Best VPN for Zoom in 2024

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Zoom has repeatedly come under fire for privacy and security issues. Unfortunately, exploiting the platform’s vulnerabilities has become a popular pastime for hackers seeking sensitive information from individuals, companies and organisations. From non-stop hacking to breaches of confidentiality agreements, Zoom has certainly stirred up the privacy community.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your meetings with a Zoom VPN – keeping your calls secure and your continued internet use protected. We’ve listed the best Zoom VPN services below.

How to access Zoom from anywhere with a VPN

If you’re already signed in to Zoom, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Sign up for ExpressVPN (includes a 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee)
  • Download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device
  • Connect to a VPN server in the US or your preferred region
  • Log in to the Zoom video conferencing app or website if you have login credentials
  • Connect with classmates, colleagues and friends with extra privacy


ExpressVPN is the best solution for Zoom. It has the latest 256-bit encryption technology to protect you from hackers, spies and any other cyber threats that exist on Zoom.

It also features TrustedServer technology to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, even after a reboot. The VPN ensures that each ExpressVPN server is equipped with up-to-date software so that the security options are up to date.

ExpressVPN ensures that your online activities on Zoom remain private. It has a strict zero-logging policy that ensures none of your data is stored. You also have access to a cyber lock that disconnects you instantly if you lose your internet connection.

ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, so you can enjoy a high-speed connection. You can also use the speed test feature to connect to the fastest servers available.

This VPN works on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows devices. So you can use Zoom on any of your devices and still enjoy increased security and privacy. This VPN allows you to connect five devices at once and has a 24/7 customer support platform that you can access anytime.

You can purchase ExpressVPN for $12.95 per month, $9.99/month for six months or $8.32/month for one year. You can also get a refund if you request it within the first 30 days of using the VPN.


This is another ideal service if you don’t want to sacrifice speed for security. NordVPN has a large number of servers that are well optimised in 59 countries. This gives you the opportunity to compare and choose the server that works best for you.

NordVPN makes your streaming experience memorable and buffer-free. This VPN seems to be an expert at unblocking streaming content. It also makes Zoom available by offering unrestricted access in restricted countries. It also offers Slack in countries where you can access Zoom normally.

With double VPN encryption, NordVPN makes your Zoom connection twice as secure. It changes your IP address twice and covers your tracks. It also effectively protects your personal data.

That’s because it doesn’t log your data at all, so you obviously can’t share it. This VPN also has a kill switch function. This means that you are not completely unprotected. Not even if your connection is interrupted. You can also subscribe to a dedicated IP address in certain areas for an additional fee. This becomes your personal virtual address.

Furthermore, NordVPN hides your IP address so that no one can track your data. Another great advantage is that NordVPN with CyberSec blocks frustrating ads so you can enjoy a seamless zoom stream. Also, this VPN is very easy to use and customer support is available 24/7.


Surfshark is one of the most affordable VPNs out there. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections, so you can cover all your work and home devices with one account. Most VPNs offer three to seven simultaneous connections, so you can really save money here.

In my tests, Surfshark was slightly slower than the first two VPNs on this list, but it still offers a reliable, HD-scaling connection. It operates over 3,200 servers in 65 countries, several of which are in freedom-friendly countries through which Zoom is available.

Surfshark’s security features make it easy to bypass ISP restrictions, even in areas with heavy censorship. It uses 256-bit encryption combined with a kill switch and a strict no-logging policy to keep its operations private and secure. The no-logging guarantee gives you peace of mind that your browsing habits will not be shared with authorities or other third parties.

The borderless feature is useful to bypass censorship in the UAE. When enabled in the app, No Borders detects that you are browsing from the UAE and provides you with a list of specific servers that can bypass the restrictions.

MultiHop mode routes data through two separate servers and encrypts it twice for added protection. Camoflague mode makes encrypted data appear as normal traffic to Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), so regulators and firewalls can’t tell you’re using a VPN.

Surfshark’s CleanWeb ad, tracking and malware blocker lets you access Zoom and browse websites with ease. It also protects you from online fraud by blocking malicious websites.

Surfshark also has an extensive knowledge base with answers to advanced troubleshooting questions and an FAQ section that answers the most basic VPN questions. If all else fails, Surfshark also offers 24/7 live chat support.

Surfshark subscriptions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can try all the features risk-free.

Private Internet AccessVPN

Private Internet Access (PIA) from Kape Technologies is the best VPN for Zoom thanks to its high-speed VPN servers and excellent security options.

Private Internet Access has 3,300 VPN servers spread across 48 countries. It uses the OpenVPN protocol to prevent Zoom’s sessions from being compromised.

It also runs dedicated DNS servers, static and dynamic IP addresses, kill switches, split tunnels and port forwarding. If you don’t have this device in your country, you can also use it to unblock Zoom.


CyberGhost is ideal for businesses that employ remote workers, such as freelancers who are on the road and need to use unsecured public Wi-Fi. It can be downloaded to any device and its services are also available in the app store.

It is one of the most popular VPNs because of its user-friendly interface and lightning fast speed. CyberGhost is also easy to install and only takes a few minutes.

This VPN protects you from common zoom vulnerabilities by encrypting your data and sending it through a secure and private tunnel that hackers can’t easily attack.


Made in Switzerland, VyprVPN is one of the best choices when choosing a VPN for Zoom. Like all the VPNs we’ve included in this list, VyprVPN offers top-notch security features to keep your conversations on Zoom private. You’ll also benefit from the fast speeds of an enterprise-only server network.

And if you subscribe to VyprVPN Premium, you can use the Chameleon protocol. This is a feature for those who need Zoom in countries where the app is restricted.

All in all, VyprVPN is an excellent provider – whether you need it during a temporary quarantine or are generally looking for a cheap but powerful VPN solution.

List of countries where scaling does not work

  • Belarus
  • Burundi
  • Central African Republic
  • Cuba
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo (RDC)
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Mali
  • Nicaragua
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Venezuela
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPN for Zoom?

Technically, no. However, if you want to reduce the risk of your Zoom phone being compromised by cybercriminals, you will need a VPN as Zoom does not offer end-to-end encryption.

Which is the best VPN for Zoom?

Our most recommended VPNs for Zoom are ExpressVPN and NordVPN. To see why, see our comparison table above.

Can I use a VPN on Zoom?

Yes, especially if you want to ensure security and privacy. ExpressVPN and NordVPN are the best VPNs to use on Zoom as they have proven to be reliable in terms of speed and security.

Is Zoom blocked in China?

In the summer of 2020, Zoom announced that it would no longer offer its services to users in mainland China









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