Best VPN for Puffin Browser in 2024

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Puffin Browser is a popular alternative available for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. While Puffin Browser can speed up your browsing experience, it cannot stop ISPs, government agencies, and WiFi hotspot providers from tracking your website visits. With Puffin Browser VPN, you can encrypt your data and get complete privacy while browsing the Internet.

With Puffin Browser VPN, you can bypass local censorship and access geo-restricted content. And if you’re worried about Puffin downloading websites to cloud servers before sending data to your device, then a VPN IP parody is the solution. In this article, we’ll discuss the best Puffin browser VPN.


Sometimes you need the protection of a VPN, but the security of always having the same IP address. If you’re looking for a provider that gives you a dedicated IP address, NordVPN is an option. Benefits include security when making online payments, skipping captchas and blacklists, and secure access to corporate servers. However, keep in mind that using one of these addresses can make you easier to track down, and you can only use it on two devices at once.


Surfshark is a low-cost provider with more than 1,700 servers in over 60 countries. That alone makes it a great choice for unblocking geographically restricted services like Netflix, but here’s the best part: it’s fast enough for almost any purpose, including lag-free streaming. If that’s not enough, you can even use this VPN to protect all your devices at once.

This service comes with a wide range of security features. For starters, it has 256-bit encryption, as well as protection against IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leaks, a kill switch, and even a borderless feature that lets you surf the web freely in countries with strict online censorship. Surfshark doesn’t record any personally identifiable information, but if you’re concerned about privacy, you can always pay in Bitcoin, Ether, or Ripple. If you need help, you can contact 24/7 customer support via live chat.


PrivateVPN is a simple, effective and budget-friendly option for VPN beginners. PrivateVPN offers users incredible customer support, with live agents available 24/7 even before you sign up. PrivateVPN boasts that installation only takes 1 minute and you can get started right away with excellent security, impressive speed, and complete privacy.

Don’t worry that PrivateVPN sacrifices privacy or speed for simplicity and ease of use. Our readers say it’s a powerful, effective VPN. Take advantage of our 30-day money-back guarantee and try it risk-free.


PIA is one of the most popular VPN providers. PIA is a reliable VPN service that comes with SOCKS proxy, kill switch and other features that provide you with speed and security. Private Internet Access has over 3,000 servers in over 30 countries. No logs are kept about your activities, which increases your security when using Puffin Browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Puffin Browser?

Puffin Browser is a web browser developed by CloudMosa that provides superior security and privacy by hosting websites in the cloud on its own servers.

How do I use the Puffin Browser?

To use Puffin on your PC, you need to visit the Puffin Browser download page, select your platform, and download the installer. You will also need a subscription to access it, although there is a one-month free trial. If you are looking for the Android version of Puffin, you can download it from the Google Play Store or download the Puffin Browser APK from various third-party download sites.

Clear Puffin Browser cookies and cache.

In the Puffin app, this couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the right side of the app (three vertical dots), scroll down to Clear Browser Data, and then check all cookies and website data, as well as images and files, before clicking Delete – done!

Delete browsing history in Puffin Browser

Just follow the steps above, go to the Delete Browsing History section, and then simply check all to delete all browsing history.

Set a default browser for Puffin

While this is not possible in the iOS version of Puffin, you can set Puffin as your default browser during the installation process or when you first open the app in the desktop version. On Android, go to Settings > Apps > Default apps > scroll down to the Browser option and you should be able to select Puffin from the next menu.

To use private browsing mode

Also known as “incognito mode”, private browsing mode can be accessed simply by tapping the top right corner of the app and then tapping “New Incognito Tab” – it’s that easy!


Puffin Browser offers incredible speed and built-in security features. By using advanced cloud technology, it clearly stands out from the competition on both counts. Puffin Browser’s cloud-based web browser exposes users to a variety of online threats and reduces control over online privacy.


To ensure that your security and privacy are not compromised by using Puffin Browser, combine it with a powerful VPN. Leading providers like NordVPN, ExpressVPN add many extra layers of security to provide you with a safer, more anonymous and faster Internet browsing experience. Check out Best VPN for Chrome extension easily connected closable server locations.









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