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Many people are looking for a VPN that offers a dedicated or static IP address. In this guide, we’ll present the best VPNs with static IP addresses that we’ve thoroughly tested – and also some that you should avoid. There are some great advantages to using a VPN with a dedicated IP, but there are also some disadvantages, which we’ll explain below.

First, let’s start with some terminology. In this guide, I will use the terms “dedicated IP” and “static IP” interchangeably. Ultimately, we’re just talking about an IP address that only you would use for VPN services. Now that we have that cleared up, let’s take a look at the reasons for using a dedicated IP VPN.

The main reasons for using a VPN with a static IP address

  • You don’t have to share your IP address with other VPN users who might use the same IP as you for fraudulent or suspicious transactions.
  • Minimize CAPTCHA authentication, which is usually done with multiple users behind the same IP.
  • It is unlikely that your dedicated IP will be blocked by services like banks, streaming platforms, and various websites.
  • It will always appear in the same place.
  • It is less likely that your emails will be interfered with and sent as spam, which sometimes happens with shared VPN IP addresses (used by email spammers).
  • It creates a secure access point to remote servers that can be reached via static IP addresses.
  • Secure access to home servers, NAS, FTP and other resources.

When you connect to a VPN server, you usually use an IP address that is shared with other users. While this is good for privacy (mixing with other traffic), it can also cause problems.

When spammers and scammers use these shared IP addresses, it can cause major problems for other VPN users: Emails will be blocked, access to websites will be blocked, and so on.

Using a VPN service with a dedicated IP address is the best way to solve these problemsHere are the best VPNs with dedicated IP addresses.


NordVPN offers a dedicated IP VPN service in addition to its usual dynamic IP address service. When a user chooses a dedicated IP address, they no longer share the IP address with other users. A dedicated IP address is assigned to a user.

The cost of a dedicated IP address is an additional $70 per year ($5.83 per month) on top of the service provider’s standard annual fee.

The provider offers dedicated IP addresses in the US, UK, Netherlands and Germany (86 servers in total). When a user logs in with dedicated IP, he always gets the same IP address.

However, dedicated IP users can also connect to any shared IP server around the world. This provides flexibility in situations where your online activities can benefit from the anonymity of a shared IP.

NordVPN offers connection speeds that can easily handle most online activities, including those that require a dedicated IP address. The provider protects both dedicated and shared IP connections well with military-grade encryption.

Since the service has a strict no-logging policy, your online activities are never recorded. If you subscribe to the service with a unique email address, you can also pay for your subscription with Bitcoin, which makes your VPN subscription completely anonymous.

NordVPN support is always available when you need help, thanks to 24/7 customer support chat, email support, and a searchable customer support directory.

App support includes native apps for Android, Android TV, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux devices. Extensions for Firefox and Chrome browsers are also availableRouter support for various brands and models.


Surfshark has more than 1700 servers in 63 countries and allows you to get a static IP address in five countries (Germany, USA, UK, Japan and Singapore) at no additional cost.

The speeds are generally quite impressive and since there are no connection restrictions, you can get a static IP address for all your devices if you want.

This VPN takes security seriously, which is evident in the 256-bit encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and a kill switch. But those aren’t the only tools it has up its sleeve: There’s an automatic malware scanner, a borderless mode (to bypass strict online locks), and a strict no-logging policy. Surfshark offers 24-hour support via email and live chat.

Surfshark offers apps for Android, macOS, Windows, iOS and Linux devices. It can also be manually configured for specific network routers.

Private Internet AccessVPN

Private Internet Access VPN is a US-based provider with a court-proof no-documentation policy. It’s an efficient VPN with apps for all platforms, and for as little as $5 per month you can get a dedicated IP at a selected location. This gives you access to a static IP that only you will use. it’s perfect for those who need a static IP for any reason, and it’s one of the cheapest ways we’ve found to get a static IP.

PIA has over 20,000 servers in 74 countries. It also offers strong OpenVPN encryption and is one of the most popular VPN services among Reddit users. Overall, it is a very comprehensive and useful VPN that even has live chat support so you can get help anytime you need it.

PIA has great apps for all platforms, which means you can use the VPN on all devices. What’s more, despite the low cost of a subscription (if you sign up for it annually), PIA unlocks desirable streaming services like Netflix (with multiple regional libraries) and BBC iPlayer. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee with your subscription (including the purchase of a dedicated IP), so you can change your mind. A great all-rounder.

Online Banking

The bank’s computer will alert you to your activity if you appear to be logging in from multiple locations in a short period of time – which is the case if you’re banking over a VPN’s general network.

dedicated VPN IP won’t recognize who you are, but it will signal to your bank that all logins are coming from the same person and the same location.

Factors to consider when choosing a dedicated IP VPN provider include

  • Countries with dedicated IPs – Unlike shared IP addresses, VPNs only offer dedicated IPs in certain regions. Before choosing a VPN, make sure it offers service in your preferred region.
  • VPN Jurisdiction – Countries like the US and the UK are not necessarily the best base for VPN. These countries are members of the Five Eyes Coalition, and these countries are known to monitor their citizens. These countries can use laws to force your VPN provider to spy on you.
  • Logging user data – The VPN you choose does not store important user data like your real IP address or the time you connect to its servers.
  • Connection speed – This is a common consideration whenever you buy a VPN. How does the encryption and further routing of data through the VPN server affect your internet speed?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dedicated IP?

Most VPN providers give you an IP address that is shared with other users. Some VPNs offer a dedicated IP. You get a unique, static IP address that only you can use. Your real IP address remains hidden.

What are the advantages of a dedicated IP?

Using a dedicated IP has several advantages.

  • There is less chance that your IP address will be blacklisted.
  • There is less chance that your IP address will be blacklisted.
  • You will be able to send emails faster and without any problems.
  • It is easier to work from home.

What are the disadvantages of VPN?

There are also disadvantages to using a dedicated IP.

  • Dedicated IPs can cost extra.
  • If you use a dedicated IP, you can be tracked online more easily and are therefore less likely to be anonymous.


VPNs alone offer a wealth of security measures – everything you need when surfing the web. There are times when we find ourselves on the wrong side of the online world; that’s where VPNs come in.

Aside from having to buy a secure VPN, why not try out a dedicated IP VPN while you still have a 30-day trial period, as there is always a refund policy.

Even if your ISP assigns you a static IP, you’re still missing out on security and privacy. But a dedicated IP from your VPN provider comes with additional security features and benefits.


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