you to do so).

PIA’s Logging policy

PIA prioritizes user data and privacy and has a pleasant zero-logging policy. They refuse to log any data, so no user can be individually identified for using their VPN. For more information.

PIA states. “We can clearly state that our company does not keep and maintain metadata logs of when a user logs into the VPN service, how long they use it, and what IP address the user is coming from.

In addition, the encryption system does not allow us to see, and therefore record, which IP addresses a user has accessed or been accessed from.” In fact, they even proved this claim in court after receiving a subpoena in the US. Court documents showed that the only information PIA had was an accumulation of server IP addresses, without any user data.

Winner for Logging Policy: NordVPN

DNS Leak Test


A serious concern for many VPN users is that DNS information or IP addresses were actually leaked. Therefore, it is imperative to test this. The best way to do this is to use a tool called DNS leak test. NordVPN undergoes this test. During the test, the ISP information was hidden and the IP addresses of NordVPN were changed. The DNS Leak Test Tool showed that the server establishing the connection did not leak any DNS information.


PIA emphasizes that it uses its own DNA servers. It uses them for all of its services. This is important because it ensures that no DNS leaks occur while you are online. Therefore, the DNA leak test tool shows that this is indeed the case. You don’t necessarily have to work through these servers. You can set them up yourself in your package. Although this is often simply the safest option

Winner for DNS Leak Test: NordVPN

Bit Torrent

NordVPN lets you use any popular torrent client, including BitTorrent and uTorrent. You should have no trouble setting up your VPN client to work with any BitTorrent client that supports Socks5 proxy servers.
Not only can you use any torrent client, but also almost any operating system. NordVPN is available for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS mobile devices.

How can I use NordVPN on a torrent client?

Setting up a BitTorrent client to connect to a server via VPN is a simple task. You only need to edit the connection settings.

If you are using BitTorrent or uTorrent, click the Options button and then open the Settings tab. The Settings tab contains all the settings for the torrent client, including the connection settings.

As mentioned earlier, you can use the NordVPN client to search for a list of servers that support P2P connections. Enter the server address in your torrent client and add the port number, which should be 1080.

If you use uTorrent or BitTorrent, check all the boxes under Server type. Enable authentication, use a proxy for hostname lookups, and use a proxy for peer-to-peer connections. You must also disable local DNS lookups, functions that expose identifying information, and connections that are not supported by proxies.

Using a VPN can help you stay safe and anonymous while browsing the Internet or using popular torrent clients like BitTorrent or uTorrent. Unfortunately, not all VPN services allow torrenting, but nordVPN is torrent-friendly.

Winner for Bittorrent: NordVPN

China Setup

NordVPN is one of the few VPN services that works reliably in China. It has a few tricks up its sleeve to avoid detection: First, it does not offer servers in China itself. This means that NordVPN does not have to comply with China’s complex data retention laws, and the risk of government interference with the service’s hardware is eliminated.

Second, NordVPN offers “covert servers.” These are specifically designed for use in countries where Internet access is severely restricted, and NordVPN is understandably reluctant to explain how these servers circumvent government-imposed restrictions. However, it is likely that users’ Internet traffic will be disguised to look more like normal HTTPS activity. In China, just changing the IP address is not enough.

Winner for China Setup: NordVPN

14-Days Average Speed Test

Providers Server Locations Download Speed Upload Speed





1,154 Mbps

1,320 Mbps

1,421 Mbps

1,070 Mbps

1,272 Mbps

1,259 Mbps





89 Mbps

80 Mbps

108 Mbps

297 Mbps

331 Mbps

400 Mbps

Ease of Use and Support

Support NordVPN PIA

Mobile Apps


Simultaneous Devices



24/7 Live Chat, Email, FAQ, Tutorials
Live Chat, Support Ticket, Knowledge Base, Forum

Browser Extension

Chrome, Firefox
Chrome, Firefox, Opera

Advantages of NordVPN

  • Support for user-friendly apps: NordVPN has developed very user-friendly apps for its users. They can help you easily use the VPN service while monitoring the VPN connection and location
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: NordVPN offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee to exchange them if they are not satisfied
  • Double-hop VPN server: NordVPN has a double-hop VPN server that provides a very reliable and fast VPN service
  • No logging: NordVPN does not store your internet history for the very purpose of the VPN service
  • Works with Netflix: NordVPN works very well with Netflix browsing. It is not a problem to watch Netflix with NordVPN
  • Competitive pricing: Nord charges very competitive prices for its various packages. It has 3 plans, 1 month, 1 year and 2 year plans
  • Ad blocking feature: NordVPN’s VPN has an ad blocking feature. This prevents unwanted ads from being displayed while using the internet

Disadvantages of NordVPN

  • Some server speeds are inconsistent: there are no issues with NordVPN’s service and VPN servers. However, from a national perspective, some speeds are lacking

Advantages of PIAVPN

  • Low price ($2.91 per month): PIA offers a very affordable package with strong encryption and nice features
  • No logs: PIA doesn’t store logs of users like some other VPNs do, no logs means the VPN is doing its actual job
  • Some nice security and privacy features
  • Ad blocker (but very little): PIA also offers ad blocking features for users. However, it is not possible to block all features

Disadvantages of PIAVPN

  • US-based: PIA VPN is mainly based on US servers
  • Poor support: it has poor customer support, which is a disadvantage
  • Limited features: PIA VPN has limited features compared to other VPN services

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordVPN better than PIA?

In most cases, we recommend NordVPN over PIA. NordVPN has more servers in more countries than Private Internet Access, and connections are faster on average, especially to overseas locations. It also unlocks Netflix and other streaming platforms more efficiently, while offering advanced privacy options like Onion over VPN and obfuscated servers.

Is PIA a good VPN?

Yes, Private Internet Access remains a solid VPN provider because it combines low costs with a solid reputation. Its no-logging policy has been tested twice, and both times PIA did not share user data with federal agencies. It also has one of the largest networks of servers and websites in the world, is P2P-friendly, and uses military-grade encryption.

Which is the fastest PIA server?

The fastest PIA server for you is almost always the one closest to your location. Fine-tuning your settings, such as using OpenVPN and AES-128 (instead of AES-256), will also have a positive effect on connection speed.

Is NordVPN worth the money?

Yes, NordVPN’s impressive performance makes it worth paying more money than other VPNs. It has good average speeds and is very reliable in unlocking Netflix libraries in other regions. Plus, its multi-year plan can be cheaper than other premium VPNs of similar size.









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